The pay per view opens with Adam Cole's storytime video. Chronicling his history with Kyle O'Reilly leading into tonight's event.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino welcome the pay per view audience to Final Battle at The Manhattan Center. They preview tonight's lineup at the broadcast table. During the preview, The 4 corners survival match for the ROH TV Championship has been changed to a 3-Way with Marty Scurll defending against Will Ospreay and CMLL Standout Dragon Lee.

The Rebellion (Caprice Coleman, Kenny King & Rhett Titus) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) & Donovan Dijak

The Cabinet is no more. They are now dressed in battle fatigues. The Guns on the other hand are in the recruiting process for a new faction. One that they plan to build to combat The Bullet Club. Dijak is one of their potential recruits. He comes to the ring wearing a MCMG shirt. "The Rebellion" attempts the code of honor handshake. The Guns and Dijak don't accept it. They don't buy The Rebellion's attempt at honor.

Kenny King and Chris Sabin start things off. Fast paced opening sequence with both men showing each other up. Dijak is in next. Coleman hesitates to come into the ring. Calls Dijak a "Jive Turkey". Caprice pretends to want to go one on one with him. In comes The Rebellion, They knock the Guns off their apron. They then triple team Dijak. The Guns recover and even the odds. Dijak and The Guns hit tandem moves on The Rebellion.

Shelley is now in with Rhett Titus. Shelley gets the upper hand, teams up with Dijak and Donovan does a springboard elbow drop on Titus. The Guns and Dijak continue to tag in and out. Shelley, Sabin and Dijak do some triple team tandem offense on Titus. Rhett is finally able to break free from their corner by hitting a jawbreaker. He tags in Kenny King. They then both team up on Chris Sabin. The Rebellion takes Sabin to the outside of the ring and proceed to take turns ramming him into the barricade. The sequence ends when Kenny King leaps over the top rope and onto Sabin.

The Rebellion is in control now. Sabin gets isolated in their corner and all 3 men hit aerial moves on him. Titus sets up Sabin in a slingshot position while King and Coleman leap onto him. Coleman goes for the cover, Shelley breaks it up. Sabin gets beat up some more by The Rebellion. Eventually, He is able to break free by hitting a tornado DDT on Kenny King. He then tags in Donovan Dijak. He comes into the match and lays out all 3 Rebellion members with big boots and then throws Titus across the ring. Caprice Coleman then tries to leap onto Dijak but gets caught in mid air and flung out of the ring. Titus goes to the top, Dijak chokeslams him off of there. Covers him for a close pinfall. The Guns are in and running stereo knees onto King and Coleman on the outside. Dijak then leaps over the top rope and hits a plancha on The Rebellion at ringside. Rhett Titus is then brought into the ring and treated as a crash dummy. The Guns and Dijak all take turns kicking him in the center of the ring. Dijak hits feast your eyes on Titus. All 3 of them attempt to pin Titus. Coleman and King run into the ring and break up the pin.

All 6 men are going at it now... Frantic pace which leads to everyone being taken down. Dijak is the last man standing. Dijak goes to the outside, attempts a moonsault off of the apron, Titus moves, Dijak lands on his feet but eats a dropkick from Rhett. Caprice Coleman runs full speed at a fallen Dijak and hits a basement dropkick on him. Back in the ring, Motor City has Kenny King cornered. They grab him and go for their skull and bones finish. Coleman breaks it up. Caprice then ends up hitting the "Sky Splitter" leg drop on Sabin. Titus follows that up with The "Big Dawg" frogsplash on Sabin and pins him.

The Rebellion defeats The Motor City Machine Guns & Donovan Dijak

The New York crowd was very disappointed with this finish. The Rebellion gloats and celebrates their victory. Caprice Coleman runs into the crowd and argues with fans. Throws a streamer at one of them..... Donovan Dijak helps Alex Shelley to the back. Who may have twisted his ankle during that match.

Video is shown of when Silas Young challenged Jushin Liger at the recent ROH tv tapings.

