Here is the synopsis for tonight's show.

A problem in the bedroom causes Brie and Bryan to take out their frustrations on each other; a bored Nicole comes up with an idea to help them out of their dry spell.

In case, You missed the series debut last week. Nikki has a serious neck injury. She asks her sister and brother in law to move in, to her and John Cena's house to help her in recovery. Also joining them in their home is Nikki's mom and fiancé, John Laurinaitis and Nikki's brother JJ. John Cena laid down some serious house rules for his guests. It led to conflict with Brie and Bryan nearly leaving the house. Oh yeah and also, John Cena got bit by their dog. Along the way, Brie admitted to everyone in the house that she hasn't had sex with Daniel Bryan for about a month. That leads us into this episode.

This week's show opens with Brie and Nikki sitting together in John Cena's house. Brie starts off by saying that she loves having sex with her husband Daniel and that they love Kama Sutra. Nikki teases Brie. Brie says that it's been awhile since she and Bryan have been intimate.

We next cut to The Bellas having some drinks with Daniel at a local restaurant in Tampa. Nikki jokingly calls Bryan and Brie, "her b-----s". Bryan says he would prefer to be called her chauffeurs. Nikki then awkwardly transitions to asking Bryan if he has had sex lately. Which puts Brie in a state of shock, that her sister would casually bring that up. Nikki says that she knows that it's been a month because her sister told her. Bryan, as to be expected, is not very pleased with all of this. Nikki elaborates by telling Bryan that she was informed that he was unable to perform a "quickie" for Brie. Brie comes to her husbands defense. She explains that Daniel is very much into foreplay and being romantic. Bryan admits that he likes music and candles. He likes the setting to be more relaxed. Nikki teases Bryan and Brie for being people who love to prep everything.

We are now on the road with The Bellas and Bryan. Brie is asking Nikki what else she needs to do today. Nikki wants to fix her dress and shoes. Bryan says that he can't wait till they don't have to drive her around anymore. They get stuck in traffic temporarily and Brie and Bryan start arguing in the car. They are arguing about Bryan not taking the right path but it appears that there is some built up tension between the two. Nikki senses it. Bryan calls his wife annoying and offers to give her the wheel to start driving instead of him.

We next cut to The Cena mansion. The Bellas, Bryan and JJ are in the kitchen of the guest house. Brie is looking for coconut spray for Bryan's eggs. Nikki tells Brie that they need to do their own shopping. She says that she is on a strict calorie counting diet because she can't do any kind of workouts because of her injury. "Johnny", Mama Bella's fiancée enters the kitchen. The Bellas reveal to JJ that their mom has told them that Johhny and her will be eloping. The Bellas tell John Laurinaitis that they can't believe that they are eloping. Johnny says, Part of eloping is not telling anyone.... Kathy is then shown individually talking about her relationship with "Johnny". How she is 51 and he is 53 and they just want a simple eloping. Johnny is then shown sitting next to her and professes his love for her, by saying that he loves her infinity plus one...... Back to the guest house, JJ jokes that this is his Mom's 3rd marriage and that they should go to a law office when they elope. Kathy takes issue with her son speaking out that way against them. JJ says that he is just like his mom because he speaks his mind.

The next scene is John Cena teaching Brie how to drive stick. Brie is given a lesson. She drives around the neighborhood while John instructs her. Brie struggles using the clutch and going forward and in neutral but eventually gets it right. Brie calls John a great teacher. Nikki greets them when they return from the lesson....

Lexie arrives to the house. She is JJ's sister in law. Everyone is together now in the guest house. Bryan teases The Bella women. Saying that they all like to boss people around. John Cena agrees with Bryan's comment. John leaves to go work out. Bryan finds out that Brie had John help her learn to drive stick. Bryan gets upset because he wanted to teach his wife. Bryan says he has been driving stick his whole life. Brie doesn't see why Bryan is upset. She says that John is an expert at driving stick and he even did so in his own movie stunts. Brie tells Bryan that even though they missed out on doing this. They can go swimming together. As it turns out, Lexie is a great swimmer and is on a swim team. So Bryan turns the tables by asking her if she could teach him how to swim instead of Brie.... Well played. Brie pretends that this doesn't upset her but everyone notices the tension in the room.

