Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of UFC 207: Nunes vs. Rousey. Tonight's pay-per-view takes place at The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The card has 10 fights scheduled. We'll have quick results of the prelims, and full coverage of the main card. The prelims will begin at 7:30 p.m eastern. The main card will begin at 10 p.m eastern.

You can follow along with with our live coverage of the event beginning at 7:30 p.m. ET. You are all welcome to leave your comments and feedback throughout the show. Just hit Refresh on your browsers to update the page when the coverage begins. Here is tonight's fight card.



* Welterweight Bout: Tim Means (26-7-1) and Alex Oliveira (15-3-1) is declared a no contest at 3:33 of round one. Alex Oliveira used a spinning back kick early to ground Means. Both men traded takedowns before the controversy began. Tim Means kneed Oliveira to the head twice illegally. While Alex was down to one knee. The ref called the fight and the knee blows accidental, when they clearly were not. Oliveira was hurt badly by the knees, and was stretchered out. Tim Means threw a fit after the fight. Complaining about the media and that this fight was called a no contest. Simple case of Means being in the heat of the battle and perhaps not intentionally breaking a rule. Admittedly, That viewpoint is up for debate. Interesting way to start the night however.

Backstage interview with Tim Means.

* Welterweight Bout: Niko Price (9-0) def. Brandon Thatch (11-5) by submission in 4:30 of Round One. Price got Thatch's back and trapped him with an arm triangle choke. This was Niko's UFC debut and a good debut for sure.

* Welterweight Bout: Alex Garcia (14-3) def. Mike Pyle (27-13-1) by Knockout in 3:34 of Round One. The Dominican Nightmare turned out Pyle's lights with a vicious right hand. Pyle's head slammed into the mat when he landed.

* Middleweight Bout: Antonio Carlos Junior (8-2) def. Marvin Vettori (11-3) via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

* Welterweight Bout
(#8) Neil Magny (19-6) def. (#6) Johnny Hendricks (17-6) by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


* Flyweight Bout
(#12) Louis Smolka (11-2) vs (#13) Ray Borg (9-2)

Round One: Smolka utilizes the jab early and keeps Borg at a distance. Borg comes in close and misses wildly with a kick. He lands on his back but is able to regroup and rise up. He then takes down Smolka and attempts to take his back. Smolka tries to use his length to try and advance out of Borg's grasp. Borg has Smolka's back now. Louis has a cut above his eye, courtesy of a Ray Borg elbow. Both men work their way up but Borg takes down Smolka. Borg then gets a full mount on him. Smolka tries to roll out, Borg almost clamps on an armbar submission. Both men rotate on the mat. Borg lands some stiff blows to the back of Smolka's head. Borg mounts Smolka again as the round comes to an end.

Wrestling Inc scores Round One 10-9 For Ray Borg

Round Two: Both men try wild head kicks and miss in the early going of the round. Borg takes down Smolka but Louis is able to scramble around to avoid Borg getting into position. Smolka then attacks Borg's leg to counter Ray's mount attempt. Borg repositions himself, lands a big right punch on Smolka and then gets in side control. Borg patiently looks for an opening. Starts grounding and pounding Smolka. Ray then attempts an arm triangle. He locks it up but his leg is trapped. He can't apply pressure because of it. Louis Smolka scrambles out and both men end up back on their feet momentarily. Smolka tries to apply a choke on Borg but Ray gets out of it. Borg is back to side control on Smolka. He lands some stiff rights as the round ends.

Wrestling Inc scores Round Two 10-8 for Ray Borg

Round Three: Prior to the round in his corner. Ray Borg tells his cornermen, that he thinks he may have broken his right ankle. Borg is favoring his right ankle. Slight limp on his part. It could hinder him in round 3 but he's dominated so far. Borg gets Smolka down again. Ray is in the half guard. Smolka is trying to lay flat and use his length to defend against Borg. Ray catches Smolka and puts him in a front arm triangle choke. Smolka is barely hanging on. He survives the hold by using his length again, to maneuver out. Both men are back on their feet now. Just a minute and a half left.... Ray Borg tries to jump up and take Smolka's back but Louis avoids it. Both men trade strikes at the end of the round. Ray hits a spinning elbow as the bell sounds.

Wrestling Inc scores Round Three 10-9 for Ray Borg

(#13) Ray Borg (10-2) def. (#12) Louis Smolka (11-3) by unanimous decision (30-27,30-26 and 30-26)

- It's worth noting that Ray Borg came into this fight, not making weight. He was 3 pounds over. Smolka agreed to the fight and took a portion of Borg's purse for this bout to happen.

