Season 14 Episode 45

This week's Impact opens with a video package of last week's main event finish between Eddie Edwards and Bobby Lashley. The controversial finish that saw Eddie Edwards retain his World Championship. Josh Mathews hypes tonight's feature bouts. With Eddie Edwards defending his world title vs. Eli Drake, and qualifying matches to help determine the next #1 contender.

Eddie Edwards opens the show in the ring. Edwards talks about all of his fans and his doubters. Talks about how he beat a nearly invincible Bobby Lashley twice. Edwards says that he is not hiding and will defend the title against anyone... Out comes Eli Drake to confront Edwards in the ring. Drake says that he gave Edwards 7 whole days to be ready for tonight. Drake says that Bobby Lashley is backstage thanking his lucky stars because he doesn't have to face Eli. Drake says that he is the Bound for Gold winner and he will become World Champ tonight and that's just a "Fact of Life".

Out comes EC3 and he joins the conversation. He starts running down his own list of facts.... Carter tells Drake that he commends him for cashing in his Bound for Glory tonight. EC3 says he is going to activate his "Zero Dark EC 30" to get back The World Title. Tells Drake that he is not ready to be a world champion. Says that he is betting on Eddie Edwards tonight. Carter says that he is betting the entire house on Edwards. Drake calls EC3 a dummy for betting against him. Headed to the ring now is Mike Bennett. He is accompanied by his own miracle in Maria Kanellis. Bennett addresses all 3 men in the ring. He calls out Carter for "betting the house". Says that the last time, EC3 did that. Bennett defeated him and ended Carter's undefeated streak. Bennett calls himself a roadblock in Carter's path to become World Champion. Calls Drake a dummy and states that he is going to save TNA.... Drake is back on the mic. Takes issue with The Miracle stealing his catchphrase. Calls everyone a dummy in the ring. While Eli is trash talking Carter, Bennett blindsides EC3 and all 4 men start brawling. Drake and Bennett gain the advantage on Edwards and Carter until Moose comes out to make the save. The show goes to it's first break.

Back from the break. A qualifying match has begun to determine who will compete in a #1 contenders match.

"The Miracle" Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis Bennett vs. Moose

This is a rematch from Bound For Glory. Moose controls the early portion of this match. He hits Miracle with a standing dropkick. Moose goes for the pinfall cover. Maria pulls her husband out of the ring. Referee Earl Hebner catches her in the act and banishes Maria from ringside. When the battle continues in the ring, Bennett takes advantage of this distraction with Maria, and takes down The Moose with a chop block. Bennett targets Moose's left knee and works him over for a few minutes. The fans chant "Moose". Trying to get him to rally against Bennett. Moose battles back and hits a headbutt. He struggles to move around on his leg but manages to hit a sit out power bomb, and then follows that up with a senton. Moose sets up Bennett for the "Game Changer" but Bennett counters and takes out Moose's injured knee. The Miracle then delivers a piledriver to Moose. This nets him a near fall. Both men are now going toe to toe in the ring. Trading several blows. Moose eventually wins the exchange with some stiff kicks but Miracle recovers quickly and hits a cutter on Moose. Covers him for another close fall. The action ends up on the outside, as Earl Hebner begins the count. Moose goes for a spear on Bennett but he moves out of the way. Moose crashes into the ring steps. Bennett slides into the ring and beats the 10 count to win this match.

Mike Bennett defeats Moose by countout to advance to a #1 contenders match for The TNA World Championship

Highlights are shown from last week's Hardy's-D.C.C. match and brawl that followed backstage. How the brawl ended with Matt Hardy having amnesia.

We are now backstage at Impact and Al Snow has arrived. Snow pronounces that he is back and stronger than ever. He talks about how he has recovered from an injury, he suffered at the hands of The Hardy's. Says that he and The Tribunal are going to have a special in-ring celebration tonight.