Back from the break. We are at John Cena and Nicole's pool house. Lexie is teaching Bryan how to swim freestyle. Brie shows up poolside to lay out by the pool. JJ is on the scene and teases his sister. Brie gets in the pool to show her swimming skills. Everyone mocks her when she starts swimming. Lexie then teaches Bryan how to float. Brie jokes that Lexie has no problem floating because of her breast size. Bryan jokingly agrees. Brie calls him out on it and says that her husband probably thinks that Lexie's boobs are better than hers. Bryan says that he didn't say that. Tells his wife not to get jealous as she leaves the pool.

Back at the house. John Cena tells everyone that in junior high, He was a Mass Debater. He lived in Massachusetts and occasionally would debate his friends. This gets the family laughing. Nikki claims that she had a friend in school whose last name was debater. Her joke falls flat.... John then describes his routine in recovery from shoulder surgery. He then says that he needs to leave. Nikki is upset that she thought that her and John would spend more time together while they both were recovering from surgery.

We are now at Tampa General Hospital. Nikki is there with her sister. The doctor shows Nikki her x-rays. The X-Ray shows the screw in Nikki's neck. The doctor advises her to be very careful with her neck during the recovery process. That the main surgery is done. Now it's on Nicole to take care of herself. Nikki then tells Brie that she has to go to the bathroom. She asks her sister to pull her pants down for her and jokingly throws in a wiping request for added measure.

We are back at the house. Nikki is advising Brie on her love life with Bryan or lack thereof. Brie says that she really needs to get laid. She then starts going over her game plan with her sister. Who doesn't really want to be a part of this or hear about it. Brie starts talking about the candles that she wants to light by the bed. Brie then demonstrates how she is going to light a lava rock to set the mood. Nikki isn't impressed with this technique or the potential setting.

The next scene is the annual formal dinner. The entire family is together. Dinner ends and the gentleman head to the customary Cena gentlemen's room while the ladies head into their designated area. John Laurinaitis asks all the "gentlemen" in the room for their advice. States that he has met with a lawyer about signing a pre-nup with Kathy. Johnny addresses JJ about it. JJ is shown off screen saying that he doesn't want his Mom to jump into a 3rd marriage without getting to know her potential husband better. JJ calls the pre-nup by Johnny a little suspect. John Cena gives Johnny advice about the prenuptial agreement. Cena states that getting a pre-nup is like buying a handgun. You don't ever want to use it but you feel safer with it. Cena tells JJ that he had his sister Nikki sign a 75 page agreement before she moved in with him.... Bryan suggests that it is good to look at all options. The men joke about how awkward the conversation feels.

The next scene takes us to the next morning. We are at the guest house and Daniel Bryan is leaving the bed room, looking disheveled and laughing. Brie comes out and says to Bryan. Are you ready for morning coffee?... Bryan responds that he is ready for a morning nap. Brie teases telling the family about why Bryan is taking a nap and then talks herself out of that idea... Bryan is then shown with Brie in the backyard sitting on a bench. Bryan gives his feeling on "quickies". He says that quickies are only good for down here and then points to his crotch. That he doesn't get any good feeling anywhere else. It feels emotionless to him. Bryan and Brie joke that it becomes only about specific body parts.

Back in the house, Brie tells Nikki about the quickie she just had with Bryan. How she didn't really like it. Nikki says because she is new to it. Brie explains that they did it in the bathroom. Nikki asks why?... Brie says because of John's strict re-make your bed rule. Brie also admits that she didn't shower after the "quickie". Nicole calls that a major no-no. She calls her sister gross. Brie says that she is no longer taking advice from her sister.

Everyone is gathering around in the house for "morning coffee time". John enters the room. Bryan is stretching. Nikki makes a reference to why Bryan is stretching and looking happy. Brie tries to shut her up. Nikki tells Brie to tell Cena about the "quickie". Brie says no. John says he doesn't want to know. Nikki blurts it out anyway. Tells John about it. How Bryan and Brie didn't shower afterwards. John tells Nikki that he already told her that he didn't want to know.

The Bella family is now having dinner together at a restaurant. Kathy's kids are advising their mom to tread carefully in her potential marriage with John Laurinaitis. Nikki reveals off camera that JJ got close to his mom's second husband, and that when they divorced. It was very hard on him. Brie admits to her mom that she is embarrassed to tell people that her mom is getting married for a third time. Kathy takes offense to this. Says that she was embarrassed when her own daughter didn't wear shoes to her own wedding... Nikki defends her mom. Says that it wasn't her mom's fault that her first two husbands cheated on her. JJ heavily criticizes his mom and her trend of failed marriages.