* Welterweight Bout
(#9) Dong Hyun Kim (21-3-1) vs. (#12) Tarec Saffiedine (16-5)

Round One: Both Kim and Tarec start off trading shots right away. Saffiedine tries to sweep Kim's leg and he eventually takes him down. Tarec stays on Kim's back and throws him down. Kim gets back to his feet but is still in Tarec's clutches. They battle up against the cage. They both break free and start exchanging punches. Kim continues to move forward, Tarec uses his jab to try and keep distance. Tarec lands a couple of good right hands on Kim. They end up clinching against the cage again. Saffiedine attempts a high kick when they both break free from the cage. Under a minute left, Tarec hits a nice knee on Kim and trips him down to the mat. Kim gets back up and they end up against the cage, as the round ends.

Wrestling Inc scores Round One 10-9 for Tarec Saffiedine (Not an easy round to score because neither man had great control)

Round Two: Kim starts off round two very aggressive. The "Stun Gun" attempts to stun Tarec with an uppercut. Tarec attempts a takedown but Kim blocks it and retreats. Both men end up tied up against the cage yet again. After the break, Kim hits a body kick and continues moving forward. Sticking to his usual script of fighting wild and unorthodox. Kim is landing more blows in this round. Nothing of real significance though. Saffiedine hits a good high knee and ends up in the clinch again with Kim. Tarec appears to be tiring from Kim's relentless forward moving style. Under a minute left, Kim and Tarec miss wildly with strikes at the end of the round.

Wrestling Inc scores Round Two 10-9 for Dong Hyun Kim

Round Three: Both Kim and Tarec start off the round swinging wildly at each other before they get worn out. More of the same here in this round. Both men battle for position and grapple against the cage. Kim's wild and unorthodox style is wearing on Tarec, who is constantly moving backwards. Kim manages to land some good strikes on Tarec. Tarec attempts a takedown but fails. Both men are tired at this point but Tarec is exhausted. Kim manages to get Tarec's back as the round and fight come to an end.

Wrestling Inc scores Round Three 10-9 for Dong Hyun Kim

(#9) Dong Hyun Kim (22-3-1) def. (#12) Tarec Saffiedine (16-6) by split decision (30-27 for Tarec, 29-28 and 29-28 for Kim)

* Bantamweight Bout
(#1) TJ Dillashaw (14-3) vs. (#2) John Lineker (29-7)

Round One: Dillashaw attempts a head kick immediately and misses. He throws a low kick and Lineker blocks it. Dillashaw attempts yet another head kick but once again, John Lineker blocks it and briefly mounts TJ. Dillashaw is back on his feet, He charges at Lineker and takes him down. TJ is now mounting Lineker. He underhooks one of his arms and attempts to transition. Dillashaw scores with some good blows as Lineker desperately attempts to get back to his feet. Dillashaw hits some hammer fists on Lineker. He eats a few but is able to escape and get back to his feet. Dillashaw continues to try tohit a big head kick whenever Lineker lowers his guard. Lineker charges at TJ and hits some good rights. He then plays to the crowd and they cheer him back. Dillashaw hits a good body kick on Lineker, as the round ends.

Wrestling Inc scores Round One 10-8 for TJ Dillashaw

Round Two: TJ takes down Lineker to start the round. He gets Lineker's back but loses control. Lineker tries to hit some big bombs on Dillashaw but misses wildly. Dillashaw takes down Lineker again. TJ has Lineker in side control on the mat. Dillashaw stays busy striking Lineker with several short punches. Dillashaw transitions his body over and starts landing some sharp elbows. As Lineker takes several blows, He attempts to get TJ's leg but Dillashaw stops him. TJ is in full control, delivering damage to Lineker. TJ is beating him up on the ground. Smashes Lineker with several elbows. The bell saves Lineker at the end of the round.

Wrestling Inc scores Round Two 10-8 for TJ Dillashaw

Round Three: Dillashaw opens up the round attempting to kick Lineker. TJ hits a nasty kick to Lineker's body. Dillashaw takes down Lineker for the 4th time in this fight. Lineker shows some good fight getting off the ground. Both men trade some heavy strikes as Lineker plays again to the Vegas crowd. TJ takes down Lineker yet again. He has Lineker in side control and starts landing blows. Lineker's chin is standing up to the heavy abuse. He actually gets back to his feet. Just under 2 minutes left, TJ takes Lineker's back and continues the assault. He then goes for a calf crank leg lock. It's in an awkward spot and TJ nearly gets caught. So he breaks the hold and gets back to his feet. Lineker keeps fighting, hits some vicious body shots on Dillashaw. Lineker keeps coming but the bell sounds for round three.

Wrestling Inc scores Round Three 10-9 for TJ Dillashaw

(#1) TJ Dillashaw (15-3) def. (#2) John Lineker (29-8) by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26 and 30-26)

- TJ Dillashaw calls out Dominic Cruz in his post match interview. He promises to get back his title. TJ says that if he doesn't get a title match. Then everyone will know that the system is rigged. Joe Rogan asks TJ for a prediction on the Cruz-Garbrandt fight. Dillashaw picks Cruz.

