Impact begins with highlights from last week's show. Moose's victory over EC3, which earned him a #1 contenders match with Bobby Lashley.... Maria's loss of her power and the opportunity to regain The Knockouts title from Gail Kim... Highlights are then shown of Eddie Edwards world title victory and his response to it. Also hyped is Cody getting a shot at that title tonight.

We are in The Impact Zone and Cody's music hits. He heads to the ring by himself. No Brandi Rhodes. Cody grabs the mic in the ring. The fans chant his name. Cody talks about his upbringing in Marietta, Georgia. Talks about a Hank Williams song about coming to town. Cody talks about how that song relates to him. How he didn't leave The WWE for the money but for new opportunities. Cody tells a story about himself when he was 15 years old. Cody talks about riding with his father, The American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Cody talks about how he broke the news to his father, that he wanted to become a pro wrestler. Cody says that when he told his dad. His father got so quiet and tense. Then Dusty told him, "Ok but only if you are the best".... Cody says that he doesn't care if it is a 4 sided or 6 sided ring. That being the best means being The World Champion. Cody promises that he will become world champion... Just as he says that. Eddie Edwards music hits. Eddie heads to the ring with The TNA World title in hand.

Eddie addresses Cody on The Mic. He talks about how everyone respects Cody. Respects how he has adapted over the years and the choices, he has made. Edwards puts over TNA for allowing talent to be themselves. Eddie puts over the fans. Eddie asks Cody if he truly knows who he is... Cody responds by saying that he is The Brandi Rhodes thrilling, Giant killing, Mustaching, Formerly Dashing, Impact Crashing Cody.... He says that Eddie will know exactly who he is when he beats Eddie for The Championship tonight... Eddie takes exception to Cody saying "When"... Eddie touts how he beat Lashley. Says that it wasn't luck. That he was born to be a pro wrestler. He is out to prove that he is a great champion. Apologizes to Cody because he is going to beat him to prove it.

Bobby Lashley's music hits and he heads to the ring. Lashley says that he sees a future headline. Lashley destroying Cody or Eddie for the title. Lashley says that he is a real fighter unlike Rhodes and Edwards. Next out is Moose. He heads to the ring as the show goes to break. Josh Mathews says that Lashley vs Moose is next.

#1 Contenders Match For The TNA World Championship

Bobby Lashley vs. Moose

The bell rings for the start of this match. Lashley suplexes Moose early but Moose no sells it. He rises and takes the fight to Lashley. Hits a dropkick on him. The crowd chants Moose's name. Action to the outside, Lashley counters Moose and throws him into the ringpost. Lashley then suplexes Moose on the ringside floor. The action is now back in the ring, Lashley remains in control... Pounding away on Moose. Lashley tries to go to the top rope, Moose hits a standing dropkick on Lashley, that knocks him down to the outside floor. Moose follows that up with an impressive pescado over the top rope and onto Lashley. Back now in the ring, Moose hits a senton bomb on Lashley for a near fall. Lashley counters with a "dominator" on Moose when he gets back to his feet. Booby takes Moose to the top rope and superplexes him off of it. Moose no sells the suplex and then spears Lashley for a close fall... Both struggle to their feet. They start trading shots in the center of the ring. Lashley wins the exchange, when he spears Moose. He covers him and gets a 2 count. Lashley attempts another spear but Moose avoids it and hits The Gamebreaker for a close fall. Moose tries to finish off Lashley. Puts him on the top rope. He goes for his "Go to Hell" finisher but Lashley knocks Moose down to the mat. When Moose rises, He gets hit with a spear from the top rope. Lashley pins Moose to get the victory.

Lashley defeats Moose by pinfall to become the #1 contender to The TNA World Championship

Highlights are shown from last week of The Tribunal's attack on The Hardy's... Jeremy Borash is backstage and interviews The Tribunal. Basile and Baron say that they attacked The Hardy's to impress Billy Corgan. That they are tired of being ignored. As Baron Dax is speaking, He gets cut off.... The screen starts showing static and leads into another video message from The D.C.C. All 3 members of this faction are once again sitting at a table. In Black suits with white masks on. They read yet another written statemement. They warn that no one is safe and that chaos will arrive tonight at The Impact Zone.

