Tonight's show opens with video of Dario Cueto's introduction of the "Dial of Doom" on episode 1. It also recaps the main event from that show of Rey Mysterio and Pentagon Dark where El Dragon Azteca saved Rey from Pentagon. Also highlighted in the video is The Worldwide Underground's feud with The trios champs and Sexy Star.

The camera pans over Los Angeles and then heads on over and inside the temple. In the temple is Rey Mysterio Jr and he is in a ring training Dragon Azteca. Rey is training Dragon to fight Pentagon. Azteca's arm was broken by Pentagon in the past and he recently saved Rey from his arm being broken as well. Rey tells Azteca that they have a bigger battle ahead than just Pentagon. Rey and Dragon are battling it out in the ring and as Rey is giving Dragon lessons. He gets Dragon in a pinning position when Chavo Guerrero crawls into the ring and starts to count to three. Both Rey and Dragon Azteca stop what they are doing and turn their focus to Chavo. Chavo tells Azteca to take it easy. Dragon charges at Chavo and calls him a liar. Chavo counters Dragon and gets him down on the mat in an arm lock. Rey tells Chavo to let Dragon Azteca go. Chavo releases the hold. Chavo tells Rey that he hasn't taught Dragon about Le Famiglia Guerrero and that maybe Chavo will be the one to teach him. Chavo leaves the ring as the opening video ends.

We are now taken inside the temple and Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome the audience to the show. Matt announces that The Lucha Underground title will be on the line tonight but they don't know who the opponent will be. Vampiro says that the crazy part is that the opponent will be determined by Dario Cueto's dial of doom. They cue to Dario Cueto who is standing in front of his office and to the side of "Dario's Dial of Doom".

The Dial of Doom's wheel lists 9 separate luchadores names on it. Dario brags about his latest invention to an applause from the believers in the temple. Dario Cueto announces that he will spin the wheel and the person that it lands on will face his brother Matanza for The Lucha Underground Title. The Lucha champion Matanza is already in the ring awaiting his opponent. Dario Cueto brings up how Havoc got the unlucky spin from The Dial of Doom two weeks ago and lost to his brother. He says that Havoc is injured and at home being taken care of by his mother. (Turns out he wasn't joking)

Complete with dramatic music, Dario spins the dial of doom and it lands on The Mack.



When The Mack is introduced. He doesn't waste any time. He goes on the offensive immediately and hits the stunner on Matanza on the outside. Matt Striker calls the hold "The seated 3 quarter face lock jawbreaker" and credits the hold to the inventor of it, Mikey Whipwreck. Mentions that it is associated with Austin but that Whipwreck should get the credit.

The Mack rolls Matanza into the ring and tries to pin Matanza 3 consecutive times. The Mack then continues on the offensive and hits a hurancanrana on Matanza. He hits several knees and a suplex for a 2 count on Matanza. The crowd is chanting for The Mack. The Mack flips a double bird and goes for a stunner but Matanza counters and hits a suplex. Guess Striker didn't credit Mikey for the double bird move...... Matanza starts brawling, scraping and clawing at The Mack and hits a couple of headbutts.

Matanza hits another suplex on The Mack and is in full control. Dario Cueto is at ringside instructing his brother. Tells his brother to target The Mack's neck the next time he suplexes him. Matanza continues to beat down on The Mack and The Mack calls out for more. Matanza knocks him down with a stiff shot and gets a 2 count. Both men are back up to their feet trading blows. Matanza charges at The Mack and he ducks and Matanza goes over the top rope. The Mack then flies over the top rope with a tope on him.

Action back in the ring, The fans are chanting "Let's Go Mack". The Mack then goes to the top rope and goes for a frog splash but Matanza picks up his knees at the last second. Matanza gets up and puts The Mack in his "Wrath of The Gods" finisher for the victory.


Before the show goes to break. Matt Striker informs the audience that Dario Cueto will have another huge announcement coming up.

Back from the break. A Famous B ad airs. Famous B says by calling 423-GET-FAME. He will turn your life around and he demonstrates that by showing how his magic turned around his assistant Debra. The Famous B ad is now playing on a tv set at the home of Havoc. Havoc is nursing his injuries at the hands of Matanza and seated next to him is Mascarita Sagrada. As Havoc and Sagrada share a laugh. Havoc's mom calls out from the kitchen that his supper is ready. Havoc's mom appears and presents Sagrada with his favorite meal, Bagel Bites......... OK.

This show is getting weirder than it normally does. Dario Cueto is now in his office. With his head on the desk. He's making a sniffing noise. Hard to tell if he just woke up or if he was having a Tony Montana moment. Anyway, Cueto lifts his head from the desk when Johnny Mundo and Taya barge into his office. Johnny Mundo demands that Dario Cueto go out to the temple and spin the dial of doom again. Johnny says he is sick of waiting for his title shot. Dario in a very sleepy sounding tone tells Johnny to calm down. Dario says that he will give Worldwide Underground a shot at the Trios title tonight. Mundo is not pleased and wants a shot at The Lucha Underground title and he starts to walk away. Dario asks Mundo if he still wants the trios title shot. He says no and that he doesn't like the way, Dario is treating his "biggest star". Mundo leaves the room. Taya asks if the Trios title offer is still on the table and she offers to take Mundo's spot in the match. Dario accepts Taya as the replacement. Taya then tells Dario that he has something on his nose. Dario kicks her out of his office.