'The Last Real Man' Silas Young w/The Beer City Bruiser vs. Jushin Thunder Liger

The 52 year old Japanese legend Jushin Liger gets a great response from the New York crowd. The man who debuted in 1984. Steve Corino mentions on commentary that his wife wasn't even born yet in 1984.

Liger offers to shake Young's hand prior to the match, but Silas knees him in the midsection. Young beats on Liger in the early going. Jushin turns things around and Silas takes a timeout and heads to the outside. Liger follows him out there and hits a senton bomb off of the apron onto Young. The battle continues on the outside. Liger throws some chops on Young. They head back inside the ring. Vintage Liger as he applies the surfboard submission on Silas. Transitions it into a chin lock. Out of desperation, Silas Young pulls referee Todd Sinclair into Liger to break the hold. This delay in action helps Silas regain the advantage.

He knocks down Liger and then attempts to take off his mask. Young ends up hitting a nice twisting neck breaker on Liger. It leads to a 2 count. The fans chant for Liger as he ends up getting pushed to the outside of the ring. The Beer City Bruiser attacks Liger and throws him back into the ring. Silas goes after Liger's mask again but he escapes. Silas starts trash talking Liger. He then hits a back breaker on Liger and drapes his body over his knee. Trying to get him to submit. Jushin kicks his way out of it. The battle goes to the apron. Liger attempts to suplex Young into the ring but the Bruiser hangs on to Young's leg. The ref doesn't see it. Liger falls down. Silas then hits a springboard foot stomp on him. Young goes again for Liger's mask. Liger rallies but both men knock each other down with a double clothesline. A mini Tye Dillinger styled 10 count is started by the fans in attendance..... Both men are back on their feet. Liger ends up hitting a hurancanrana on Young and it nets him a near pinfall. Liger then attempts the "Liger Bomb". Silas counters and goes for his finisher "Misery". Liger escapes but ends up getting hit with a backbreaker/clothesline combo.

Young tries to pin Liger but he kicks out. Silas then grabs The Bruiser's beer at ringside, drinks it and then pours it on Liger. Young tries to suplex Liger but he counters it into a brainbuster. Jushin then goes to the top, Silas meets him up there. They battle up there for a bit. Liger knocks down Young. The Brusier runs across the apron towards Liger but he gets knocked down, and spits out his beer. Jushin leaps off the top but Silas puts his knees up. He then hits "Misery" on Liger and pins him.

'The Last Real Man' Silas Young defeats Jushin Thunder Liger by pinfall

Highlights are now shown of the breakup between Dalton Castle and Colt Cabana.

Dalton Castle w/The Boys vs. Colt Cabana

Castle makes a grand entrance on a chariot. Colt tries to play mind games early on with Dalton, but it doesn't work. Less comedy early on than you would expect early on from these two. A few select fans try a CM Punk chant but get booed and shut down by the fans in attendance. Dalton is one step ahead of Colt in the early part of this match. Cabana gets frustrated, heads to the outside and goes after Dalton's boys. He throws them into the ring to try and distract Dalton but it backfires on him. Cabana leaves the ring again to regroup. Cabana comes back in and Dalton hits consecutive suplexes on him. Cabana is able to get to the ropes to prevent another one. Cabana turns the tables by tripping Castle and knocking him down. Colt takes over the match for awhile. Taunts the crowd, Dalton and his boys. Castle eventually battles back. Catches Colt in mid air and eats a beautiful T-bone styled suplex. Castle goes for a bridge suplex on Colt, He counters it into The Billy Goat Curse submission. Which has now been renamed "The Cubs Win!, The Cubs Win!"....

Castle is able to get to the ropes. He nearly taps out when he gets there. The battle goes to the outside and Castle hits a spinning rana on Cabana. Action back in the ring. After a couple of reversals and near falls by both men. Dalton and Colt end up on the top rope. Cabana gets Castle up on his shoulders to attempt the Chicago skyline but Dalton breaks free from it. Castle goes for the bang a rang, Colt counters into a roll up for a near fall. Both men back up and this time, Dalton Castle connects with The Bang-A-Rang for the victory.

