Lucha Underground
Season 3 Episode 15 "En La Sombras"

The show opens with a video that is a prelude to tonight's episode. The video features Angelico's return to LU and his quest to get revenge against Worldwide Underground. Also featured is Sexy Star earning a rematch with Johnny Mundo for the Lucha Underground Championship. The Rey/Azteca storyline, As well as the Kobra Moon/Drago feud.

Previously on Lucha Underground..........

We are in The Temple to kick things off. Matt Striker and Vampiro hype the continuation of the Battle of The Bulls tournament on this show. They also talk about Sexy Star earning an opportunity against current Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo. How that match will take place in a steel cage. The winner of that match will face the luchador who wins the Battle of The Bulls.

Battle of The Bulls Tournament
Killshot vs. Jeremiah Crane vs. Dante Fox vs. Mariposa

Cage and The Mack have qualified and advanced to the final Fatal Fourway elimination match in this tournament. The winner of this match will join them. Some heavy hitting to start off this one. Killshot and Fox go right after each other immediately. Fox and Mariposa end up being struck down with some stiff kicks. Crane strikes Killshot with a stiff kick of his own. The over under on kicks in the first few minutes of this match is at least 16. Killshot wins the battle of them with Crane. In comes Mariposa, who flies off the ropes and kicks down both of them. The 5'10 Mariposa holds her own against the men in this match for the next few minutes. Knocking down Crane, Fox and Killshot with shoulder tackles. Fox eventually kills her momentum by kicking her down to the mat. He then goes on a suicide dive frenzy. Diving onto all 3 of his competitors.

More high flying action. This time Mariposa engineers some aerial offense. She flies onto Killshot and Fox. Jeremiah Crane joins the party and takes out Fox with an outside dive. Killshot is back up and leaps onto everyone. He tries another leap but this time, Crane nails him in mid air with a steel chair. Crane starts throwing chairs into the ring, and at his opponents. Crane gets about a dozen chairs out. Then sets them up in the ring. A Musical Chairs chant breaks out from the crowd. Crane brings Killshot to the top rope. Dante Fox joins them up there. Here comes Mariposa, and she joins the party up top. She then executes the tower of doom on all 3 men through the 7 or so chairs set up in the ring. Mariposa goes chair crazy and starts flinging chairs at her fallen opponents.

Jeremiah Crane eventually gets up and puts a stop to Mariposa's chair frenzy. Fox is up next and hits a bicycle kick on Crane. Killshot takes out Fox with a martial arts kick. Here comes Crane with two running kicks on Killshot and on Mariposa, who is laying in the corner. Dante Fox is back up, He hits a springboard modified codebreaker on Killshot. Everyone is out on the mat for awhile. Fox is the first one up and goes after Killshot. He sets up a chair in the corner but it backfires on him, when Killshot throws him into it. Crane is up, grabs Killshot and attempts to suplex him into a chair in the middle of the ring. Killshot blocks it but ends up getting hit with a death valley driver. Crane follows that up with a sit out power bomb on him. Killshot kicks out of the pin attempt. Crane then tries to apply an ankle submission to Killshot. Mariposa intervenes. Frantic finish with all 4 competitors going after each other now. Mariposa gains control, hits a stunner on Killshot. Then attempts the butterfly effect on him through a steel chair. She connects!... Killshot's head lands directly on the edge of the chair.

Mariposa goes for the cover on Killshot. Dante Fox breaks up the count. Now Fox, Mariposa and Crane are going at it. As the crowd chants "Everyone" at all 4 competitors. Crane disposes of Mariposa. Fox takes Crane to the top and hits a springboard exploder suplex. This nets a close fall. Fox is back up top. Goes for a 450 splash, Crane lifts up his knees at the last second. Jeremiah gets up and hits the cranial contusion on Fox and pins him for the victory.

Jeremiah Crane defeats Dante Fox, Mariposa & Killshot to advance in The Battle of The Bulls tournament final.

After the match. Killshot confronts Dante Fox in the ring. Fox is on his knees. Killshot runs at him full speed and kicks him directly in the head. Killshot then leaps off the top rope and double stomps Dante Fox. As the show goes to break.

When the show returns, Taya is backstage with her handheld camera. She is directing her Worldwide Underground partners in their "movie". Seated in front of her are PJ Black and Jack Evans. She does retakes with them. They clown around doing air guitar. Johnny Mundo joins the video shoot. Mundo calls this his movie. Instructs Black and Evans to win their Battle of The Bulls match tonight. Mundo says that his partners haven't been able to beat Sexy Star like he has, and if they don't win. Then he may have to find new members to join Worldwide Underground. Mundo then pretends to play along for the film's next scene, but reverts back to threatening Black and Evans and their WU membership.

Sexy Star is now shown in a training montage. He is shown shadow boxing in and outside the ring. Then at one point with boxing gloves on, working a punching bag. After her workout, She goes to her locker room. She finds a dead spider in her locker and screams..... The show goes to another break. When it returns.... We are back in the temple. Melissa Santos intros the following match.