Back from commercial. A TNA ad airs promoting Slammiversary... This is followed by an ad for "The Fixer".

Fact of Life

Eli Drake is once again hosting from his new set. Eli calls his show the greatest show of all time. Piped into the show is a phony audience track that applauds him and every statement he makes. A laugh track is even inserted into the mix. Eli Drake says that even though 40 year old virgins chant his name. That it doesn't make them cool. Eli intros his guest, Impact Grand Champion Aron Rex. Rex asks the audience what they think of the 1st Grand Champion. The phony audience track applauds all of Rex's comments. Eli tells Rex that he didn't like him initially when he came to TNA but now he likes the way that he is operating. Says that Rex has no shame in his game. Rex brags about beating Eddie Edwards and injuring Drew Galloway. He defends his actions against Jessie Godderz. He offers up a Jersey styled "Bro, Are You Serious" to Jessie for complaining about how Rex defeated him last week. Drake tells Aron that he doesn't want to lather up his keeshter... Not sure if that's how you spell it..... but Eli continues to praise Rex. He then hits the "dummy yeah" button for Edwards, Galloway and Bobby Lashley. Eli says that he is guaranteed to become the next champion because he is bound for gold... Rex asks Drake where he can get a dummy button for himself... Eli says that it is special and exclusive. Rex asks Drake if he is in fact bound for gold. Where does that leave EC3?...Drake says EC3 is bound for the dumpster. Says that he is wasted potential. Calls him a giant piece of trash. EC3 arrives and tries to disrupt the show and attack Eli Drake, but he is held back by security. Drake tells the producers to go to break. A technical difficulties screen comes up with Eli's face on it.

Back from the "technical difficulties"... EC3 is in the ring with a mic. Carter says that he is going to destroy Drake's set and take an "EC2" on Drake's desk. Eli instructs security to arrest Carter for interrupting his show. EC3 calls out Drake and begs him to press the button. He borrows Drake's Yeah catchphrase to describe all the things he is going to do to him, if he presses the button. Eli calls his bluff and repeatedly presses the button from his talk show set. Carter attempts to storm the set. He leaps onto the security stationed next to Drake. Eli goes after Carter and they start brawling. Rex gets hit in the melee and then he joins Drake in throwing punches at EC3. Jessie Godderz comes out to even the score and goes after Aron Rex. Security tries to separate the 4 men and they are eventually able to.

A video promo is shown hyping Edwards world title defense against Cody later tonight. Also hyped is The Hardy's defending The TNA Tag Titles vs The Tribunal. That match is next.

Reby Hardy is on the stage playing The Piano. Out comes Broken Matt Hardy who salutes his wife as she plays Obsolete. Brother Nero joins them on stage and sings The Obsolete song for The Tribunal. The fans chant delete when The Hardy's head to the ring. Broken Matt gets on the mic. He says that he views The Tribunal's attack on them last week as two wicked men trying to take food off of King Maxel and Brother Nero's children's plates. Matt sentences The Tribunal to "Deletion" for their actions.


The Hardy's vs. The Tribunal

An all out brawl to start this one after the break. Finally reverts to a standard tag match after a few minutes. Baron Dax gains the advantage on Matt and tags in Basile Baraka. The Tribunal takes turns working over Matt. Matt rallies and tags in his brother. Jeff Hardy goes for a twist of fate on Dax, He counters but Jett hits a DDT instead. Jeff tries to hit Poetry in Motion on Baron Dax but he knocks Nero down in mid air. Tribunal back in control... at least temporarily. Baraka hits a flying cross body on Jeff and gets a 2 count. Dax is back in and hits a lariat on Jeff for a another 2 count. Jeff gets beat down for awhile but eventually hits a side Russian leg sweep on Dax. The fans rally Jeff to tag Broken Matt. Matt is in and he starts biting both members of The Tribunal. Reby is at ringside cheering her husband on. Matt hits a side effect on Baraka for a near fall. He then calls for Deletion but Dax is back in and he aids Basile in a tandem slam on Matt. Jeff is in to break up the potential pin fall. He hits a twist of fate on Dax. Jeff and Matt then both hit twists of fate on Basile Baraka. Matt covers Baraka and pins him for the 3 count.

