WWE Talking Smack on The WWE Network

The Miz welcomes the audience to this week's edition of Talking Smack. Renee is minus her normal co-host Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan. Daniel is strangely absent from tonight's events. After tweeting earlier in the day about Smackdown Live and his "cantankerous" mood.

Bryan has been the star of this show, and tonight after 205 Live, and TLC coming up sunday. It would have been great to hear from him. Daniel Bryan is replaced here as co-host by his adversary, WWE Intercontinental Champion, The Miz. He is in Renee's normal position at the desk. Miz calls Bryan an absentee GM. Asks Renee if Bryan even bothered to inform her, that he wouldn't be on the show. Renee says that she didn't hear from him, and that she believes that he is on "assignment". The Miz who refers to himself by his real name, Mike Mizanin. He tries to get Renee Young to admit that Daniel Bryan is a bad general manager. Renee Young defends Daniel and thinks he has done a good job.

"Mike" then asks Renee about Smackdown Live's opening segment between Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch. He asks Renee, How she felt about Alexa ripping on her fashion sense. Renee takes the high road. Says that she feels that she dresses well. After this brief discussion, Renee asks The Miz, Who he thinks is the best female superstar on smackdown. The Miz responds by saying that his wife Maryse is. Renee says that Maryse is not a current competitor. The Miz says that it doesn't matter. That the biggest female superstar is his wife.

The first guest on tonight's show is The TLC opponent of The Miz, Dolph Ziggler. The Miz gives him a lengthy introduction and throws in an insult or two during it.

Ziggler joins the show wearing an NWO shirt. Ziggler teases The Miz about his wife Maryse. Says that she is great because she is responsible for him beating Dolph in the past. Dolph hypes his IC ladder match at TLC sunday. Says that Maryse will not be able to climb the ladder for Miz. Dolph and The Miz talk over each other for the next few minutes. They argue over who is the better IC champ. They even try and get Renee Young to chime in with her opinion. Dolph ends up going on a lengthy rant and predicts that he is going to win sunday, before walking off the set.

When Ziggler leaves. The Miz blows off everything that Dolph Ziggler just said. Says that they are merely words. They mean nothing. The Miz talks about the fact that he has never been injured in the WWE. Renee says that it's a bad omen to say that. The Miz says that he is not superstitious. He goes on a long rant about being great and keeping and bringing great prestige to the IC title.

The conversation then shifts to Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton's victory over American Alpha. The Miz is skeptical about Randy Orton and Bray's partnership. Despite the fact that they will challenge for the Smackdown Tag Team championship at TLC. Miz thinks that the fact that Randy Orton is called The Viper, is reason enough for Bray Wyatt to watch his back.

The next guest on the show is Smackdown Womens Champion Becky Lynch.

Becky says that she is very angry with what Alexa Bliss did to her on Smackdown Live. She says that she has a bruised spine from her fall into the table. Renee asks if Becky is worried about being injured, going into her title defense. Becky states that she has been through so many injuries throughout her career. Becky respects Alexa Bliss, but she feels that she is prepared to beat her and retain her title. The Miz talks over Becky and she puts him in his place. Telling him to allow her to speak. Becky Lynch then goes on to make some strange honey badger analogy about herself. Renee Young looks down at her phone. Miz calls her out on it. Renee says that she just got a text from Daniel Bryan. That Becky and Alexa will face each other in a tables match at TLC. (I thought that was already announced)... Renee also reads a part of the text that has Bryan saying that "The Miz isn't fooling anyone".

Becky closes out her appearance by putting over every single female superstar on the Smackdown Live roster. She then sends a message to Alexa Bliss. Becky informs Alexa that she is going to leave her as a "bleeding beauty" at TLC. Somehow, this is a response to Alexa's constant Disney references.....

Renee and Miz put over The Raw's women division and the falls count anywhere match last night between Sasha and Charlotte. Renee says that she feels that Raw is pulling the rug out from under Smackdown women's division. The Miz blames this on Daniel Bryan and his work as general manager. He somehow brings it around to James Ellsworth and him having a prominent role on the show. The Miz says that James is on the show because Daniel is reminded of himself, when he sees him. The Miz insults the audience seeing themselves in someone like Ellsworth. Miz then puts over how great someone like AJ Styles is. The Miz also puts over Apollo Crews and Curt Hawkins as underutilized talents. Renee asks what the guys in the locker room feel about James Ellsworth.

WWE World Champion AJ Styles joins the show and the conversation. He answers for The Miz by saying that nobody likes James Ellsworth in the locker room. The only guy who loves James is Dean Ambrose. AJ refers to Dean as somebody that Renee "may know". That Dean is the only reason that Ellsworth has 3 victories over him.

A real funny exchange occurs next when The Miz starts to put over how great AJ is in the ring. How he experienced it first hand inside the ring with Styles. Renee responds by saying, "When were you in a match with AJ?". The Miz and AJ both sarcastically thank Renee for watching the shows. Of course, AJ Styles knocked out The Miz's teeth in a match earlier this year.... The Miz continues to put over AJ's greatness. He mocks Dean Ambrose and his look but does put him over in the ring. Calls him a lunatic and asks AJ if he is prepared to face Ambrose in a TLC match. AJ says that he has been wrestling for over 18 years and has been in all types of matches. AJ says that the hard part is not knocking Ambrose down, but keeping him down.

AJ and Miz are both joyful talking about how Styles got rid of James Ellsworth tonight. AJ compliments The Miz and he calls him a better host than Bryan. AJ rips on Daniel and says that eventually, Bryan will have to answer to Shane McMahon for all the mistakes, he has made. Renee asks Styles if he feels bad about what he has done to James Ellsworth. AJ says that James Ellsworth is a joke and doesn't care about him. AJ closes his appearance by saying that on sunday, That he has something to prove and that he will hurt Dean Ambrose and retain his world championship.

The Miz and Renee close the show by giving a final TLC preview. The Miz wraps things up by thanking Mike Mizanin for taking over for an absentee general manager who didn't bother to apologize for not appearing on Talking Smack.

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