Mickie James is scheduled to wrestle Asuka tonight at NXT Takeover in her first match in WWE since 2010, when she was released from the company during her prime. The following are highlights of what her husband, Nick Aldis, has to say on a recent PWTorch Livecast about her match tonight:

Mickie James's mindset:

"Obviously, she is excited about it. She is incredibly proud of her WWE career, as she should be, and she always held on to a hope that she would have a chance to at least return. She always said she wanted to finish her career there. I'm not trying to imply that's what she's doing at this point. She's very glad and I'm very pleased and honored she's been able to reestablish her relationship there. Obviously it's the big time, man. It's the business."

Will there be any ring rust?

"She can still 'go.' She's as good as she's ever been, if not better. Watching her work over the years, she's got even that very unique ability now to sort of really show what a veteran she is in the ring, which is a very difficult thing to do. She's so comfortable in there now and there's so much charisma that it's fun to watch her. When we promoted our live events, she was always the driving force as far as the popularity and the ticket sales and stuff like that. I can pat myself on the back a little bit and say there are markets in the UK where I do very well."

His expectations for the match against Asuka:

"I know that she and Asuka are going to tear the house down. Asuka's fantastic. Mickey, she can work with anyone. But I think this particular match-up is very good for her style because she sells so well and she has such great movement. She's a great babyface. It'll be a great."

Whether their move to Orlando was a strategic move to be closer to the Performance Center and get a job with WWE/NXT:

"It was not a strategic move on our part (laughs). We happened to find the right place that we wanted. I wanted to come back to Florida (where he lived during his TNA stint) and she wanted a place for the horses, so this was the ideal place and we loved it here."

Aldis also discussed if he expects James to end up wrestling more for WWE, if there are more matches already scheduled and more. You can check out the full article at PWTorch.com by clicking here.

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