Back at John and Nicole's house. The family is gathered together outside. As everyone starts to leave, Nikki has a request for Brie and Bryan. Asks if they can spray tan her. Bryan says that he didn't realize that this was a part of helping Nikki in her recovery. Bryan wisely asks why she needs to spray tan. Nikki says that John likes her better when she is tan. Brie begrudgingly agrees to do it. Bryan says, "It's not his jam" and that he doesn't want to see Nikki naked. So the job is Brie's alone. Nikki gets in a bikini in her bathroom. Brie calls this ridiculous. Nikki admits that she is feeling lonely because John is never around. How she is making up things so that she can hang out with Brie and Bryan. Brie tells Nikki that she needs to talk to John about how she feels about being left alone.

Later on in the day, Everyone is outside for the "evening fire". Nikki off camera says how happy she is that John is going to take her to dinner. John teases Daniel and Brie for wearing Dog Mom and Dog Dad T-shirts. Everyone is drinking wine. Nikki doesn't because she is watching her calories. Then admits to lying to John about her calorie intake, so that they can have dinner together. John is upset that she lied. He can't take her to dinner now and he leaves to do something else.... Brie tells Nikki to go to talk to John now. John and Nikki sort out their differences in the house when Nikki apologizes. John also apologizes that he has been neglecting her.

Brie Bella is now shown working out with Lana in a ring at the performance center in Orlando. She is preparing for her retirement match at WrestleMania. Brie tells Lana that she won't miss certain aspects of preparation but will miss the actual performing. Lana thanks Brie for helping her with training and everything else. Brie teases Mama Bella and asks her to get in the ring and take some bumps.

Brie is now on the road driving back from her training. Her mom, Kathy tells her that she found the wedding ring for her upcoming marriage. Brie reveals that John Laurinaitis told all the guys the other night, that he wants a pre-nup with her. Kathy is upset, that he didn't have the guts to tell her but told everyone else.

Back at The Cena house, The men are all out by the fire. Cena asks the guys what they want to do. Bryan jokes that they should all get oiled up and wrestle. Cena jokes that he is down as long as Bryan gets some beers first. He needs to be eased into that one... Nikki arrives and John calls her his "bone stimulator". Nikki asks where her mom and sister Brie are. She calls them while they are on the road driving. Nikki has them on speaker phone. Kathy says that they are an hour away from the house. Nikki says that her and John won't be there because they are going to dinner. Kathy specifically asks who is there right now with Nikki. Kathy says that she is looking forward to seeing JJ but not Johnny. Johnny hears this and gives a puzzled look. Nikki reveals that she is on speaker phone. Her mom acts like she doesn't know or care. Kathy says that she learned a lot on her road trip from Orlando. Nikki calls the situation awkward. JJ is shown off screen saying that he was happy that his sister spilled the beans about Johnny's pre-nup to his mom. Cena and Nikki do a funny tandem "our call is breaking up" routine with the phone to end the conservation. Kathy really believes on the other end, that it was a genuine disconnection. Bryan and JJ tease Johnny that he is in big trouble.

A bit later, Johnny is shown awaiting his fiancée's arrival. When Brie and Kathy arrive. Kathy tells Johnny that she had a good time at the performance center but not with the ride back from Orlando. Kathy reveals that she learned about Johnny's pre-nup discussion with all the guys. Johnny says it's not a big deal. Kathy is not upset about the pre-nup itself but that he discussed it with other people rather than talk to her. Johnny says that he was only seeking advice from his family. Kathy sees his side in the argument and they make up.

The next day, The Bella family is shown having lunch together. JJ admits that he is taking Johnny's side. That he was impressed that he wasn't trying to hide anything. That Johnny actually confided in them and treated them like family. JJ says that as long as Johnny makes his mom happy. He is cool with him. He calls Johnny "Aces". Nikki is happy that her brother now supports their mom's relationship. Kathy announces that her wedding will take place on a yacht in 3 weeks.

The show ends with a tease for next week. A scene is shown where Daniel Bryan is training Sami Zayn at the performance center. Thinking of training as a potential career path. JJ is shown asking John Cena for a tryout at NXT....The teaser ends with Bryan questioning his mental health as Brie consoles him.

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