Lucha Underground on The El Rey Network
Season 3 Episode 12 "Every Woman is Sexy, Every Woman is a Star"

Interesting title choice by LU for this episode. Obviously a direct reference to Sexy Star's monumental win of The Lucha Underground Championship at Aztec Warfare 3.

Lucha Underground begins with highlights from last week's show. As well as the backstory between Killshot and his "brother" Dante Fox. Also featured in the video is The debut of the Black Lotus Triad and Johnny Mundo's quest to become champion.

The first scene has 'The White Rabbit Tribe' inside a ring. They are talking about their journey, destiny and upcoming war. A disclaimer appears on the screen that states that "They're Here".

We are now inside The Temple. Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome the audience to this week's show. They recap Sexy Star's win in Aztec Warfare. They hype her first title defense tonight against The Gift of The Gods Champion, Johnny Mundo.

* Lucha Underground Trios Championship Match

Drago, Fenix, & Aerostar vs. (The Rabbit Tribe) Paul London, Saltador & Mala Suerte

Paul London is revealed as the man in the black top hat, for The Rabbit Tribe. Looking very different from his last wrestling appearances . London is in a all white jump suit. Very liberace/elvis like. Sporting a beard. Striker goes over London's history in the ring. Saltador wears an all black and white checkered mask and ring attire/body suit. Mala Suerte is in all black gear with a Mohawk styled mask. Very unique looking faction. The Tribe dances around Melissa Santos before The Trios champs are introduced.

All Six men go at to kick off the match. With The Tribe gaining the early advantage through the air. After they triple team Fenix in the ring. All 3 Rabbit tribe members dance around him in a circle, holding hands. The Trios champs start fighting back. With Fenix hitting a flurry of moves on Suerte. As Fenix goes to his corner, to tag in one of his partners. London and Saltador knock Drago and Aerostar off the apron and take their places. Which confuses Fenix.

The Tribe are back to triple teaming Fenix. Fenix battles back with help from Drago and Aerostar. The Rabbit Tribe continue their silly antics throughout this match. Overselling each move that they are hit with. Paul London pauses after every shot, he takes. The Trios champs work together well doing triple team tandem offense.... Kobra Moon is at ringside watching over Drago during this match..... Back in the ring, After several counters and reversals between Saltador and Fenix. Fenix out maneuvers Saltador and pins him with a cross bridge roll up.

Drago, Fenix & Aerostar defeat The Rabbit Tribe to retain The Lucha Underground Trios Championship

After the match. Kobra Moon is standing on Dario Cueto's office. She tells Drago that sooner or later, He will bow before his queen.

Back from the break. Sexy Star is in the locker room, staring at her newly won Lucha Underground Championship. When she is greeted and congratulated by The Mack. He jokes that the belt should be his. Tells Star, how proud, he is of her. The Mack offers to be in Sexy's corner tonight. When she defends The Lucha Underground Championship against Johnny Mundo. That he is going to protect her from Worldwide Underground interfering. Star refuses The Mack's help. Tells him that she wants to prove that her Aztec Warfare victory, was no fluke.

Killshot vs. Dante Fox

The backstory here is that both these men were deployed together in the military overseas. That Killshot thought that Fox had died in the line of duty. Dante's take is that Killshot abandoned him and left him on the battlefield to die.

Before this match can begin. Killshot confronts Dante in the ring. Tries to state his case to him. Dante isn't having it, and tries to strike Killshot. He blocks him and the battle begins. Great athleticism displayed by both athletes in this one. Both Fox and Killshot using their speed, quickness and leaping ability to evade one another. Killshot gets the better of Fox early on. Attempts a top rope hurancanrana, Dante gets out of it and hits a missile dropkick on Killshot. He then hits consecutive suicide dives on Killshot. On his 3rd attempt, Killshot kicks Dante Fox in mid air.

The action gets to the apron. Killshot evades an aerial move by Dante. Fox readjusts and hits a running shooting star press off of the apron and onto Killshot. Both men continue to counter each other's moves. Dante tries to throw Killshot back into the ring, He spins out of it and hits a neck breaker on Fox. Action back in the ring, and Fox and Killshot start matching each other's moves. One of the sequences ends with Fix hitting a springboard cutter on Killshot, That nets him a close fall. Some serious striking exchanges follow. Fox hits Killshot with a jumping pump kick, that had some serious hang time on it. Killshot retaliates with a spinning back kick. Pace picks up even quicker now. Killshot springs off the ropes and hits a vicious cutter that spikes Dante's head into the ground. His head bounces off the mat like a basketball.

