Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Colin Kriegel from Ohio for sending in this report on last night's post-SmackDown dark match:

The dark match saw Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton & The Miz take on American Alpha & Dean Ambrose in, maybe not the best MATCH I've ever seen, but the most entertaining.

The small crowd that did stick around (keep in mind that the dark match came after 205 Live, which already had only half the crowd as Smackdown) was absolutely fabulous, mainly towards The Miz. There were dueling "Miz Can't Wrestle" / "Yes he can!" chants. Miz was gold, mainly on the apron.

There were times when Bray and Randy couldn't hold back laughter, despite trying to keep the match moving. Randy at one point had to walk away and sat against the ring barrier near the time keeper to try and contain himself. It was great to see the guys so relaxed and having fun. Dean spent most of the time on the apron laughing as well until the end of the match when he was left alone with Miz. Ambrose pinned Miz with Dirty Deeds to send the crowd home "happy"... but trust me, we already were.

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