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Welcome to tonight's episode of WWE NXT. We kick things off with highlights from NXT TakeOver: Toronto. Interesting to note the entrance video has been updated to reflect some of the new groups and featured superstars.

- Tom Phillips and Corey Graves welcome us to tonight's episode and we head straight to the ring.

Rich Swann vs. Kona Reeves

Swann with a nice reception in the Great White North. The renamed and relatively unknown Kona Reeves makes his way to the ring sporting his island attire. The larger Reeves gives Swann a kick aloha as he shoves him right directly to the corner. Swann ducks a shot and dances a bit. Reeves then catches Swann and pops him up for a huge Samoan Drop. Reeves whips Swann into the corner and makes a quick cover for a two count. Crowd egging Swann on as he tries to chop down the bigger opponent. After a slew of forearms, a flying version finally gets Reeves on the ground. As soon as Swann bounces his way to a standing splash, SAnitY's music hits and they head to the ring.

Swann and Reeves remain in the ring for whatever reason and both get attacked. Big "E.Y." chant fills the building as Wolfe and Fulton take out Reeves. Swann head back in to the top rope for a cross body on Wolfe, but that's all the offense he gets. Young finishes Swann off and SAnitY stands tall.

No Contest: Interference

- After the match, Young takes the mic and says today's society is hanging on by a thread, and chaos will happen. He says they tried doing it the world's way, and it got them nothing. He says this generation will be revered and remembered, and they are going to "take."

- Back from break, No Way Jose in the ring checking on his Dusty Classic partner. He says he wants to face the "puppet master" Eric Young for attacking his buddy. There's no referee in sight, so this one will go down as a good ole fight. Jose able to take out Wolfe on the apron and get ahead on EY, but SAnitY wins the numbers game and takes him out as well to end the segment. Young's finisher is a thing of beauty.

- We take a look back at the Dusty Classic finals between TM-61 and Authors of Pain. In a solid match, AOP were the victors of the second annual Dusty Cup. Ellering says AOP has been a team of destiny, which was chapter one. Chapter two was them unleashing the plethora of pain. Chapter three of AOP remains to be seen.

- Backstage at a scene revealed earlier where Billie Kay and Peyton Royce recruit Daria as their partner in the 6-woman match later tonight. We then shift to a live shot of the team prepping for their match. Kay and Royce say all the other geeks and nerds in NXT wanted to be their partner, but you have to be invited to the cool kids' table, and they invited Daria. Daria goes into some shadow boxing which make her partners sober up pretty quickly.

- Look back at Dillinger vs. Roode. Fantastic opening match that the crowd was into from the opening bell. The Glorious DDT was the Perfect 10's ultimate demise. We go backstage to an interview with Dillinger after the match. He calls the loss disheartening and says he for some reason can't finish the job when he gets close to greatness. He says his family was in the crowd and was disappointing to lose in his home country. He says he isn't sure what's next, but won't come up short next time.

- Highlights of #DIY vs. Revival 2 out of 3 falls match for the NXT Tag Team titles. This one had me on the edge of my seat the entire time and the third fall was in a world of its own. #DIY finally able to capture the win and the tag belts. In an interview after the match, DIY talks about the emotional and defining win. They talk about all the obstacles they've had to overcome and talk about their close friendship.

- Highlights from Mickie James vs. Asuka. Although she had a valiant effort, the returning multi-time women's champion couldn't defeat the Empress of Tomorrow. In an interview after the match, Mickie calls the return amazing from the crowd to the match. She said she trained hard and thought she had Asuka's number. She calls Asuka amazing, but lost a lot of respect for her after the handshake attempt goes void.

- Highlights of the NXT Championship match between Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura. The contrast of entrances was a very telling story. Joe with a spotlight only and no other fluff while Nakamura had the chorus of violinists. After another violent affair, Samoa Joe became the first two-time NXT Champion with a Muscle Buster. Honestly missed the low kick live, which would be a very big way to overcome a pair of Kinshasa's. Interviewer catches up with Nakamura as he leaves the building and he says he wants his rematch with Samoa Joe.

- Samoa Joe returns to NXT next week.

- No Way Jose vs. Eric Young will take place next week as well.

- Let's go back to the ring for women's division action as we get a glimpse into the future of the division.

Liv Morgan, Aliyah, & Ember Moon vs. Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, and Daria Berenato

Nice pop for the faces, especially the hometown girl Aliyah. Morgan sporting some new gear as well. Daria with a great new theme and entrance to give her a legitimate MMA fighter feel. Interesting to see how it translates to the crowd and the women's division. Morgan and Kay start us off. Liv with a matrix miss of a clothesline and delivers a drop kick. She makes the tag to Aliyah. Interesting arm drag sends Kay to the other side of the ring which enables the tag to Daria. Aliyah goes for a cover but barely a one count. She tries for a corner attack but gets taken down cage style by Daria as we head to break.

Stalling double suplex from the Aussie gals on Aliyah. Quick tags from the heel team to keep the Canadian born Aliyah in their corner. Knee to the lower back of Aliyah from Daria sets her up for the body triangle. Aliyah tries to reverse into a cover, but Daria kicks out. Aliyah fights out and lands an enziguri and makes the tag to Ember Moon. The explosive Ember Moon comes in and cleans house. Moon sent out, but Liv Morgan with a nice STO. Billie Kay apparently see the end coming and tag Daria in. Daria looks confused and is tagged by Ember Moon's twisting top rope Stunner.

Winners via Pinfall: Ember Moon, Aliyah, and Liv Morgan

- Just announced: Shinsuke Nakamura will get his rematch versus Samoa Joe for the NXT Championship at the NXT Live Event from Osaka, Japan in two weeks.

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