Dalton Castle defeats Colt Cabana by pinfall

A Jay Lethal promo airs hyping the next match.

The beautiful Brandi Rhodes introduces her husband Cody. Her mic doesn't work initially. She intros her husband by saying that if you are down with him. She's got two words for you... The crowd responds Suck It. Interesting introduction choice. Cody makes his entrance, He is showered with streamers and a large Cody chant. Jay Lethal then makes his entrance and has a special vest designed. It has his own list on the back of it. The names of Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, Del Rio and Jay Briscoe are checked off. Cody's name is at the bottom of the list unchecked.

The Addiction arrives on the scene after both men are introduced. They head into the ring. Grab the mic. They say that this is the biggest show of the year. That they weren't going to miss this. The crowd tells them to shut up. They want to see Cody and Lethal wrestle. Daniels mentions Cody's debut and says that Lethal is arguably the greatest champ, ROH has ever had. Daniels then talks about growing in North Carolina. He puts over watching Dusty Rhodes. Talks of how he inspired him. Daniels says that the wrestling business needs people like Cody. Daniels tells Cody that he has to prove himself in ROH. Daniels puts over the ROH fan base. The Addiction says that they are going to take over the commentary during this match. They tell both Lethal and Cody to "tear it up".... Kevin Kelly doesn't really put The Addiction over after this by saying "Well....Ok.."

Jay Lethal vs. Cody

This has a chance to be really good. Both Lethal and Cody adhere to the code of honor and shake hands. Evenly contested battle early on. With both men countering and reversing each other's holds. The Addiction has taken over for Steve Corino at commentary. Corino is sitting off to the side, not looking too happy. Speculation is that this could be his last ROH PPV.

Lethal gains the advantage with a nice looking missile dropkick. It turns the tide in his favor briefly. Lethal attempts a suplex and Cody counters with a long standing face first suplex. Cody goes to work on Lethal's left arm. Applies an arm lock. Cody hits an uppercut on Lethal, then goes for the beautiful disaster. Lethal avoids it and hits Cody with a standing dropkick. Lethal charges at Cody and gets knocked down. Cody goes back to working on Jay's arm. Jay breaks free, throws Cody over the ropes, Cody ends up skinning the cat steamboat style, but ends up getting a basement drop kick in the face, and knocked to the outside. Jay Lethal then hits two consecutive suicide dives on Cody. Goes for a 3rd, Cody is able to avoid it. Hits a springboard kick on Lethal when he gets to the apron. Cody then runs and leaps off of the ropes and onto Lethal. Both men end up back in the ring. Cody ends up going to his "Stardust" playbook. Doing an in ring cartwheel complete with The Stardust pose.

They run at each other and butt heads in a nasty spot. Cody is able to recover and hit the beautiful disaster kick. Both get back to their feet slowly and trade strikes in the center of the ring. Cody fires up with chops and two consecutive clotheslines. Jay retaliates with The Lethal Combination. Covers Cody for a 2 count. Lethal then puts Cody in the torture rack briefly before slamming him down. Lethal then applies a cross face submission. Cody gets out of it and applies an indian death lock on Lethal. Lethal is able to get to the ropes and escape. Cody rolls up Lethal for a 2 count and then hits a lariat which turns Lethal inside and out.

Cody heads to the top rope and misses with a moonsault. Lethal ends up hitting a cutter on Cody. Heads to the top and hits the "Hail to The King" elbow drop. When he lands, Cody rolls up Jay in a crucifix cradle and gets a near fall. Lethal hits Cody with two thrust kicks. Sets up for The Lethal Injection. He accidentally bumps heads with referee Todd Sinclair. This gives Cody time to recover and he hits a low blow on Lethal. The crowd boos Cody and he nails Lethal with The "Cross Rhodes" for the victory.

