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Tonight's episode will feature the return of the now 2-time WWE NXT Champion Samoa Joe, along with a face-off between SAnitY's Eric Young and the always vibrant No Way Jose, as highlighted in the tweet below.

- Welcome to WWE NXT. Tonight's matches come from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Let's head straight to the ring for women's division action.

Asuka vs. Nicole Matthews

Can't see this one lasting too long. Matthews able to fight off the early submission and lays in a couple forearms. Not the best idea Matthews has had today as it just fires up the women's champ. Asuka ducks a whip, rebounds, and lands a hip attack. She follows it up with a series of kicks. She can't even land the finishing kick before Matthews falls to the ground. Asuka then goes into a combo of submissions including an arm bar and eventually the Asuka Lock. Matthews taps to give Asuka the quick win.

Winner via Submission: Asuka

- We get a look back at SAnitY's attack on Rich Swann, Kona Reeves, and No Way Jose last week. This set up tonight's match between Young and Jose. That match happens next.

- Promo for the Samoa Joe/Shinsuke Nakamura rematch in Osaka, Japan, this Saturday, December 3. Backstage interview with Joe saying he's not surprised that Nakamura gets his rematch so soon, but no one is better than Samoa Joe. Tye Dillinger interrupts and says he wants a shot to prove he's the best. Dillinger slaps Joe and heads out and appears we have a match for later tonight.

No Way Jose vs. Eric Young (w/ SAnitY)

Jose comes out to a family friendly pop and SAnity makes a foggy entrance to cut the dance party short. The fiery Jose coming in hot as Jose gets the early advantage. Young slips out of the ring to avoid a pin attempt. SAnitY tries to set up an ambush but Jose throws EY back in the ring. Another whip sends Young over the turnbuckle and out toward his cohorts as we head to break.

Back from break and the tides have turned as Young hits a neck breaker on the ropes with an assist from Alexander Wolfe. The pace is slowed as Young opts for the ground and pound route of taking out Jose. Unique hanging Dragon Sleeper as Young pulls Jose up from a seated position on the turnbuckle. Crowd tries to get the dancing machine back in motion and he fights out of a submission with a jaw breaker. He's able duck a corner attack and hit his signature baseball chops and big clothesline. He winds up for the pitch but ends up hitting a distracting Wolfe. Jose still able to pop up Young and land a shot to the head. On the cover attempt, Nikki Cross hops on the apron for yet another distraction. Young able to take advantage and execute his wheel barrel neck breaker for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Eric Young

- After the match, the rabid pit-bull of the group Nikki Cross makes a beeline for the ring and hits a drop kick from the top rope on Jose to add insult to injury.

- Promo announcing that #DIY will be on next week's episode to talk about their NXT Tag Team Title win.

- Backstage with Asuka. She's asked about a change in her persona as of late. She says there is no chance. She just wants competition, and there is none left.

Samoa Joe vs. Tye Dillinger

The champ makes his entrance to a nice pop. Dasha Fuentes gets a word with Dillinger on his way out. The Perfect Ten says if he doesn't beat Joe tonight, he's just not sure if he belongs here anymore. Dillinger still massively over in the Great White North.

The bell rings and Dillinger instantly goes to town on Joe with chops, but Joe follows suit with some thunderous chops of his own. Dillinger able to get the upper hand and the champ heads outside for a breather as we head to break.

Back from break and Dillinger able to perfectly pound his fist into Joe's face, you guessed it, ten times. Out-powering Joe may not be the greatest idea ever, as Joe able to pick up Dillinger and drives him knees first into the mat, taking away the Tye Breaker. Kicks and strikes are now on the menu, but Joe able to transition into a leg submission. Dillinger makes the ropes, but the onslaught continues. Joe returns the favor from the earlier slap, Tye returns fire, but Samoa Joe able to seamlessly throw a power slam. More stiff forearms and elbows from Joe as a "Canada" chant rings out in Ottawa. Dillinger able to mount some minor offense, but not before he's taken right back down as we head to another break.

Back from commercial and the status quo remains. Joe continues to dominate and is now seeming to enjoy it. He hooks the injured left leg but Dillinger kicks out. Crowd urging their countryman on with "Ten" chants and he elbows his way only as far as an atomic drop. Tye able to duck a knee and hit a big clothesline to take the champ down. The right knee seems to be working just fine as he lands one square in the chest of Joe. Dillinger stomps a mud hole in Joe and slides the knee pads down to prep for the Tye Breaker. Dillinger is met with a German Suplex instead, but counters the next into a Super Kick. He makes the cover, but the champ out at two. Dillinger lifts Joe up again for the Tye Breaker, but Joe slides out and hits a big power bomb. He makes the cover, Dillinger out at two and immediately turns it into a crab submission. That doesn't get the job done, so he rolls into a crossface. Still no tap, Joe turns to the Coquina Clutch. That one does the job, as Dillinger passes out and the referee calls for the bell. Good match.

Winner via Submission: Samoa Joe

- They preview Joe/Nakamura for December 3 once again. Joe celebrates at the ramp. His music cuts and Dillinger gets a nice sendoff from the Canadian crowd as we head off the air.

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