Somehow Fox's neck is not broken after that move. Killshot charges at him in the corner. Fox evades him, tries to leap off the ropes, but Killshot catches him in mid air and applies a key lock biceps submission hold. Dante reverses out of it. Both men end up on the top rope. Killshot hits an amazing firemen's carry off of the top rope and hits Dante Fox with a Death Valley Driver onto the ring apron. This prompts a holy chant from the crowd and with good reason.... Both men back in the ring. Killshot hits Dante Fox with a flying double foot stomp, and somehow Dante Fox manages to kick out. The fast paced action continues, when both men are back on their feet. Fox gets the advantage. Sets Killshot on the top rope and hits a seated Spanish fly off of it. Fox then hits a vertical spinebuster, labeled The "Fox Catcher" for the victory. What a match!...

Dante Fox defeats Killshot by pinfall

We are now inside Dario Cueto's office. His first scene since his brother Matanza was defeated for The Lucha Underground Championship. Dario is looking very depressed. In enters Johnny Mundo. Johnny blames Cueto for losing Aztec Warfare, because of Angelico's appearance and interference. Cueto says that he didn't know that Angelico was going to be involved. That if he did, He would have entered him into the match in Mundo's place..... Cueto tells Mundo that he is in charge. Mundo disagrees and says the law is actually in charge now... Mundo asks Dario if he got the fax from his lawyer/agent. Dario says that he did. That he received a restraining order that Mundo has issued against Angelico... Cueto has told Angelico to not be in The Temple tonight. Cueto says that Angelico will eventually be back in action and that he will come for Mundo. Johnny blows this off. Says that he has a date with destiny and that he is going to become The New Lucha Underground Champion.... Mundo tells Dario that he will treat him with more respect, when he is champion. As Johnny starts to leave.. They both call each other jerks.

Back from the break. Dario Cueto is in the bowels of The Temple. He heads back to his office and finds Black Lotus sitting in his chair. Lotus tells Dario that her and The Black Lotus Triad want Pentagon Dark. Dario tells Lotus that he was impressed with what her Triad did last week in Aztec Warfare. Books a gauntlet match between Pentagon Dark and The Triad for next week. Black Lotus takes issue with Dario's booking. She feels that Dario thinks that Pentagon can beat all them by himself. Dario says that win or lose, The match doesn't end until Pentagon has faced every last member of The Black Lotus Triad. Cueto calls it a homecoming gift to Black Lotus.

Lucha Underground Championship Match

Sexy Star vs. Johnny Mundo

Johnny Mundo officially turns over his Gift of The Gods Championship for this match. Win or lose, He can no longer lay claim to that championship.

Some chain wrestling to start the match. Mundo gets the early advantage. Gets Star in a surfboard like move and then hits a curb stomp on her. Covers Sexy Star for a 2 count. Mundo then grounds Sexy with several kicks. Mundo then applies a LaBell Lock on Sexy but she manages to get to the ropes. Mundo then grounds and pounds Star. Hits her with several elbows. He then hangs her up in the tree of woe and kicks her repeatedly. Star battles back, corners Mundo. Starts to pick up momentum but Mundo shuts her offense down. Mundo then slams Star down to the mat. Sets up for The "End of The World" but misses. Star rallies, hits a series of basement dropkicks. Follows them up with an x-factor on Johnny. Covers him for a 2 count. Star then suplexes Mundo and covers him again for yet another 2 count.

Mundo thumbs Sexy in the eye, just as she has the momentum in her favor. The tables are now turned. Johnny hits a sit out neckbreaker on Star. He then puts Star in a chinlock. Tries to wear her down. Star gets back up to her feet. Mundo tries to pick her up, Star gets Mundo in a sunset flip for a near fall. Both competitors trade strikes. Star gets the better of Mundo. She hits a huracanrana on him. Follows that up with a back stabber. Covers Mundo for a close pinfall attempt.

Star starts screaming in Spanish, Telling Mundo to stand up and fight. That's exactly what he does. He rises and hits a Russian leg sweep on Star. Mundo goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count. Mundo then attempts to spring off the ropes, Star trips him up. She comes off the second ropes with a double foot stomp. They now battle to the apron. Mundo hyper extends Star's arm over the top rope. He then proceeds to stomp on Star repeatedly. Mundo starts showboating, tries a baseball slide but misses. Sexy boots Mundo to the floor, and then hits a cannon ball dive off the apron unto him. They start brawling on the outside. Mundo takes a crutch from a fan. Tries to strike Sexy but she gets the crutch away from him. Sexy goes to give the crutch back to the woman. The woman rises up and strikes Sexy down with a pair of brass knuckles. The woman has a dark wig on, and is wearing a Sexy Star mask. She is described by Matt Striker as being a stalker type fan for Sexy.

Mundo goes to the outside. Picks up a fallen Sexy Star. Drags her into the ring. Johnny Mundo hits The "End of The World". Covers Sexy Star and pins her for the victory.

* Johnny Mundo defeats Sexy Star by pinfall to become The New Lucha Underground Champion

After the match. The "Fan" comes into the ring to celebrate with Johnny Mundo. She unmasks and is revealed to be WU member, Taya. The entire Worldwide Underground group comes out to celebrate with Johnny Mundo.

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