Source: Planeta Wrestling

WWE SmackDown Live Women's Champion Becky Lynch was recently part of a media scrum to promote the WWE's European Tour. You can check out some of the highlights from the scrum below, courtesy of Planeta Wrestling:

The difference between the European crowd and the American crowds:

"I think the European crowd are less exposed to us, so we're more of a novelty when we come in. The American crowds are great too, they're very enthusiastic, but because we are over here less often they go insane. And it's awesome, it's amazing. Speaking from a European standpoint, I'm European, I feel that vibe and it's like home. From my family."

How difficult it was to split up the Four Horsewomen after the Brand Extension:

"In the beginning that was really hard, I think Zack (Ryder) might have seen me cry, there was a moment when me and Charlotte were hugging each other 'I'm gonna miss you.' It's hard in some ways, but in other ways it's great as well because the girls on SmackDown are amazing. We've got a great division, everybody is really hard working and enthusiastic, has the same goal, we all work together, and I get to see my friends on RAW killing it so that drives up competition. You wanna do better than them."

What her dream match is:

"Lita would be one just because when I was growing up she was the one that I could relate to her, she's the one that -- I could be like that, you know? She's cook, she's a tomboy, but Jazz was one of my favorite wrestlers because she's amazing. And she's got incredible shoulders. That's just the reason I want to face her, so we could have a good deltoid-off (chuckles). Yeah, Jazz or Lita. Lita first then Jazz. First and second."

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