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On episode 4 of Conversation With The Big Guy, Ryan Reeves, also known as Ryback, talked about a couple of the things that really bother him about the current state of affairs at WWE, namely, that size is a forgotten factor in the psychology of professional wrestling and that WWE only protects the brands of a small circle of performers.

According to Ryback, it is almost a detriment to be a bigger guy in WWE, as size does not matter when it comes to in-ring psychology. 'The Human Wrecking Ball' then went on to put over Sheamus for being a big, tough guy with a motor who is safe as well.

"They have 160-pound guys beating 300-pound guys like it's nothing in two minutes." Reeves said, "that's one thing that really bothers me with WWE today. So UFC and whatnot, you have weight classes and they have weight classes for a reason. And you put Conor McGregor in the ring with Brock Lesnar. That's a huge difference, huge difference. And the whole illusion of wrestling is that it is real. And, now, I feel that's one part of the psychology that we have thrown out. And we've said, 'no, this 160-pound guy', it's almost like being bigger and being talented there is a punishment on certain levels with certain guys.

"A guy like Sheamus, everyone has their opinion about Sheamus. He works his ass off. Yeah, and I like Sheamus and me and him talk occasionally and the guy goes out there and if he [has] ever been tired, I've never seen it. He gives it his all and we've had some battles up there and we always talked about it. We never really got to have a real program on TV. But you have guys out there like that. He's a big f--king guy and he is a brute. And he goes out there and he is violent and he is vicious. And I've worked him, I couldn't tell you how many times, and he has never ever hurt me once. And I have always enjoyed working him, but you have him going out there, and, like, it's almost like size doesn't matter anymore, which it should still though. It should and that's one thing that really bothers me."

Another grievance of Ryback is that WWE does not do enough to present all of its talent in the best possible light. Also, Ryback is of the opinion that WWE brass should hold themselves accountable and that they should act like the top professional wrestling promotion in the world.

"They just take the brand and if you're not in that little circle, you're just all interchangeable. And the fans see through that bulls--t. And it makes it much harder when they do try to do something with you again. People see through it."

Reeves added, "and they could all hold themselves accountable from the top and make it better. And they should because they're supposed to be the best wrestling company in the world and start acting like it. It's that simple."

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