Source: Metro

Ring of Honor World Champion Adam Cole was interviewed by Metro recently. During the interview, Cole talked about his relationship with Kevin Owens, the possibility of signing with WWE and more. Below are some highlights from the interview.

His relationship with Kevin Owens:

"Me and Kevin are really good friends and he was always the guy in ROH and PWG who was always really helpful to me not just in pro wrestling but as a friend. When he went to WWE that friendship stayed, and we talk all the time and keep in contact. Kevin happened to be in Baltimore for RAW and I was there shooting some stuff for ROH television. We ended up hanging out and thought it would be a cool idea because we were both champions to take a picture together. Although we figured that people would react to the picture, neither of us thought it would blow up as much as it did and it's still all over the place. It was mainly two friends getting a permanent memory of our success at that time."

Possibility of signing with WWE:

"This is the most honest answer I can give because ask that question all the time. If I was to tell you that I don't want to have a Wrestlemania moment someday I would 100% be lying to you. I see that for myself one day, but timing is so important in a career like this. For me right now, after just winning the ROH title again and starting my career in NJPW, I need to focus all my energy on this right now, because if I start focusing on wanting to go to WWE, I'm not going to be focusing on what I have in front of me. Honest to God I'm not even thinking about WWE right now, I'm focused totally on the next few months with my ROH contract and with NJPW, and when the time comes to think about what happens next, a lot of options will be weighed out."

Being Ring of Honor Champion:

"It feels great because it's such a prestigious championship considering the amount of talented guys that have held the title. For me personally, the best thing about winning it for a second time is me getting to sit back and smell the roses a little bit. When I won it for the first time I was a 23-year-old kid and I had very little experience. It was amazing, but I spent so much time focusing on what I could do to be the best that the anxiety and pressure that you put on yourself could sometimes be overwhelming. Nonetheless, with that experience it got me ready to be in the position I am now. The pressure is still there, it always is in pro wrestling, but I can enjoy it a little bit more now."

Cole also talked about PWG, his shoulder injury and more. You can read the full interview here.

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