This week's show opens with the return of Steve Corino. He is introduced to the crowd and takes his place back at ringside with Kevin Kelly. Kelly welcomes him back with a hug. Kelly then promotes the main event of tonight's show where IWGP Champion, Kazuchika Okada teams with RPG Vice to take on The Addiction and their partner Kamaitachi. Corino states that he's happy to be back on commentary after nearly a year away and is looking forward to this week's action.

The Cabinet w/ Caprice Coleman vs The Guerrillas of Destiny

G.O.D are the sons of the legendary Haku. Bullet Club members Tama Tonga and Tanga Roa. Former IWGP tag team champions. No customary code of honor show of respect between both teams prior to the match. Steve Corino on commentary does a nice job of breaking down the differences between Tama and Tanga. A unique breakdown of how Roa is an offensive wrestler while Tonga is a "rare defensive wrestler". Very rare to hear that type of analysis from a commentator. Refreshing actually. Both Kelly and Corino do an excellent job during this match breaking down the action but more importantly the talents in the ring.

The G.O.D. control the early part of this match. Kenny King finally starts to get things going for The Cabinet and he and Rhett Titus start showboating at ringside when they gain the upper hand. The show goes to break. As they return, Roa is in the ring with Rhett Titus and hits a suplex and tags in his brother. Tama comes in fast and the pace of the match picks up. Especially when Kenny King gets in the ring with him. King hits a spine buster on Tonga for the match's first near fall. The Cabinet starts double teaming Tonga. His brother makes the save. This leads to all 4 men brawling inside the ring. The slugfest goes to the outside. As G.O.D. is beating down Titus. King leaps over the top rope and onto both samoans. The Cabinet takes Tonga into the ring and they start hitting some tandem offense. Tonga rallies against them both. He hits a swinging neck breaker on Titus and then follows that with a samoan drop on Kenny King. The Guerrilas then set up Titus and hit a power bomb/neckbreaker combination on him but he kicks out at 2 and a half.

Kenny King is up and he throws Tonga out of the ring. The Cabinet have the brief advantage now. Titus distracts the referee. Caprice Coleman goes to the top rope and tries to jump onto Roa but a recovered Tama Tonga pushes him off of the top rope and onto Kenny King. Tonga then hits what looks like a modified superman punch on Rhett Titus. The G.O.D then hit their finisher, an aided double arm ddt they call "Guerilla Warfare" and they win the match.

The Guerillas of Destiny defeat The Cabinet

Post match. As G.O.D. celebrates in the ring. Caprice Coleman gets on commentary briefly to air his grievances about his group's loss. Kevin Kelly then transitions to a video recap of what took place last week between Jay Lethal and Tetsuya Naito. The video shows how Naito turned his back on Lethal and abandoned him during their match with The Bullet Club.

Jay Lethal is now backstage in front of The ROH banner. He calls this situation. The best of both worlds because this is business and personal. On the business side, Lethal must defeat Tetsuya Naito so that he can start his climb back to the world championship. On the personal side, He is on a mission for revenge. That the day, Naito turned his back on him. It was the 2nd worst day of Naito's life. The 1st will be at All Star Extravaganza on Friday September 30th.

Back from the break, Another recap video is shown. This time, It's a history piece on the relationship between War Machine's Ray Rowe and Shane Taylor. Taylor tells the story of how, Ray Rowe trained him and then abandoned him for stardom. How he turned his back on him. That's why Taylor and his partner, Keith Lee have been on a mission to destroy Ray Rowe and his partner Hanson. Taylor closes the video by saying that the past always comes back to get you.

Shane Taylor & Keith Lee vs Ken Phoenix & Ricardo Rojas

Another showcase match for Taylor and Lee on ROH TV. Both being billed at a combined 590 pounds. Phoenix and Rojas actually get some brief offense in this match but it doesn't last long. Taylor and Lee's power and athleticism are on full display. A lot of high impact and tandem moves in this one by Taylor and Lee. The match ends as expected. Lee powerbombs Phoenix and Taylor comes off the ropes with a big splash for the victory.

Shane Taylor & Keith Lee defeat Ken Phoenix & Ricardo Rojas

Post match. Shane Taylor grabs a mic in the ring. Taylor says that they are now the baddest team in Ring of Honor. Taylor calls out War Machine and states that their feud doesn't end until one of them stops breathing. Out comes the War Machine. Ray Rowe is on the mic. Rowe says that Lee and Taylor made a mistake by not killing them when they had the chance. Ray Rowe defends his past history with Shane Taylor. He says that he gave Taylor a place to stay, trained him and opened doors for him so that he could get his career started. Rowe says that after all he did for Taylor. He was the last person that he expected to stab him in the back and twist the knife. Ray closes his promo by telling Taylor that tonight isn't about revenge or betrayal. That it's about violence and that Taylor and Lee's 15 minutes of fame are up and that they are going to wish that they can forget the next 15 minutes. The War Machine heads to the ring as the show goes to break.

Back from the break. ROH World Champion Adam Cole is backstage and he hypes a tag match next week on TV with him teaming up with Hangman Page against Hiroshi Tanahashi and Michael Elgin.