Cody Rhodes defeats Jay Lethal by pinfall

After the match. Cody disrespects The ROH crowd. Laughs at them for booing him. Points to the word Honor written on his boots. Cody mocks the code of honor and puts out his hand in a mocking fashion towards a fallen Jay Lethal. Then flips him the double bird and stomps on Lethal. The Addiction head to the ring. An FU Cody chant is started by the crowd. Cody starts disrespecting everyone at ringside. Flips the time keepers table, shoves the ref, grabs a drink out of the crowd and throws it at him. The Addiction go after Cody but he gets away. Mocks the fans on his way out of the arena. Cody leaves.... then comes back and shoves down Steve Corino at the broadcast desk. Steve gets up to go after him but Cody runs off.


The new ROH Six-Man Championships are unveiled before the match. An all silver look.....

Prior to the match starting. Steve Corino comments on Cody's actions. Corino claims that Cody's actions are courtesy of Kevin Sullivan. That somehow he may be the evil that Kevin promised coming to ROH.......

The action starts hot and heavy in this six-man. Matt Taven is nearly pinned in the opening minute when Lio Rush hits a frog splash on him. It's been a year since Taven's serious injuries took him out of action. Kevin Kelly goes over Taven's bad luck history at Final Battle in the past. How he lost to The TV Championship to Tommaso Ciampa a few years back, and tore his ACL last year at Final Battle.

The Kingdom tries to regroup early on but to no avail. White, Kushida and Rush control the action. It isn't until Taven DDT's Rush that The Kingdom get back on track. TK O'Ryan and Marseglia hits some great tandem moves on Rush, and get a near pin fall. They control the next few minutes, beating down Rush in the corner. Lio manages to run away and escape. He tags in Kushida. He ends up arm dragging all 3 Kingdom members and then applies The Hoverboard Lock on O'Ryan. The Kingdom step in and knock White and Rush off the apron. They then triple team Kushida. All 3 try to put him away but can't.

Kushida ends up hitting a double handspring elbow on The Kingdom and tagging in Jay White. White hits a flurry of offensive moves on them. He ends up suplexing all 3 men into one corner of the ring. All top of each other. White, Kushida and Rush go to work hit triple team aerial moves on Vinny Marseglia. White hits a missile drop kick off the top for a near fall. Jay White then heads to the top with Marseglia. Marseglia applies a boston crab on white from the top rope. Kushida leaps to the top rope and applies the Hoverboard Lock on Marseglia. Here comes Matt Taven to the top rope. He superplexes Kushida. Lio Rush hits a splash on Taven when he lands. TK O'Ryan flies off the other top rope and lands on Rush...

Frantic action with everyone ending up down on the mat. Everyone is up and starts diving on each other. About 6 straight dives to the outside. It ends up with Taven taking out everyone. The Kingdom then attempt a triple team power bomb on Rush, White and Kushida break it up. The action continues.... Taven ends up eating several dropkicks. Jay White hits a brainbuster on Taven. Goes for the pinfall... Vinny Marseglia leaps off the top rope and purposely lands on the ref to break up the potential 3 count. That was a cool spot.... The ref is out, TK O'Ryan grabs Matt Taven's cane and attempts to use it. Kushida is able to stop him from doing so at the moment.

Lio Rush and Matt Taven are left in the ring. Taven throws Rush to the ropes, TK O'Ryan swings with the cane and nails him. The Kingdom hit a triple team powerbomb on Rush and Taven pins him.

The Kingdom defeats Lio Rush, Kushida & Jay White to become the 1st ever ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions



Bobby Fish is out of this match. Presumably due to injury..... Dragon Lee earned this Tv Title opportunity by defeating Fish on ROH TV. Both Scurll and Ospreay played hot potato with the championship in London. Scurll is the current champ.

Electrifying offense to start this match off by all 3 talents. Dragon Lee, Scurll and Ospreay all display their athleticism early on to a rousing ovation from the crowd... Steve Corino has maybe the line of the night when he says that "every old veteran wrestler just rolled over in their graves".

