Source: Centre Daily

Centre Daily has an interview with Dolph Ziggler, who was promoting Sunday's WWE live event at the Bryce Jordan Center in University Park, PA. Below are a couple of highlights:

The Miz having a career re-birth:

"He's actually done pretty well for himself. The most important part of the rebirth of his career is basically (his wife) Maryse in his corner. It's easy to be distracted by her. But, he's done some great things here. Whether or not you like him, whether he's a bad guy or a good guy; the point is that he's held that title and brought some prominence back to it for 180 days or however long it is. Something has to give for me, and something has to give for him. If I get a chance to get a fair match, one on one, no strings attached, I feel like I am a thousand times better than him in the middle of the ring."

WWE stars to look out for:

"I'm pretty good at being an outside observer and taking who I'm friends with out of the picture and just observing as a fan, and it's guys like A.J. or Dean Ambrose (to watch out for). Those are guys who have been around for years, and whether they're killing it now, which they are, it's so cool to watch them as an observer. The real key is watching how people progress and how people get better. That's the part I like to watch."

Ziggler also discussed how WWE legends are remembered, being on the SmackDown brand, the energy at WWE live events and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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