War Machine vs Shane Taylor & Keith Lee

This is officially a tag team match now as we return to action. Rowe and Taylor start things off trading heavy blows towards each other. Taylor wins the exchange knocking Rowe down with a stiff right hand. Both Lee and Taylor take turns beating down Rowe in the next few minutes. Every time, Rowe tries to fight back. He is shut down by another stiff blow. Rowe is trapped in the corner and getting beat down. He continues to try and escape to tag in his partner. Rowe spends nearly all of his energy battling back and then finally hits both Lee and Taylor with stiff strikes and tags in his partner Hanson. Hanson goes to work on both men as his partner Rowe recovers on the outside of the ring. Hanson picks up the 300 pound Lee and power slams him. Shane Taylor goes after Hanson and attempts to hit a power bomb on him. A recovered, Ray Rowe runs into the ring and hits a high knee on Taylor to save his partner. Lee is back up and he hits a belly to belly on Rowe. Now it's Keith Lee and Hanson going toe to toe.

Hanson does a cartwheel to avoid a strike by Lee and then follows that up with a lariat. As Hanson turns, He then eats a lariat from Shane Taylor. Now it's Taylor and Rowe head to head. Taylor hits a side suplex on Rowe which draws applause from the crowd. More high impact and heavy hitting action continues in this one. Hanson hits a Thesz press on Taylor, Lee grabs Hanson and hits a great looking death valley driver on him. Rowe is up and hits a rollover suplex on Lee and then a stiff knee. Rowe then sees Taylor on the outside of the ring and decides to try a suicide dive on him. As he attempts it, Taylor hits him with a steel chair in mid air. Hanson has a chair now and he retaliates and hits Taylor with it as the referee calls for the bell.

War Machine and Shane Taylor & Keith Lee battle to a no contest/double disqualification

The battle continues. Hanson is laid out on the outside. Taylor and Lee drag Rowe into the ring. They set up two chairs in the middle of it and power bomb Ray Rowe through both of them. Taylor stands over Rowe and taunts him as security runs out to separate Lee and Taylor from Rowe.

An All Star Extravaganza ppv ad airs. Highlighting the upcoming Ladder War tag title match between The Addiction, The Young Bucks and The Motor City Machine Guns. We will have live coverage of that pay per view a week from this coming Friday right here on WrestlingInc.

Back at ringside. Matt Taven has joined Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly on commentary. Taven announces that The 6 man title tournament that ROH is starting will have The Kingdom in it. Taven promises to add the inaugural ROH 6 man titles to his resume. Later on during the main event, Taven is asked who his partners will be by Kevin Kelly but he refuses to reveal them.


The Addiction & Kamaitachi vs Kazuchika Okada & Roppongi Vice

RPG Vice consisting of Rocky Romero and Beretta are a part of Okada's Chaos faction in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Large Okada chant from the crowd prior to this match. Respect for the man who is arguably the best wrestler on the entire planet. Romero and Kamaitachi start off the match. Taven on commentary mocks Kamitachi's "red helmet" referring to his hairstyle. Kamaitachi shows up Romero and demands to face Okada instead one on one. Okada toys with Kamaitachi early on . Kamiatachi then mocks Okada as he briefly gains the advantage. Okada fights back, hits three consecutive flap jacks on Kamaitachi, Daniels and Kazarian. The Addiction comically tries to enter the ring to stop Okada but to no avail. Okada hits a springboard senton on Kazarian as the show goes to break.

Back from the break. Rocky Romero is in with Kazarian. Romero is hitting consecutive running clotheslines on Kaz in the corner. Daniels runs in to try and intervene but he gets set up in the opposite corner and Romero goes clothesline crazy on him. Beretta is tagged in and he starts revving up the crowd. He runs full speed and hits an over the top rope tope on The Addiction. Beretta is in the ring now with Daniels. He does his trademark move of pretending to fly off the top rope only to step down and walk over slowly to rake his opponent's eyes with his boot. As Daniels is reeling, He tries to plead for Beretta not to hit him, Then calls for a timeout. Beretta then whips Daniels into the ropes. Daniels then distracts the ref and obscures his vision so that his partner Kaz can trip up Beretta as he is coming off the ropes.

Daniels takes advantage quickly on a fallen Beretta. He hits a springboard moonsault and hits Beretta with a knee to the head when he lands on him. The Addiction are now in control. They beat down on Beretta in their corner as the crowd chants for Okada. After several minutes of The Addiction dominating the action by taking turns beating on Beretta. The show goes to it's final break..... Back from the break. Beretta finally escapes and tags in Okada. Okada goes after all 3 of his opponents and hits a flurry of offensive maneuvers on all 3 of them. Okada hits a flying elbow drop on Daniels and then calls for the Rainmaker. Kaz intercepts and prevents the hold from happening.

All 6 men are in the ring now involved in a frantic finish. Great teamwork by RPG Vice and some high impact offense. Rocky Romero sets up for a sliced bread on Kazarian but he gets caught. Kaz holds him up for Daniels. Daniels comes off the top rope and they hit The "Meltzer Driver" on Romero. Mocking the Young Bucks and winning this match.

The Addiction & Kamaitachi defeat Kazuchika Okada & RPG Vice

Post match. As The Addiction celebrate their victory. The show ends with hype for the Ladder War match at ROH's next ppv as well as next week's ROH TV main event.

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