RAW General Manager Mick Foley wrote on Facebook that Daniel Bryan "messed with the wrong guy" after raiding RAW and using James Ellsworth on SmackDown this past Tuesday night. Foley posted this tongue-in-cheek warning to the SmackDown GM:


Dear Daniel,

I am a James Ellsworth guy. But James Ellsworth is a #Raw guy - and now YOU have messed with the wrong guy! By raiding Monday Night Raw for Superstars like James Ellsworth, you are setting a dangerous precedent, my friend. More seriously, you risk confusing the #WWEUniverse, especially the little Ellsters out there, who have been waiting for me to sign #EllmoreVsStrohman2 for an upcoming #Raw PPV. Shame on you, Daniel...shame on you!

There is, however a way out of this situation. How about if you and Mauro Ranallo come to Raw on Monday to call our #Cruiserweight matches on Raw? We'll call it even and hope the Little Ellsters out there understand.


Mick Foley

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