Dragon Lee ends up getting the better of Scurll and Ospreay early. Hits several aerial moves on them inside and outside the ring. Not to be outdone is Will Ospreay. The "Aerial Assassin" puts on a display of his own. Showing some serious hang time and hitting Dragon Lee with a spinning tornado DDT. "The Villain" counters Ospreay and Lee by living up to his name. Slowing them down by playing dirty. Low blows and chop blocks. Scurll hits a nasty slam on Ospreay where Will's head lands on the bottom rope and then the mat.

Dragon Lee gets back in the ring and takes down both Scurll and Ospreay. The UK Duo end up briefly teaming up and they hit Lee with several kicks. Ospreay and Scurll's friendship doesn't last long. They start battling each other and Lee gets back into the match by hitting a sit out jumping power bomb styled move. No name for that one yet. Lee then hits a huracanrana on Ospreay to the outside, but Will lands on his feet. The crowd erupts for that spot.

Action back in the ring. Scurll gets control on Ospreay briefly. Attempts a suplex but Ospreay counters with a twisting cutter in mid air. Follows that up with two straight shooting star presses. Goes to the air again but gets caught, Marty applies a chicken wing submission in mid air. Dragon Lee breaks up the hold with a double foot stomp. All 3 men are back up exchanging multiple strikes. Marty wins the exchange by raking Lee and Ospreay in the eyes.

Don't blink during this match because you end up missing a lot. Ospreay hits a springboard pele kick on Lee and Scurll. Ospreay then attempts a 450 on Lee but Dragon puts his knees up at the last second. Lee hits a bridge suplex on Ospreay, Marty breaks up the count. Scurll actually grabs Lee's hand and appears to snap his fingers. Nearly pukes at the sound of Dragon's bones snapping. This got a big reaction. Marty goes for The chicken wing submission but Dragon counters into a near cradle pinfall. Ospreay is up and hits a twisting spin kick to Lee. Then hits a leaping Lethal Injection type cutter. Marty grabs Ospreay and throws him out of the ring and applies the chicken wing to Lee. Dragon Lee taps out and Marty Scurll wins.




Kevin Kelly actually comments on The Bucks future in ROH before the match... That is usually a sign that they are staying.... but who knows.... The Young Bucks are scheduled to defend The IWGP Junior Tag Titles against RPG Vice at WrestleKingdom on January 4th. It remains to be seen if they will be ROH Champs by then.

"Dem Boys" are going for their 9th reign as ROH Tag Champs. The superkick party starts early in this match. About 7 of them in the first few minutes. The Bucks use their speed and agility to overcomes The Briscoes brawling style early on. Matt & Nick Jackson end up power bombing The Briscoes on the apron. Corino calls it an ode to KO.

The Bucks go for the terminator but The Briscoes rise up on their own and take The Bucks down with clotheslines. The match shifts in their favor. As Mark borrows a page from Cactus Jack and hits a bang bang elbow drop from the apron onto Matt Jackson. The Briscoes control the next few minutes of the match, as their brawling style takes over. Mark and Jay end up inviting the Bucks to a superkick party of their own. The Bucks battle back and return the favor.

Matt and Nick end up hitting the "Bang for the Buck" on Jay but he kicks out. They then set up Jay for the Meltzer Driver. Mark makes the save. Jay hits the DVD on Matt Jackson. All 4 men are down after Mark hits a urinagi on Nick on the outside. In an awesome spot. The Bucks are back up and attempt the Lemtzer driver on Mark Briscoe. As Nick leaps off the top, Jay intercepts him in mid air and hits a cutter on him.