Kobra Moon vs. Drago

The backstory here is that Kobra Moon and Drago were part of the same reptilian tribe. Drago felt that he was a slave and abandoned his "queen" Kobra and left the tribe. Kobra has been dead set on getting him to rejoin her. The match starts off with some mat wrestling between these two rivals. The pace picks up and Drago gets the early advantage with a running dropkick. Drago knocks down Moon everytime, she attempts to get back up. He ends up slamming her down to the mat with a variation of different slams and suplexes. On one of them sees Moon lands awkwardly on her neck.

Drago remains in control until.... Kobra Moon gets help from her reptilian friends. The referee calls for the bell and disqualifies Kobra Moon.

Drago defeats Kobra Moon by disqualification

The first ally of Kobra's is in a lizard type mask with snake skin gear. He beats down Drago and power bombs him. Out comes Fenix and Aerostar to make the save for their trios Partner Drago. Fenix and Aerostar take down the Lizard man. Kobra Moon then gets on her knees and summons help from the back. Out comes "Vibora".

"Vibora" is a large man, in a annunaki styled mask with long black hair. He heads to the ring and takes out both Aerostar and Fenix. He manhandles the both of them and hits a double chokeslam. The fans mock him and chant "Luchasaurus". Kobra Moon yells out Vibora's name. Which means giant snake in Spanish or Viper. Not Randy Orton.... Vibora gives Drago a jumping tombstone piledriver. He then grabs Drago and carries him to the back. They all leave the Temple with Drago.

When the show returns, Sexy Star is still backstage fuming that someone left a spider in her locker. She bumps into her longtime rival Mariposa in the hallway. Star goes after her. Grabs her by the throat and slams her into the wall. Star accuses Mariposa of leaving the spider in her locker. Mariposa denies doing it and Star punches a hole through the wall next to her head.

Battle of The Bulls Tournament
PJ Black vs. Jack Evans vs. Son Of Havoc vs. Angelico

This is the final first round match in this tournament. The winner will join Cage, The Mack and Jeremiah Crane in the Bulls tournament final. Just like the other 1st round matches. This is Tornado rules, no dq, one fall to the finish.

As to be expected in this one. A lot of high flying action to start things off. Early on Jack Evans tries to pin his own WU partner in PJ Black. They rethink that strategy and then team up against Havoc and Angelico. They both leap off of each other and onto them. Jack channels Daniel San from The Karate Kid.

The match now becomes a tag team match. Albeit temporarily as Havoc and Angelico rally together against Worldwide Underground. Havoc and Angelico execute several tandem moves on Evans and Black. After laying them out. They go back to focusing their attention on one another. Havoc comes close to defeating Angelico, after hitting him with a standing moonsault and a swinging back breaker. Evans and Black break up the pin attempt. The WU tandem retake control of the match. They dump Havoc outside the ring, and then start doing some kid and play type moves, as they showboat in the ring.

The showboating by Black and Evas goes on for a few minutes. As Black and Evans toy with Angelico. Angelico eventually battles back. He knocks Black to the outside of the ring. Then attempts a razors edge buckle bomb on Evans, but Jack counters and ranas Angelico into the corner. Evans then rolls up Angelico for the pin. Havoc leaps off the ropes and breaks up the count with a double foot stomp. Havoc then hits a springboard stunner on PJ Black. This gets him a near pinfall. Havoc tries to go to the top rope. Black meets him up there and sets him up in the electric chair. Evans comes off the top and attempts the doomsday device, somehow Havoc counters when he lands on top of Black's head. All 4 men are involved in the action now. They all head to the top rope. A tower of doom is attempted by Black. Havoc knocks him down and then hits a suicide dive on him. Meanwhile, Angelico and Evans remain on the top rope. In an incredible spot, Angelico superplexes Evans to the outside of the ring, and they land on top of Havoc and Black. That was crazy.

All 4 men eventually get back to their feet. Angelico and Black are in the ring first. Angelico hits a flying knee on Black. Evans pushes Angelico off the top rope and to the outside floor. Havoc is in and battles with WU. Havoc attempts a handspring elbow on Black, PJ pulls Evans into the way of it. He then grabs Havoc and tosses him to the outside. Black then lays down in the middle of the ring, and instructs Jack Evans to pin him. Jack goes for the "poke of the doom" pinfall, but Black instead rolls him up and wins the match for himself.

PJ Black defeats Jack Evans, Angelico & Son of Havoc to advance to The Battle of The Bulls Final

Evans tells Black that he "tea bagged him" after the match. They seem to get over their differences however.

The final match in The Battle of The Bulls tournament is set. It will be Cage vs. The Mack vs. Jeremiah Crane vs. PJ Black. The winner will become the # 1 contender to the Lucha Underground Championship. Also hyped for next week is Johnny Mundo defending The LU Championship against Sexy Star in a steel cage.

The closing scene of the show has El Dragon Azteca Jr. visiting his mentor Rey Mysterio Jr. He tells Rey that the monster Matanza came for him. Azteca is clutching his neck. Rey apologizes for what Matanza did to him. Azteca thanks Rey for his training. That it has prepared him for battle against someone like Matanza. Rey tells Azteca, that this is not a battle that he can win. That Matanza is too strong for him. Azteca starts to walk off and says that he doesn't care about winning. Rey grabs Azteca's arm and tells him that this is not his battle to fight. Dragon Azteca tells Rey that he no longer needs Rey anymore. That he will now build his own legacy. He promises to end Matanza's life. As Azteca walks away from Mysterio. Rey shakes his head in disappointment.

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