Back from the break. We are in Cameron North Carolina. Jeff Hardy has arrived at his brother's home. He meets with Reby and she tells him how much Matt has changed. Inside we see Matt Hardy wearing a cashmere sweater with a white collar shirt, and he is building a second dining room. Senor Benjamin is sitting back drinking, while Matt is hammering in some nails. Benjamin channels Snoop Dogg circa 1995. Sipping on gin and juice with his mind on his money, and his money on his mind. Senor recites Snoop's lyrics in Spanish. He then critiques Matt's construction of the new dining room. Jeff and Reby walk into Matt's new dining room. Jeff asks Matt what he is doing. Asks him if he remembers his brother. To get Matt to remember him, Jeff turns his back to him and does the "I'd knew you come" line. Matt looks baffled by Jeff's actions. Jeff tries to get Matt to remember who he is. Mentions that they are both tag team champs. Matt responds with "Is that like wrestling where people fight one another". Matt says that it sounds very violent and that he is not that kind of a person. Jeff pleads with Matt, that he has been doing it for 25 years. Matt disputes this wrestler claim. Says that he is an engineer. That he is a blue collar man, even though he is wearing a white collar. Reby suggests taking Matt inside. Says that she has something to jog Matt's memory.

Back in The Impact Zone. The Tribunal are in the ring. Basile Baraka gets on the mic first. Says that they are here to make a statement. That the world will take notice of. His English makes it sound like the word notice is pronounced nuttis. Baron Dax is on the mic now. Calls Basile Brutal and himself "The Judge". Dax says that they are here because of their coach. Out comes Al Snow. Al tells the audience, How good it is to be back. He thanks The Tribunal in French for what they did to The Hardy's. Baraka tells Snow that they didn't attack The Hardy's for Al Snow. That they did it for themselves... Snow takes exception to this. States how he brought The Tribunal into TNA. The crowd starts chanting boring.... Baraka blindsides Snow and he and Dax beat him down. Out comes Mahabali Shera. Shera hesitates when he gets in the ring. He then goes after The Tribunal. Lands some blows on them but The Tribunal fights back. They hit a low blow on Shera and lay him out. Dax and Baraka celebrate what they have done.

Back from the break. Jessie Godderz is outside the Impact Zone. He is waiting for Aron Rex to arrive. He wants to exact revenge against him for cheating his way to victories over him. Tells everyone to watch what he does later when Rex arrives. That his issue with Rex is no longer about The Impact Grand Title.

#1 Contenders Qualifying Match

Ethan Carter III vs. Abyss

The winner of this match advances to be in a future #1 contenders match. Mike Bennett qualified at the top of the show, by defeating Moose. Abyss is Decay-less in this one. Comes to the ring minus Crazzy Steve or Rosemary. Abyss controls the action in the early going of this one. They both end up brawling on the outside. Abyss ends up chokeslamming EC3 onto the ring apron... Action back in the ring. Abyss beats down on Carter in the corner. He intimidates referee Brian Hebner and chases him out of the ring. This gives Carter time to recover. EC3 starts battling back but Abyss shuts him down quickly with a clothesline. Abyss beats down Carter some more and mocks Carter's "Trouble, Trouble" chant. Abyss wears Carter down with a chin lock. He then goes for a choke slam but Carter counters and hits consecutive clotheslines. EC3 then hits a corner splash on Abyss. Follows that with a dropkick from the second rope. Carter then attempts to finish Abyss with the one percenter. Abyss counters and chokeslams Carter. He covers Carter but Ethan kicks out. Abyss then goes to ringside and grabs a steel chair. Abyss comes into the ring with it and attempts to strike Carter. EC3 counters and applies what looks like a sleeper hold to Abyss. Abyss actually taps out to this hold.

Ethan Carter III defeats Abyss by tap out to advance to a #1 contenders match

Strange post match where Carter barely celebrates. He just walks to the back quickly. Not sure if that's an act of frustration, because that was an ugly match.

Gail Kim is shown back stage. She is headed to the ring. Josh Mathews hypes that Gail has a big announcement coming. As the show goes to break.... When Impact returns, A video highlights tonight's main event world title match between Eddie Edwards and Eli Drake. An alternating hype video with each man hyping the match.

We are now back to The Hardy Compound. Reby is with Jeff and Benjamin. She calls out to Matt. Matt arrives with a large bowl of lobster bisque. Says that he just whipped it up..... To trigger Matt's memory. Reby suggests that music may help. She plays the piano and Jeff, Her and Benjamin sing The Obsolete song. Matt looks at them like they are strange. Matt smiles awkwardly and sings a line from 90's hit "Ironic" by Alanis Morisette. Matt calls his wife Reby, "Debbie". She corrects him. Jeff asks Matt to come outside for a ride. When they get there. Matt calls Jeff "Brother Hero". Jeff corrects him that it is Nero. Matt looks for Jeff's car. Jeff says that it's actually a dirtbike. The bike that he crashed, and was injured from. Jeff tries to egg Matt on to join him for a ride on it. Matt after hearing Jeff's tale of getting hurt. Says no to Jeff's request.