The Hardy's defeat The Tribunal to retain The TNA World Tag Team Championships

The Hardy's celebrate and chant Delete with the crowd. As they are leaving the arena, Once again, the show is interrupted by static... But this time, The D.C.C. is in the ring. All 3 dressed in their black suit and white mask combos. 2 of them start to attack The Tribunal while one of them stands by in the corner. The Hardy's are on the stage near the entrance way watching. Reby and Nero are shocked but Matt is laughing. The "D.C.C." stares down The Hardy's from the ring as the segment ends.

Allie is now backstage looking into a mirror. She is practicing how she is going to defend herself against Maria. Practicing her lines about how she has been treated by her. As she is doing this, Braxton Sutter approaches her and asks her if she is o.k. Allie says that she has been going through some hard times. Sutter says that he doesn't think that Allie is to blame for anything that happened to Maria. Laurel Van Ness approaches the both of them. She tells Sutter that he doesn't have to feel sorry for people like Allie. That he doesn't need to talk to her. Laurel then tells Allie that Maria needs to speak to her. She sends Allie on her way... Laurel then makes a pass at Sutter, who doesn't seem interested.

Back from the break. Another "Fixer" ad airs.

Highlights are then shown of what took place after The Hardy's title defense. The masked men from D.C.C. are shown attacking The Tribunal. As Josh Mathews is describing what took place. The screen flickers yet again and this time, The D.C.C. is back on video from their table setting. The masked man in the middle reads a statement. In it, He talks of the recent chaos that they just caused. How that there is more on the way and that no one will know, when or where the chaos will take place.

We are now backstage at Impact. Cody is taping his wrists and Bobby Lashley approaches him. Lashley tells Cody that there is a lot of pressure on him and Eddie Edwards. Lashley takes credit for destroying a recent savior of TNA in Aron Rex... Lashley says that Cody is now the new savior with a lot of hype and legacy. Lashley wishes Cody good luck tonight. Cody tells Lashley that he knows that he is not genuine. He states that he doesn't need any luck. Cody says he won't need luck against the man that beat Bobby Lashley in Eddie Edwards. Lashley says that he may or may not face Cody next week but promises that their paths will cross at some point.

Highlights are shown of last week's NO DQ Knockouts Title Match. How Maria lost the match and her power of the division.

Maria Kanellis Bennett makes her way to the ring with Allie and Laurel Van Ness. She talks about not being the leader of The Knockouts division anymore. She calls it a conspiracy. Maria says that she can blame so many people like Billy Corgan or Gail Kim but she blames Allie for what happened at Bound For Glory and for last week. Allie tries to defend herself but gets yelled at by Maria. Laurel tells Maria not to get rid of Allie because they need people like her to run errands for people like them. Laurel insults the audience as well. Laurel then tells Allie to admit that she is to blame. Maria requests that Allie apologize and take the blame. Allie snaps back at Maria and tells her no. That she is not to blame but that Maria is... Maria yells at Allie and says that she needs to be taught a lesson. Laurel attacks Allie from behind and beats her up. Laurel pulls her up by the air. Maria gets in Allie's face while she is laying on the mat. Tells Allie to become a fighter and face Laurel Van Ness next week on Impact. Maria slaps Allie in the back of the head and then raises Laurel's hand as they stand over her.

Backstage, Lashley confronts Eddie Edwards. Edwards is ready to fight when Lashley approaches him. Bobby tells Eddie that he is simply a feel good story. How it can all end tonight for Edwards. Eddie admits that it could happen. However, He wants Lashley to face the fact that he overlooked and underestimated him. Edwards begs Lashley to bet against him. Tells him that he is not afraid of him. Lashley says that everyone better be afraid of him. They stare each other down and Lashley walks away.

The Fixer, Titus is backstage giving Mahabali Shera some advice. Telling him how he fixed certain things in life. Like no more dancing. Titus tells Shera to listen to him and that he has accepted his money to help him become a champion. Titus says that he has handpicked a superstar for Shera to face tonight. So that Shera can test himself and prove that he is learning from Titus. As Shera walks away, Titus says that he is going to need a miracle.

