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On episode 83 of Heated Conversations: Hosted By Booker T, the six-time world champion spoke with fellow WCW tentpole, Bill Goldberg, about his upcoming return to the squared circle at WWE Survivor Series against Brock Lesnar. Among other things, Goldberg discussed preparing for his big return to the professional wrestling ring.

According to Goldberg, he has been training with "the biggest, baddest dudes on the planet" and that he knows how to prepare for a serious athletic competition.

"If people don't think that I know how to prepare for athletic competition at its highest level, then they've got something seriously wrong with them because I take this crap very seriously. And it's the world of professional wrestling, but take everything with a grain of salt and I try to be the best that I can be at every single thing I do, every time I'm seen doing it."

The two-time world champion said his goal is to be able to press slam Brock Lesnar again.

"The last time they saw me, I was 290 [lbs.], and I was blowing fire out of my ears. And I was able to press a 290 lbs. Brock Lesnar over my head. Well, my goal is to do the same damn thing when I walk in there. I won't be 280 [lbs.] like I used to be, but what I bring into the cage or what I bring into the ring will be a completely different package than before, but it will still be the same guy. I'm doing a lot of muay thai kickboxing. I'm doing a lot of cross-training, a lot of footwork, a lot of boxing work."

Although Goldberg has been hard at work training every day, he has not step foot in a professional wrestling ring to train yet.

"I haven't been in the ring yet. That's the one thing after those 12 years that is probably the most important to reacquaint yourself with, but I'm going in for one match. I'm not going to get into the ring for 20 days straight to reacclimate myself to hitting the ropes because, hopefully, the only thing that will be hitting is my fist hitting Brock's face and him hitting the mat, so the reality is I'm going to be taken to Suplex City. I'm going to take some suplexes in this thing. Yeah, but it is what it is. It ain't like I didn't play in the NFL, dude. I may be old, but I know what I'm getting myself into."

Also during the interview, Goldberg stated that he has standards to live up to.

"I'm Goldberg, dude. I have a standard to uphold myself to. I'm greatly appreciative that anybody thinks I'm any good at anything, but if it makes me happy at something, then, I know people will be happy for me, so I'm just trying to push my butt as hard as I know how to do. And, hopefully, at the end of the day, people are happy with it. But truthfully, the only people that care in my mind right now are my wife and my son and I'm able to share something with them that is a gift. And if I can be that superhero to kids again in that spotlight for that short period of time, that's something I value equally as important as giving my family experiences."

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