Source: Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore Gamer has a new interview with AJ Styles. Below are a couple of highlights:

If he ever thought he'd one day by WWE World Champion when he was wrestling in NWA Wildside Wrestling:

"Yeah, absolutely! There was a part of me that you couldn't tell me that I wasn't gonna be champion.

"I told my wife my girlfriend at the time, that it would pay off and it certainly has. I've been wrestling for 17 years and in 2001, I got hired by WCW and this is how I've made my living ever since."

How many games he's made himself in:

"From football to wrestling there's been a few! First game was No Mercy."

Styles also discussed his wrestling style, gamins, wanting to have a better match every time he wrestles and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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