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Former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes was recently interviewed by False Comeback to discuss his time with WWE, his late great Hall Of Fame father Dusty Rhodes, life on the road, and more. You can check out some highlights here:

When he felt the disconnect from the Stardust character:

"I think the disconnect was once my dad passed away, it was like the audience and performer -- the most important connection you need to make, whereas most people it would have been great if they were booing Stardust or in on it. But most people just felt bad, like here is this situation that we've all been made well aware of, wrestling fans' grieved just like my actual family did, so then here is his son who is just kind of dressed up in an awkward fashion. I think that was the disconnect, whenever you feel any lack of connection it's a huge bummer. You want to nip it in the bud right away and move forward, and the problem was it wasn't happening right away we had to move things forward on our own."

His best road story:

"I have really good road stories, so many of them are inappropriate. There was one the other day in the UK at an event called Inside The Ropes, I was telling these stories and I was like 'I hope nobody reveals these stories.' I always tell this one, I was so excited about working Triple H and Shawn Michaels -- they're just the best. DX is doing their return reunion tour in the UK, and me and Teddy were the main event, it was just a big prominent moment. I remember Hunter told me -- and we had this banner that hangs over the regular pipe and drape, 'come out and rip it down, disrespect DX so people will boo' and I said that was great. I didn't know it was a rib, I came out, grabbed the banner, pulled it out and (pop). The only thing supporting it was a two by four and it hit me in the back of the head and I'm covered in this green speckle paint. I get in the ring and Hunter and Shawn just laughed at me the whole match. I always thought 'oh it was an accident' but no it was a very intentional rib and I fell for it. But that's the road, ya know?"

The biggest lesson he took away from his father, Dusty Rhodes:

"He had really good wrap on family and road, travel, how to be a family man, there are very few who can do the family man and do the business man, and the performer man, the common man. He was able to do it all. I think his comfort level, which he approached wrestling with, which he approached creating with, which he approached everything with, is like the model for any wrestler. Essentially this is a stressful enough job, if you're not having fun with it then it's gonna eat it's way at you. Especially lately now that he's passed that's like everything -- like from this morning, I'm doing a seminar this afternoon, to her show (Brandi), everything this evening should be fun. It's okay to work hard and rack your brain a little bit, but everything should be fun."

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