SEASON 3 EPISODE 5 "The Prince and The Monster"

Tonight's episode starts with a video recapping Dario Cueto's unveiling of his Dial of Doom. The video also highlights The Prince Puma/Mil Muertes feud. The video ends with the best of 5 series that was started a few weeks back between Cage and Texano.

We are in the temple and Dario Cueto is out of his office and in front of "Dario's Dial of Doom". Cueto says that he will spin the wheel and the winner will face his brother and Lucha Underground Champion Matanza. The Dial of Doom lands on the 1st ever Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma. Tonight's main event is set. Matanza vs Puma for The championship. Dario says that even though Puma was the 1st champ. He will just be Matanza's next casualty.

Matt Striker and Vampiro go over this latest development and cue to Melissa Santos for the show's opening match.

Ivelisse vs. Mariposa w/Marty The Moth Martinez

The match gets started after the show's first commercial break. Both Ivelisse and Marty The Moth have ties to The WWE and The Stone Cold Steve Austin season of Tough Enough. Son of Havoc was also a contestant on that show as well.

The story of this match is Ivelisse and her preparation for her future match with Catrina at Ultima Lucha Tres. Some mat wrestling to start this one off. Ivelisse gets the best of the early exchange with a couple of deep arm drags. Mariposa resorts to hair pulling to get things back in her favor. The announcers mention Mariposa's MMA background as she starts to target Ivelisse's left leg for submission. Mariposa applies a deep leglock but Ivelisse breaks the hold by getting to the ropes. Vampiro mentions that Ivelisse has also trained in MMA and jujitsu. Mariposa stays in control of this match. Marty starts taunting Ivelisse with creepy comments. He then gets on the apron and chokes Ivelisse while the ref is distracted with Mariposa.

Mariposa tries to finish off Ivelisse with her finisher, The Butterfly Effect. Ivelisse counters but ends up eating a samoan drop that leads to a 2 count. Ivelisse quickly rallies and hits a sunset flip power bomb to get the victory.

Ivelisse defeats Mariposa by pinfall

Marty The Moth runs into the ring and attacks Ivelisse. Mariposa joins in on beating up on her. The brother and sister tandem celebrate together after laying out Ivelisse..... Matt Striker says that the next match on the show will be the second in the best of five series between Cage and Texano.

We are now in Dario Cueto's office. He is on the phone with someone, He tells the person on the other end of the line, not to worry. That Matanza is a God and will not be defeated tonight by Puma. Just then someone knocks on Cueto's door. Cueto hangs up the phone and Johnny Mundo enters. Mundo is upset that Puma is getting a title shot while he doesn't. Cueto tells Mundo that he has to have faith. Mundo shows his stomach and tells Cueto that divine intervention didn't give him his abs. That hard work did and he doesn't want to wait for a world title match. Mundo says that he wants a real tangible title shot. Cueto says that he is sorry . That he is a man of faith and Mundo's shot is not in the cards. Mundo says ok then, Give me a shot at Sexy Star and the gift of the gods title. Mundo mentions that Sexy got pinned last week and that Worldwide Underground beat her team. Cueto agrees and says that since Jack Evans pinned Sexy Star. He will get the gift of the gods title shot. Cueto thanks Mundo for that idea. Mundo leaves his office angry.

Back from the break, A strange video airs. Stranger than usual on LU. A rabbit is shown in the woods while a man repeatedly says, "Follow The Rabbit". There are flashing images of a white rabbit while that line is repeated.

We are back in the temple for this next match.


Cage vs. Texano

Cage won the first match in this series before both men knew that they were even in a series to begin with. Dario Cueto promised an ultimate opportunity before these two met the first time and then sprung the series idea after their 1st match. Not made clear yet by Dario what the ultimate opportunity will entail. The assumption by Cage and Texano is a future world title match. Cueto might have other plans.

Both men immediately work at a very fast pace in this match despite being considered heavyweights. Texano hits a plancha on Cage as the action goes to the outside. Texano is in full control as he body slams Cage on the concrete floor. After Texano dominates the early going. The action heads back to the ring. Cage hits a jumping DDT on Texano for a 2 count. Texano comes back with a leg lariat for a 2 count of his own. After a long chinlock by Texano on Cage. He attempts to suplex him but Cage counters and ends up hitting a neckbreaker. Cage then hits a power slam and follows that with a moonsault for a close fall. Texano battles back and hits a vertical suplex into a knee breaker on Cage and gets a 2 count. Both men hit the ropes and Cage catches Texano in a Alabama Slam. Cage then suplexes Texano from the apron and hits the Lucha Destroyer to get the victory and win match #2 in this series.

