Source: Channel Guide Mag

WWE NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura was recently interviewed by Channel Guide Mag. You can check out some highlights from the conversation here.

Nakamura on not being too familiar with the WWE product growing up as a child:

"Japan had a huge wrestling culture," Nakamura. "So I was not really a fan of WWE as a child. It was much different than the Japanese style before. We had foreign wrestlers who came from America, Europe. Everyone from all over also ended up going to WWE. I did like Andre the Giant. I can't imagine what it would be like to fight with him. I want to fight like him."

Working with Samoa Joe:

"I know Samoa Joe coming up maybe at 22," Nakamura said. "I know his technique. He has good technique. He has this rare technique that is strong with not only wrestling, but MMA fighting. I also know similar techniques, so it's nice to face him in NXT. He is a big challenge."

Nakamura also discussed signing with WWE because he wanted change, embracing American culture, the WWE 2K17 video game, and much more in the full interview that can be read here.

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