Back from the break. EC3 and Jessie Godderz are backstage and they announce that next week, they will team together against Eli Drake and Arron Rex.

"The Miracle" Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis Bennett vs. Mahabali Shera

Controversy last week with Mike Bennett's entrance theme not airing and being dubbed over. How the copyright issues almost led to the show not airing. Sounds like Mike's music is back.

Bennett spends the early part of the match toying with Mahabali. Disrespecting him and not seeing him as a real threat. Shera fights back mostly with powerslams and a bear hug. Bennett rakes him in the eye while in the bear hug and hits The Miracle in Progress on Shera to get the quick and relatively easy victory.

Mike Bennett defeats Mahabali Shera by pinfall

Video package airs hyping tonight's main event. Both Cody and Eddie Edwards comment on the match and each other. Cody says that he likes and respects Eddie Edwards. Says that everyone likes Eddie. Edwards calls himself Mr. Anything is Possible. Cody says that he wants to become a World Champion. Cody says that he feels bad that he has to take away Edwards 14 year dream to accomplish his very own.

When the show returns from the break. McKenzie Mitchell is at ringside and she interviews X Division Champion DJ Z. She asks him about his concept, Team X Gold. DJ says that the new 3 man division is about combining styles and great talents. Z says that his team with Mandrews and Sutter will set the standard. Rockstar Spud comes out and takes exception that he has not been asked to be a part of Team X Gold. He wants to know why that is. Z tells him it's because "nobody likes you". Spud tells DJ that he has a team of his own for next week and that they are better than X, Y and Z....

Josh Mathews and The Pope are at ringside and give one last final hype session for the main event.


Eddie Edwards vs. Cody w/Brandi Rhodes

Both men shake hands as a show of sportsmanship before the match. Dueling chants by the crowd for Cody and Eddie. Evenly contested early on with each competitor mirroring each other's moves. They have an early stand off after the first sequence. The show goes to break.... When it returns, Both men are trading holds in the center. Edwards connects with a shining wizard and gets a 2 count out of it. Edwards chops Cody but he retaliates with a reversal. Kicks Edwards and then follows that with some chops of his own. Edwards tries to chop Cody back but Cody grounds him and applies an arm bar submission. Eddie gets to the ropes to break the hold.

Pace picks up in the match. Cody attempts Cross Rhodes but Edwards gets out of it. Eddie kicks Cody to the outside and then hits his "shot of caffeine" dive onto Cody on the floor. As Eddie throws Cody back into the ring, Eddie goes to meet him there but Cody is lying in wait and hits The Beautiful Disaster on Edwards. Cody then dives over the top rope and onto Edwards. They then battle to the rampway. The ref begins the count and Cody notices and brings Edwards back into the ring. Cody tries to finish off Edwards but Eddie hits Cody with The Chin Checker and gets a 2 count out of it.

Edwards then goes to the top rope. Cody meets him up there and grabs Edwards and hits a muscle buster on him for a close fall. Cody attempts to put The American Nightmare submission on Edwards but Eddie gets out of it. Both men on their feet trading strikes. Cody gets Edwards up and sets him up on the top rope. Cody superplexes Eddie but when they land, Edwards rolls up Cody in a crucifix styled small package and pins him from that position.

Eddie Edwards defeats Cody by pinfall to retain The TNA World Championship

Post match, Cody is selling the loss in ring. He is shocked that he got beat by Edwards in that fashion. Edwards and Cody confront each other face to face in the ring but then shake hands. Cody raises Eddie's arms and salutes him. Edwards leaves the ring with his title. He leaves to allow Cody to be alone and be saluted by the fans in ring. As Cody is receiving applause from the crowd. Brandi gets up on the apron to meet her husband. Maria runs out and pulls Brandi down and then throws her into the ring steps. Cody runs over to Brandi's aid. Maria runs up the ramp and is met by her husband Mike Bennett. They hug, laugh and call themselves the real power couple, as the show ends.

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