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- We open up looking at last week's dramatic finish that saw Rich Swann retain his WWE Cruiserweight Title and then all Hades breaking loose. Swann faces Perkins tonight. The broadcast team welcomes us to the episode and hypes the Triple Threat for the CW Title at WWE Roadblock between Swann, Perkins, and Kendrick.

Jack Gallagher vs. Drew Gulak

Gulak gets the hometown pop, but is all business heading to the ring. They reverse each other's reversals as they feel one another out early. Gallagher hand stands his way out and uses his classic tactics to his advantage. They roll around the ring for a bit with continuous crucifix roll-ups. Gallagher ultimately makes the cover for a two. Gallagher does his best Double Windsor on Gulak. Drew not a fan of being embarrassed and takes it to the colorful grappler.

Gallagher with his corner handstand spot and staves off an attack with his boot and lifts away from another. Gulak able to get the upper hand and sling the Brit onto the ropes which takes him down momentarily. Gallagher not all flash as he lays in a trifecta of upper cuts. Gulak with a nice reversal and a cover for a two. Gallagher knows how to use his noggin as he lands a big head butt on Gulak. This sets up his running corner drop kick for the pin and win.

Winner via Pinfall: Jack Gallagher

- Backstage with Swann and Perkins. A bit of a heel promo from the inaugural champ, saying Swann's luck is about to run out. He won't be the friend of Swann tonight or Sunday, but the TJP that eliminated Swann from the CWC.

- Vignette for the returning Tajiri.

- Backstage with Tom Phillips and Jack Gallager. They talk about tonight's win until Ariya Daivari interrupts. Gallagher says they're even, but Daivari disagrees. Jack seems a bit perplexed as Daivari says that they will be even soon.

Lince Dorado vs. Mustafa Ali

It's the debut for these two on 205 Live, and the debut of the cheesy in-set promos. Springboard arm drag from Ali, but not to be outdone, springboard rana from Dorado. Ali with a nice neck breaker for a near fall. He maintains control with a chin lock. Dorado fights out, goes for a corner attack, but Ali flips out of the way. Dorado with a thunderous slap to Ali on the top and follows it up with a Frankensteiner off the ropes. Turns into a strike fest in the middle of the ring until Dorado reverses a whip with a hand spring stunner! Both men on the apron now as Dorado rana's Ali to the floor. He's not done flying with a side moonsault to the outside. Referee with a speedy 10-count and neither makes it back in time. Double count-out.

Result: Double Count-Out

- After the match, Dorado goes for a handshake after a hard-fought match, but Ali isn't a fan of sportsmanship. Dorado sends Ali out of the ring to finish the segment.

- Backstage with Noam Dar and Alicia Fox. Dar asks her about him dedicating his match last week to her. She says she has a boyfriend in Alexander. Dar chooses not to believe it and playfully says "see ya round."

- Video package highlighting former Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins. A reminder of how good he can be if he's let loose.

TJ Perkins vs. Rich Swann (Non-Title Match)

Strong pop for the champ. They go to shake hands but Kendrick comes out to say hello. He joins the commentary team for this one as we get ready for the triple threat on Sunday. Perkins able to twist Swann down with a modified head scissors, but Swann able to get out and apply one of his own. The good friends know each other quite well and mirror each other's move sets for a moment to a nice little pop. Athletic whip exchange culminated by a Swann drop kick and short cover. Another whip but TJP able to catch himself for a pose. Swann goes to attack but Perkins slips out of the way. Cover on Swann for a two. More back and forth action until Swann hits his comeback combo ending in Rolling Thunder. Swann goes for a dive to the outside and looks to tweak his knee. Perkins capitalizes with a corkscrew to the floor. Brian Kendrick fantastic on commentary by the way.

Basement drop kick from Perkins that turns Swann inside out. Perkins working over the injured leg with a "Knee-D-T" and cinches in a front ankle lock. Swann counters, sells the injury, but able to deliver a kick to the head nonetheless. They're making like the Atlanta Braves and chopping away in the middle of the ring before a roll up. Tiger Bomb and another cover for a long two. Swann preps for his standing 450 but Perkins rolls out of the way before he can get started. Nice transition into the Knee Bar from Perkins. Swann tries to make it to the ropes to no avail. He taps to save his knee for Sunday.

Winner via Submission: TJ Perkins

- After the match, Kendrick goes into the ring to "congratulate" tonight's competitors. He sends a slap Swann's way. Perkins looks out for his friend as he hits a Super Kick on Kendrick. They have a friendly standoff to end the episode.

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