Ring Of Honor TV
Episode #269
Taped at The William J. Myers Pavilion In Baltimore Maryland

The show opens with a highlights package of the recent feud between Bobby Fish and Hangman Page. How Page has injured Fish's ribs and how it cost him his match with Dragon Lee last week on ROH TV. During the video package. Fish says that Hangman Page is not on his level and he will prove that when they face each other.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino welcome the audience to the show. They hype the TV Championship main event and the upcoming Six-Man tournament match.

Ring Of Honor Six-Man Championship Tournament-Bracket B

* (The Addiction) Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian & Kamaitachi vs. (Team CMLL) Ultimo Guerrero, Hechichero & Okomura
The team of Kushida, Jay White and ACH have advanced out of Bracket A. They will face the winners of Bracket B at Final Battle on December 2nd. The winner of this match, will go on to face The Kingdom next week on ROH TV.

This is the first televised match for The Addiction. Since their epic Ladder War 6 match at The All Star Extravaganza PPV. The Addiction has been positioned as babyfaces on tv since that event. Particularly Christopher Daniels. Who has been given praise and recognition for his contributions to the wrestling business.
The veteran CMLL team consists of Ultimo Guerrero, Hechichero and japanese import Okomura. This is the classic case of not judging a book by it's cover. The team looks like they took a time machine straight out of the 90's. Specifically, Ultimo Guerrero, who is sporting the infamous mullet hair style of that era.
There is nothing outdated about their ring style however. All 3 men show great teamwork and use a lot of innovative offense in this one. Jumping through, around and even on top of each other, to execute moves. The high spot here being them setting up Kamaitachi in the audience in a chair, and then leaping off of each other and onto him.
The final sequence of this match sees Kamaitachi attempt to finish off Ultimo Guerrero by coming off the top rope. Daniels tags himself in. This throws Kamaitachi off and he accidentally comes off the top and lands into Daniels. Team CMLL ends up getting the win here when Ultimo Guerrero does "The Guerrero Special" on Daniels, an inverted superplex from the top rope.

Team CMLL defeats The Addiction to advance to the semifinals of The ROH Six-Man Championship Tournament.

After the match. Kamaitachi shoves Christopher Daniels and blames him for the loss. Daniels admits to his mistake and tells Kamaitachi to take a shot at him. Daniels puts his arms behind his back. Kamaitachi spits at Daniels feet instead. Daniels holds back Kazarian from going after Kamaitachi. For showing this sign of ultimate disrespect.

An ad airs for The Reach for The Sky tour in London. That will start this Friday and end on Sunday. Two of the major talents on the show in Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll have signed exclusive contracts with Ring of Honor.

An ad also airs for Ring of Honor's next PPV. Final Battle on 12/2 in New York City. The show will feature the debut of Cody Rhodes and the return of Japanese Wrestling Icon, Jushin Thunder Liger.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are at the broadcast area. They are recapping what took place in the opening match, when The Cabinet arrives. Caprice Coleman says that they haven't been taken serious by ROH. He announces the end of The Cabinet gimmick. Rhett Titus says that ROH made him dress as Uncle Sam and that he has been with the company for a long time and deserves better. Kenny King says that ROH paraded them around as clowns. States that the comedy is over and that they are going to be taken serious from now on. Caprice Coleman closes the promo by saying that "There are more of us than you think there are"... Implying that there will be more members added to their faction. Perhaps a group of wrestlers who feel that they have been overlooked by the company.

Highlights are then shown of Dalton Castle and Colt Cabana losing a tag title match to The Young Bucks on The Glory By Honor tour back in October...... Now we are backstage in the locker room. Dalton Castle can't find "His Boys". He bumps into Colt Cabana and asks if he has seen them. Cabana tells Castle that it is not a big deal, that they are not around. That they don't need them for their upcoming match. Cabana grabs Castle and they leave the locker room... The camera pans to the corner of the room and there is a locked door, that has peacock feathers sticking out of it and on the ground. Implying that Cabana locked "The Boys" up. So that they can't be involved in this match.

Dalton Castle & Colt Cabana vs. Keith Lee & Shane Taylor

A lot of comedy prior to and during this match. With Colt Cabana assuming the role of The Boys. Cabana helps Castle spring into the ring off of him. Contrast of styles here with The serious Superheavyweights in Taylor and Lee taking on the colorful team of Castle and Cabana.
Early on, Castle and Cabana play mind games with Taylor & Lee. Doing their signature poses and finding unique ways to avoid Taylor and Lee's offensive attempts. Dalton gets under their skin and eventually, They turn the tables. Both big men beat up on Castle using their heavy hitting style. After a while, Castle is able to make the hot tag to Cabana. Colt comes in and does the trademark Dusty Rhodes routine. Complete with Bionic Elbows on Taylor and Lee. Cabana then attempts to do a moonsault but gets caught in mid-air. Castle comes in to save his partner. They both do double drop kicks on the big men and then do a Double J strut.... Castle hits a very impressive looking bridge suplex on Shane Taylor. Cabana tries to do the same thing but can't. Castle tries to save Cabana but accidentally strikes him. Taylor and Lee dispose of Castle and throw him out of the ring. They then hit their power bomb/splash combo on Cabana and pin him for the victory.

Shane Taylor & Keith Lee defeat Dalton Castle & Colt Cabana

After the match. Dalton Castle attends to a fallen Cabana in the ring. A very slight hint of dissension is shown between the two.
The Kingdom cut a promo in front of The ROH Banner. They brag about beating The Bullet Club last week. They also hype their semifinal match with Team CMLL next week on ROH TV.

This is followed by an Adam Cole promo backstage. He says that Hangman Page will defeat Bobby Fish and bring The TV championship back to The Bullet Club. Cole also talks about his two big potential title defenses. The first being with Jay Lethal on November 20th in The U.K. Cole says that he will beat Lethal and then beat Kyle O'Reilly at Final Battle on December 2nd.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are at ringside and preview the upcoming main event. It's worth noting that Steve Corino was recently a guest trainer at The WWE performance center. He called the center, Wrestling Heaven.

Ring Of Honor TV Main Event

Bobby Fish defends The ROH TV Championship against Adam "Hangman" Page

As you can see from the tweet above. UFC Fighter and huge wrestling fan "Filthy" Tom Lawlor tweeted a photo from the hospital. This is his new daughter's first wrestling match. Very cool stuff.

This was a very good match. Good storytelling with great psychology. Page blindsided Fish before the match even started. Targeted his injured ribs for the entire match. Bobby Fish was on the defensive throughout. He kept trying to find a way to escape defeat. Page dominated throughout but Fish found a way to apply the knee bar submission on Page and forced him to tap out at the end.

Bobby Fish defeats Hangman Page by submission to retain The ROH TV Championship

After the match. Adam Cole arrived and headed to the ring. Kyle O' Reilly was checking on his injured partner Fish. Cole held up The ROH World title and told Kyle that he wasn't afraid of him. Out came Lethal and he headed to the ring as well. Lethal and O'Reilly surrounded Cole inside the ring, and that's how the show ended.

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