- Kane and Dolph Ziggler appeared on Kennedy on the FOX Business Network this week and discussed the protests to Donald Trump's election, as seen above. They mostly spoke out against the protesters, specifically the ones who didn't vote. Ziggler suggested that a lot of people were protesting for attention, while Kane suggested that people ask their neighbors who voted for Donald Trump why they did.

"What you're going to find is that they're not a homophobe racist bigot," Kane said. "What they generally are are a common, decent hard-working person who is fed up with a permanent Washington overclass."

- Mark Henry will be appearing at "The Big Event" this Saturday in the Featured Athletes/V.I.P ballroom of LaGuardia Plaza Hotel at 104-04 Dithers Blvd. in Flushing, N.Y.

- The WrestleMania 33 on-sale party is currently underway in Orlando, FL. You can check out video from the event below:

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