As noted, former WWE and WCW superstar Bill Goldberg recently appeared on "Submission Radio," which you can check out above. During the podcast appearance, Goldberg revealed that he will be in Indianapolis this Sunday, which is the location of this Sunday's WWE Clash of the Champions pay-per-view, for a podcast appearance. Goldberg said that him being in Indianapolis the same day as the pay-per-view is "purely coincidence."

"Like I said, Brock knows where the gym is, Brock knows where I live, and I'm not contractually bound to any deal with the WWE," Goldberg said. "So I have no business being around anything they're doing right now and it's purely by coincidence. But hey, I could get a phone call between now and then. You never know."

Goldberg also noted that no one from WWE has reached out to him to appear at Sunday's pay-per-view.

"Oh man, they don't do that. They've got their own agenda, man. I'm a 49-year-old has-been over here that just so happens to be in their new videogame, and it's an honor for me to do it. It's an honor for me to take place in it and hey, I have no issues with them anymore. Like I said, to be able to do anything with them at this point it is a true testament to my ability to deliver for my son. So that's it."

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