We are back in the temple and before this match can begin. Dario Cueto leaves his office and tells both men that they have a lot in common. Their size and toughness but also the fact that both men failed in their "unique opportunity" match at Ultima Lucha Dos . Cueto says he booked this particular match and that he bills it as a "Ultimate Opportunity" match. Cueto won't reveal what the winner of The Ultimate Opportunity will get. That he will reveal that later.

Back from the break. The match has already started. Heavy hitting high impact match between these two heavyweights. Evenly contested. The finishing sequence sees several counters of each other's finishers before Cage ultimately wins out by hitting his 360 Discus Lariat.


Post match. Out comes Dario Cueto from his office to reveal what The Ultimate Opportunity entails for Cage. Cueto says that Cage has to beat Texano two more times in a best of 5 series to earn that ultimate opportunity. Whatever Cueto was sniffing in his office. He needs to ease up a bit. Atleast that series won't be continuing tonight.

Back from the break. Dario Cueto is in his office again. This time opening up a mysterious package. In it is a hat for Famous B's Get Fame Hotline. He also opens up a manila envelope and in it are black and white photos. They appear to pique Cueto's interest. The photos are of a creepy nature. Hard to decipher what they are. In walks, El Dragon Azteca. He briefly sees the photos and makes a crack about Dario going on a vacation to where the photos were taken. Cueto throws the photos in the trash. Azteca tells Cueto that he wants a match with Pentagon. Cueto says that Azteca can't just make demands because he is not the boss.... Cueto pauses for a minute, getting sidetracked and makes a remark about Hong Kong and "she" going there. Not sure where this is headed..... Cueto tells Azteca that he wants him to face Black Lotus again. Azteca pushes for the Pentagon match and Dario agrees to write it down in pencil for Azteca. As El Dragon Azteca leaves Dario's office. In walks Ricky Mandel asking Dario Cueto for a future match. Ricky notices the creepy pictures which are now back on Dario's desk. Dario is freaked out and offers to give them to Ricky Mandel. Mandel thinks they are a cool gift and leaves. In walks Chavo Guerrrero now who says he has something he needs to talk to Dario about. Crazy segment finally ends.

We head back to The Temple and introductions are made for the Trios Title Main event as the show goes to break.



Taya, PJ Black and Jack Evans all struggle early on getting on the same page. Jack Evans tries to start the match and struggles to get out of his ring gear. Evans starts fooling around. Blindfolds himself and starts doing flips. PJ Black and Taya are not pleased with Evans silly antics. They pull him out of the match. Taya starts the match with Drago as Evans and Black try to work out their differences. Taya holds her own vs Drago for a few minutes and then she goes to tag in Jack Evans. Jack refuses to come into the match. Black comes in instead and faces off with Aerostar. Both men go tit for tat doing aerial moves on each other.

Fenix is tagged in and finally Jack decides to come in. Pretending to be more focused but then he tags back in Taya and steps out. Fenix hits some hard strikes on Taya. Taya gets out of trouble and tags in PJ Black. Evans finally decides to tag himself in and gets involved in the match with Drago. Chaotic next few minutes with all 6 competitors tagging in and out and hitting high impact moves.

Jack Evans starts goofing off again. Taya grabs him by his hair and throws him into the ring. Evans tags out to Black. The Trios champs then triple team Black with stereo dropkicks in the corner. Fenix, Drago and Aerostar all go to the air attacking Worldwide Underground inside and outside the ring. PJ is now back in the ring, Aerostar hits a jumping hurancanrana from the tope rope and follows that up with a jumping code breaker get his trios team the victory.


Post match. In comes Johnny Mundo to attack the champs while they are celebrating their victory. Worldwide Underground beats down The Trios champs until Sexy Star runs out to even the odds. Matt Striker closes the show in The Temple as Star is standing tall in the ring with The Trios champs.

We are back in Dario Cueto's office. Rey Mysterio is there with him. Dario Cueto tells Rey that El Dragon Azteca was in his office earlier looking for a match with Pentagon. Rey says that Azteca is not ready for Pentagon. Dario agrees. Cueto says that he erased Pentagon's name from his scheduled match with Azteca and penciled in Chavo's name instead. Cueto says that he is booking Azteca vs Chavo instead with the winner facing Pentagon Jr. in a grudge match. Since both men had their arms broken by Pentagon. Cueto says it is only fitting that they both should have a chance to get revenge against him. Dario tells Rey that he knows that he is conflicted by his relationship to Chavo and his apprentice Azteca. So Dario says that he wants to make Rey Mysterio the guest referee for that match. Rather than penciling it in, Dario writes it down in his ledger in permanent ink as the show ends.

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