Brock Lesnar's advocate Paul Heyman was recently interviewed by Games Radar, in which the conversation took a complete turn south and Heyman really grilled into the interviewer for asking 'stupid' questions. You can check out some highlights here:

If he or Brock play the games since Heyman did some script writing work for them a few years back:

"Brock Lesnar is not a gamer, and he will never claim to be a gamer. I on the other hand have to children who are both 14 and 12, who are big time gamers and they think that the preview of this video game (WWE 2K17) is the best videogame of all time. Not just in WWE but in the history of video games. And it needs to be, because on the cover of this particular video game is a once ever athlete named Brock Lesnar."

Did Heyman's children use Brock a lot in the game last year and were they in trouble whenever he lost the match in WWE 2K16:

"Who let this guy in? I don't deal in hypotheticals, I don't deal in if's. If your aunt had balls then she'd be your uncle, she doesn't so she's not. I don't deal in if's I deal in absolutes. So please, address to me factual questions that require substantive information that I can bestow upon you to educate you or your audience. Don't ask me hypothetical if's, that's beneath you even though you dress like this to an interview."

You can watch the entire interview in its hilarious entirety in the video player above, where Heyman also threatens the publicist who allowed the interviewer in the media room with her job.

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