We noted before that Brooke Hogan recently told TMZ Sports that people from WWE were calling Hulk Hogan about a possible appearance at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando next year. You can see Brooke's comments in the video above.

The Hulkster made an appearance on Eric Bischoff's new MLW Radio podcast, which you can listen to at this link, and dismissed Brooke's comments. Hogan said:

I know if I don't bring it up nobody will. So anyway, Brooke's running around on TMZ and made the statement about me and wrestling and WrestleMania. For the record, she needs the big boot to the head. I haven't talked to anybody about WrestleMania. I just need to put that to rest. I asked Brooke, "What are you doing?" She goes, "Oh, well, I'm just starting it up." I said, "Thanks Brooke." It was kind of funny. I said, "No harm. No foul." It was all in good fun.

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