This has ceased being a standard tag match as all 4 men continue to battle in the ring. No tags allowed. These guys are doing a great job following the TV Title match. The crowd does dueling too sweet, man up chants throughout. The final sequence sees The Bucks hitting the Meltzer Driver on Mark. Jay breaks up the pinfall. The Bucks have both Briscoes on their knees. They deliver several superkicks to them. Mark and Jay no sell the last few and fire up. They beg for more and get about 10 straight superkicks each. That eventually lay them out. Fun sequence even if logic be damned. The Bucks pin The Briscoes and win after this craziness.

The Young Bucks defeat The Briscoes to retain The ROH World Tag Team Championships

The lights go out in the arena and "Broken" Matt Hardy appears on the big screen!!!!.... The crowd explodes..... "Broken" Matt Hardy says that he and his brother Nero are coming to ROH to go after the spot monkeys in The Young Bucks. To prove that they are the best tag team in the galaxy. Matt says that they are going to make the rednecks and spot monkey's obsolete and that they will delete them. The crowd chants Delete with Matt...... What a moment..... The crowd chants Delete for the next few minutes.



ROH matchmaker Nigel McGuiness joins the commentary team for this match. Nigel talks about the stipulation added to this match at O'Reilly's request. He is also asked about The Matt Hardy video that aired after the Bucks match, but he stays silent on the subject. Nigel doesn't answer Kelly's question on it.

An all out brawl to start this one. They take things to the outside. Kyle gets the better of Adam early. Throws him into the barricade. He then hits an overhead belly to belly suplex on Adam Cole on the outside floor. Back in the ring, Kyle stays in control until Adam Cole is able to push him off of the top rope. O' Reilly lands on the ringside floor. He lands on his previously injured shoulder and Adam goes to work on it. Kyle's shoulder has been heavily bandaged for months but tonight, He has no bandages on.

Cole controls the next few minutes of the match. He ends up hitting O'Reilly with his world title on the outside of the ring. It busts Kyle open, who goes under the ring apron and appears to get "busted open" there. No secret to anyone what just happened. Kyle draped the apron over himself to cover up the dirty deed. Cole brings Kyle into the ring. Goes to suplex him but Kyle lands on his feet. He fires up but falls down and faints to the outside.

Adam Cole goes after Kyle and opens him up some more with a trash can. Kyle O'reilly has the crimson mask going. Bleeding heavily. Cole puts the trash can over Kyle and superkicks him in the head. Cole gets out some steel chairs from under the ring. Proceeds to hit O' Reilly repeatedly with them. Kyle O'Reilly fires up to Cole's surprise. He starts hitting Cole with several kicks and strikes. Kyle gets Cole in an arm bar submission. Cole is able to escape. They go to the outside. Kyle sits Adam in a steel chair. Kicks him repeatedly, hits him with a trash can. Then leaps onto the ring apron and hits a missile dropkick through the trash can and Adam Cole.

O'Reilly now gets out a table and sets it up in the ring. He puts Adam Cole on top of it. Kyle heads to the top rope. Cole recovers and meets him up there. Adam then attempts a superplex on Kyle, but he gets out of it and hits a superplex off his own and through the table. O'Reilly coves Cole for a close fall. Both men end up going to the ring apron. They are near another table set up at ringside. Both men hit low blows on each other. Kyle applies a guillotine choke on Cole. They both end up landing backwards onto the table. It looks like Cole was DDT'd through the table.

Adam Cole is now busted open and bleeding. O'Reilly gets out a steel chain from under the ring. Adam Cole is in the ring now. Hits The Last Shot on O'Reilly for a near fall. Cole now goes and gets some thumb tacks and pours them out into the ring. He tries to suplex O'Reilly into them. Kyle fights out of it and applies yet another guillotine choke. He transitions it into a triangle choke, Cole lifts him up and power bombs him onto the thumbtacks. Cole goes to finish O'Reilly but Kyle counters with a brainbuster onto the tacks.

Kyle O'Reilly applies the arm bar submission on Adam Cole on top of the tacks and forces him to tap out.


Cary Silkin presents The ROH World Title to Kyle O'Reilly. O'Reilly celebrates as the show comes to a close.

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