As noted, Linda McMahon had been considered for Secretary of Commerce of President-elect Donald Trump's administration, however that position was filled today by billionaire investor Wilbur Ross. Linda met with Trump today in Manhattan, and spoke to reporters afterward about how the meeting went.

"The meeting went great," she told reporters, via The Hartford Courant. "Anytime the president-elect of the United States asks you to come in for a conversation, you're happy to do that. We talked about business and entrepreneurs and creating jobs, we had a really good conversation."

As for whether she had been offered a position in Trump's administration, she said to "stay tuned."

As noted, Linda had donated $6 million in August and September to the Rebuilding America Now super PAC supporting Trump, which made up approximately 1/3 of the $18 million in donations that the super PAC received last quarter.

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