Back in The Impact Zone. Jeremy Borash is in the ring. "JB" gets a good reaction from the crowd. He says that he is not out here in The Impact Zone to announce a match at this moment. He talks about his history of being with TNA for many years. He talks about meeting Gail Kim 11 years ago. That she is the reason, he is in the ring right now. Jeremy says that they are great friends. How he has become great friends with her husband. Borash calls Gail a world class athlete and person. He then introduces her and she makes her way to the ring. Borash puts over Kim's career accolades and says that he knows that she has something special to say. Before Gail makes her announcement, She puts over JB as not just being a friend, but as family to her. Gail says that all she has ever hoped for in her career, is to be a great wrestler and a great champion. Gail calls Jade to the ring for this announcement. Gail says that Jade is very important to the future of this business. She puts over Jade's drive to succeed. Gail tells Jade that she believes that Jade has everything it takes to be the future of women's wrestling. Jade starts to get emotional and is happy with Kim's comments... Gail sets all this up by starting to act somber. As if she is going to announce her retirement and passing of the torch. The Decay's music hits and Rosemary heads to the ring. She is backed by her partners, Abyss and Crazzy Steve. Rosemary gets in the ring. She spews mist into Gail's eyes and then slams Jade into the mat. Abyss grabs Borash and puts him out of the ring. Rosemary then applies a front face hold on Gail Kim and chokes her out. While Steve holds Jade back. With Kim out, The Decay go after Jade. Steve holds Jade's arms in the corner. Abyss puts a trash can over Jade's head and then Rosemary does a coast to coast from the top rope, and into Jade's head. The Decay's music hits, as they celebrate their carnage.

#1 Contenders Qualifying Match

DJ Z vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Trevor Lee

The winner of this X division triple threat will advance to the #1 contenders match. Spud tries to avoid getting in the ring early. He spits on Z. DJ chases after him. Lee knocks down Z while he is in chase. Both Lee and Spud try to gang up on Z but he battles back. Hits a dive over the top ropes onto both of them. Mathews mentions on commentary that DJ Z is wrestling this match with a broken wrist. He is wearing a brace on it. After Z lands, He sells his right leg as being injured. The action heads back in the ring. Lee and Spud actually go at it for awhile. They turn their attention back to DJ Z. Spud finds a way to get Lee out of the ring and then starts to go after Z's injured leg. Lee is back in and disposes of Spud. Lee tries to finish off Z. DJ hits a jaw breaker on Trevor Lee. Spud is back in now. All 3 men are going at it. Z uses all six sides of the ring to springboard off the ropes onto both Lee and Spud. Z then goes for The ZDT on Trevor but he blocks it. Spud comes in from behind and low blows Z. Rolls him up for the cover but Trevor breaks up the pinfall. Trevor Lee hits a fishermen's buster on Spud and pins him for the victory.

Trevor Lee defeats Rockstar Spud & DJ Z to advance to a #1 contenders match

Backstage, Aiden O'Shea is in front of "The Bosses" office. He is with Robbie E and Grado. Tells them that The Boss has a handicap match scheduled for the both of them. Robbie and Grado start hooting and hollering. Aiden tells them that they are both facing Bobby Lashley. Robbie and Grado fall silent when they hear this. Grado and Robbie walk away. Grado thinks they still have a chance.

When the show returns. Brandi Rhodes walks over To Allie backstage. Sees that Allie is watching a Braxton Sutter match on her I-Pad. Brandi tells Allie that her and Braxton would make a cute couple. A shy Allie nervously laughs. Allie asks Allie for her assistance against Maria and Sienna. Allie says that she still works for Maria and doesn't think that she should. Brandi tells Allie that she needs to stick up for herself. Allie apologizes to Brandi and says that she can't help her.

Bobby Lashley vs. Robbie E & Grado

This is yet another #1 contenders qualifying match. Grado tries to avoid Bobby early on. Robbie and Grado play the comedy role while Lashley is super serious here. Lashley dominates the majority of the match. Robbie and Grado actually gain the advantage for a portion of the match. They team up and hit a double suplex on Lashley. They celebrate their exploits a little too much and end up paying for it. Lashley spears the both of them and pins Robbie.