Cage defeats Texano by pinfall to take a 2-0 series lead in a best of 5

The show goes to break hyping the world title main event coming up next.

Back from the break and Ivelisse is in her locker room. She is confronted by a familiar face. Sami Callahan, aka Solomon Crowe in NXT. He is going by the name of Jeremiah. He apologizes to his girlfriend when he finds out that her match has already taken place. Jeremiah sees that Ivelisse is hurting and asks her about it. She says that it's no big deal. She just got jumped after the end of her match. Jeremiah says that he is going to go after the people who jumped her. That no one touches his girl... Ivelisse tells him to calm down. She doesn't need anyone to fight her battles for her. Jeremiah disagrees and states that he has heard that the temple doors are open to everyone. Iveliise tells Jeremiah that she wants to keep her personal life away from her professional life, especially after what happened between her and Son Of Havoc. Which Jeremiah mistakenly calls Son of Chaos. Ivelisse tells her boyfriend to just take her home, so that she can have a drink. Jeremiah has liquor on him in his leather jacket. Pulls it out and takes a swig. Offers some up to Ivelisse. She refuses and says, I guess that I am driving.


"The Monster" Matanza w/Dario Cueto vs. Prince Puma

Puma enters the ring in his traditional Aztec gear. Matanza makes his way to the ring with his brother, Dario Cueto. The show goes to break before the match can start.

Back from the break. The match hasn't started yet.Matt Striker puts over Puma as the face of the company. Vampiro on commentary says that he feels that Puma needs to change who he is and unleash a new darker side of himself, if he wants to get back to the mountain top in LU.

Puma uses his aerial skills to gain the early advantage in this one. He hits a beautiful shooting star press off of the apron and onto Matanza on the concrete floor. Puma brings the fight to Matanza and starts to brawl with him but Matanza wins the exchange and starts using some smash mouth offense on the outside. Puma gets caught in mid air on the outside and Matanza throws him into the steel fence in front of the fans on the second level balcony. The action is finally back in the ring and Matanza hits an overhead suplex on Puma. He then starts to pound away on Puma for the next couple of minutes. Dario Cueto says at ringside that Prince is not a Puma but just another little cat..... The match slows down to a crawl as Matanza continues to dominate Puma with his power. Slammming him down on the mat and hitting Puma with several strikes.

Puma eventually battles back and hits a flying clothesline. Both men are down and the ref begins the count. Both men are up. Puma hits a double knee and a standing shooting star press for a 2 count on Matanza. The Monster Matanza battles back and rag dolls Puma with a german suplex. Matanza then runs at Puma several times and splashes him in the corner. Matanza does it one time too many as Puma actually catches him in mid air. Puma in a very impressive fashion, carries Matanza across the ring and hits a Northern Lights suplex on him. Puma hangs on, floats over and hits a great brainbuster on Matanza for a near fall.... As Striker screams the earth just shook and blood is raining from the sky.... Slight overhype but that was very impressive... The crowd responds heavily in Puma's favor. Matanza silences the crowd with a german suplex and a sit out power bomb that gets him a close fall on Puma. Matanza goes for the wrath of the gods finish but Puma counters with a DDT. Puma hits a discus kick on Matanza, then follows that with two high knees. Puma revs up as the crowd rallies with him. He hits the 630 splash and appears to be on the verge of victory when Mil Muertes runs into the ring and spears Puma. The referee, Marty Elias goes to call for the disqualification. Cueto threatens to fire the ref if he does and is forced to not call for the bell. Catrina is out at ringside while Muertes beats down on Puma. Muertes spikes Puma's head into the mat with a Flatliner. Matanza rises and hits the Wrath of The Gods to win the match.

Matanza defeats Prince Puma by pinfall to retain The Lucha Underground World Championship

Matanza celebrates in ring with Dario Cueto. They stand over Prince Puma as Mil Muertes and Catrina watch at ringside. Striker questions whether anyone can beat Matanza as he says goodnight to the audience.

Backstage, Killshot is shown lifting weights. He is approached by LAPD detective Joey Ryan. Ryan hands Killshot an envelope and says that "some guy outside gave it to him" to give to Killshot. Killshot asks which guy and Ryan responds with, What am I a detective?... As Ryan walks away, Killshot looks at the contents in the envelope and sees a burned note that says, "You Left Me For Dead". The show ends with this scene.

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