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Chuck Carroll of CBS recently caught up with NFL offensive lineman for the New York Giants, and friend of WWE Tag Team Champion Big E, Adam Gettis. Gettis played college football alongside Big E at the University Of Iowa, and the professional football athlete is a huge fan of professional wrestling. You can check out some highlights from Gettis' discussion with CBS here:

How close is the Big E character to the real Ettore Ewen outside the ring?

"When he's around other people, he's pretty cooled down and a little reserved. But when he's with his buddies, he's the same way he is on TV. Just a fun-loving guy who likes to have a great time.

"And here's a fun fact. He was actually a teaching assistant for one of the gym classes I took at Iowa. That's something about him that nobody probably knows. He taught badminton. That's just Big E for you."

Do you think WWE made the decision to make SmackDown live on Tuesdays when they're not running against the NFL?

"I think so. Me personally, I don't even watch Monday Night Football anymore. I'm tuned in on RAW. I tape it and watch it again, too. From what I saw, I guess WWE has more followers watching wrestling and tweeting about it than football. So, I think it's working."

WWE fans in the NFL:

"I've been with a few teams and I feel like the consensus is probably four or five guys per team. When I was with the Steelers anytime WWE had an event in Pittsburgh 10 or 11 guys would go every time. They loved it. They won't tell you they loved it, but they loved it. Washington had a couple guys, here we've got a couple guys. It's probably four or five guys that keep up with it and aren't afraid to talk about it in the locker room."

Gettis also talks about The New Day's historic Tag Team Title run, his thoughts on the brand split, if he was surprised to see Big E in WWE and more in the full interview that can be read here.

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