Bobby Lashley defeats Robbie E & Grado to advance to a #1 contenders match for The TNA World Championship

Highlights are shown of Aron Rex's questionable tactics in his Impact Grand Championship defenses. Rex is now shown being driven to the arena. He is polishing his title in the backstage. Mentions that he is headed to The Impact Zone to have a meeting with Jessie. He sees Godderz as the car pulls into the parking lot. Rex says that Jessie looks like he had way too much creatine. Rex gets out of the car to confront Godderz. As the show goes to break. When the show returns, Jessie tells Aron that he is going to kick his ass. Rex tells Jessie to calm down. Tells him that he has the 2nd best jawline in the company. That he needs to smile more and exploit it. As Rex goes to walk away. Jessie goes after him and beats him up. Rex runs into a nearby trailer. Godderz follows him in and continues to beat him down. Rex rakes Jessie in the eyes, runs to his car and asks his driver to drive away.

We are back at The Hardy House. Matt gets on Jeff's dirtbike and goes for a ride. Matt holds on tight in fear while jeff drives down the road. They ride over to Matt's boat "Scarsguard". Jeff tries to see if Matt can remember his favorite boat. Matt tells Jeff that everything, he is saying is madness. Jeff gets frustrated and wants Matt to go back to the way, he was. Tells him that he used to be magical. Jeff tells Matt to get in the water, so that he can cleanse himself and heal. Matt says that the water is too cold and doesn't want to go all the way in. Jeff tries to push Matt deeper into the water. Matt refuses. Jeff gets angry and gives up. Says that he will go to The Impact Zone and face The D.C.C. by himself. Matt tells Jeff that fighting and violence is not the answer, as Jeff walks away from him.


Eddie Edwards vs. Eli Drake

Traditional collar and elbow tie ups and reversals to start this match. A drop toe hold and some old school wrist locks. It doesn't take long for the pace of the match to pickup. Drake hits a shoulder tackle, Edwards bounces back and up and hits a few deep arm drags. Edwards gets Drake in a chin lock but Drake breaks free. Both men trade chops and then Eddie sends Eli to the outside. Edwards follows him and then hits a rana on Drake on the ringside floor. Edwards leaps onto Drake again but this time, Drake counters and throws Edwards into the ring apron.

The action heads back inside and Drake is now in control. He beats down on Edwards with chops and kicks. Drake then hits the sky lord slam on Edwards. Does his Eli Drake chant and then covers Edwards. Who kicks out at 2. Eli then heads to the top rope. Eddie meets him up there. Edwards superplexes Drake off of the top rope. Both men hurt as a result of their landing on the mat. Referee Brian Hebner starts the standing 10 count, both men get back to their feet and trade strikes in the center of the ring. Edwards knocks Drake out of the ring with a clothesline. Edwards then runs full speed and leaps through the ropes and hits the "shot of caffeine" on Drake. Edwards actually overshoots Drake and ends up landing over the guardrail and into the audience. Part of Drake's arm went into the guardrail. While Edwards went completely over. The ref checks on both men on the outside. They eventually get up and struggle back into the ring. Edwards hits a lungblower on Drake and gets a 2 and a half count. Edwards goes to the top rope. Drake leaps up to meet him there but Edwards knocks him down.

Eddie then leaps off the top rope but Drake moves out of the way. Drake then goes for his finisher, Blaunt Force Trauma. Edwards counters but Drake reverses and hits a vicious lariat on Eddie. Covers him for a close fall. Drake goes for The BFT again. Edwards counters again... Drake gets Edwards up and hits a suplex on him. That gets him another 2 count. Eli is frustrated that he can't finish Edwards off. He goes to the top rope. Goes for a flying clothesline, He misses wildly. Edwards hits The Boston Knee Party on Drake, and pins him to retain his title.

Eddie Edwards defeats Eli Drake to retain The TNA World Heavyweight Championship

As Edwards is in the ring celebrating. The lights go out and a countdown from The DCC clock begins. When the lights come back on. The Death Count Council are in the ring with Eddie. All 3 masked men triple team him. They beat Edwards down. Grab the world title and lay it across his body. All 3 men unmask. It's an "unidentified man", Bram and James Storm. The crowd chants welcome back at Storm once he is revealed. The unidentified man is independent wrestler, Eddie Kingston. He is unnamed on the show. The screen goes to static and the show ends.

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