* UFC Men's World Bantamweight Championship
(C) Dominic Cruz (22-1) vs. (#5) Cody Garbrandt (10-0)

Round One: Cruz hits a good right hand immediately. Garbrandt comes out ahead in an early striking exchange with Cruz. He then taunts Cruz. Dominic returns the favor after a stiff kick. Cody catches Dominic with three shots to the chin. He starts mocking Cruz. Dominic hits a nice kick to Cody's leg. The crowd starts chanting for Cody. Garbrandt hits a kick to Cruz's body. He mocks him again. Cruz takes down Garbrandt, but Cody sprawls out of it. Dominic throws a flurry of punches at the end of the round. Lands a couple of jabs. Garbrandt then takes down Cruz. Both men scramble, Cody lands a nice knee to Cruz. The round comes to an end.

Wrestling Inc scores Round One 10-9 for Cody Garbrandt

Round Two: Cruz is one the chase to start the round and lands some good shots on Garbrandt. Cody hits a good combination of punches on Dominic but Cruz clips Cody at the end of the exchange. A mild Cruz chant starts from the crowd. Dominic hits a good low leg kick on Cody. Cody retaliates with a kick to Cruz's body. Cody has a cut over his right eye from Cruz clipping him earlier in the round. Garnrandt hits a good left hook on Cruz. Both men using good stand up striking thus far. Just under a minute left, Cody gets a good kick to the body of Cruz. Cruz kicks Cody in the knee with his shin. Round Two ends with a flurry of punches by both men.

Wrestling Inc scores Round Two 10-9 for Cody Garbrandt

Round Three: Cruz goes for a head kick early. Garbrandt catches Cruz with a headbutt and he has cut open Cruz. Dominic is bleeding badly from his left knee. Cody is tagging Cruz and talking trash. Cody continues to score with his left jab. Cruz goes for a big kick but Cody counters quickly. Cody gets Cruz up against the cage and lands a combo of punches. Both men continue to stand and trade strikes. Grabrandt hits Cruz hard with a right hand that temporarily floors him. Cruz starts swinging wildly. He keeps coming forward despite having very little visibility in his left eye due to excessive bleeding. Cruz lands a good right hand but Cody responds with a big overhand right. The round ends with Cruz swinging wildly.

Wrestling Inc Scores Round Three 10-8 for Cody Garbrandt

Round 4: Dominic was tended to by trainers after round 3. They managed to close up what is a pretty sever cut on his left eye. Garbrandt knocks down Cruz and then points at him, as if the fight is over. Dominic Cruz freakishly recovers quickly and gets back to his feet. Dominic hits a big left hand on Garbrandt. After Cruz misses with a kick, Cody mocks him again. Cody tags Cruz with a right hand and smiles at Dominic. Cody even does a mini pop and lock dance as he tags Cruz again. 90 seconds left in the round. The pace has slowed down considerably. Cody hits an inside leg kick on Cruz. Dominic takes a wild swing at Cody and misses. Garbrandt stuns Cruz with a big punch, mocks him again. Cruz gets back up quickly and gets tagged again by Garbrandt. This is unreal. The round ends.

Wrestling Inc scores Round Four 10-9 for Cody Garbrandt

Round Five: Just 5 minutes remain in this fight. The champ needs to not let this get to the judges. Garbrandt starts the round fighting tentatively. Perhaps knowing that he is nearing the finish line. Cruz attempts a high head kick. Cody continues to mock Dominic Cruz. He even face plants on the mat temporarily to ridicule Cruz. Just 2 minutes left. Cruz goes for another high kick. His leg doesn't find a home. Cody is super over confident but it has worked to this point. Cruz misses a spinning back fist. Under a minute remains. Dominic is chasing Cody. They are now pressed up against the cage. Cruz trips up Cody briefly before the bell sounds for the final round. Both men hesitate but briefly shake hands and hug after the round ends. Cody leaps on top of the octagon expecting victory.

Wrestling Inc scores Round Five 10-9 for Cody Garbrandt

Cody Garbrandt (11-0) defeats Dominic Cruz (22-2) by unanimous decision (48-46, 48-46 and 48-47) to become The New UFC Men's World Bantamweight Champion

Cody Garbrandt lives up to his promise. He gives his championship to his friend Max. Who has battled leukemia. Prior to this fight, Cody said that if he won. He would give the real belt to Max and get himself a plastic replica. Touching moment. Cody starts crying. He says this is a dream of his since he was 12 years old. Cody compliments Dominic Cruz and his ability. Cody calls himself the best in the world now. Tells TJ Dillashaw to "come try me mother f'r".


* UFC Women's World Bantamweight Championship
(C) Amanda Nunes (13-4) vs. (#1) Ronda Rousey (12-1)

Round One: Nunes utilizes her reach early and stuns Rousey with several strikes. Ronda is in trouble. Nunes continues to tag Rousey repeatedly. Rousey is bleeding from her nose. She keeps getting tagged, Rousey is out on her feet and that's it. It's over. The referee calls the fight mercifully.

(C) Amanda Nunes (14-4) defeats Ronda Rousey (12-2) by TKO in 48 seconds of Round One to retain The UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship

A dejected Ronda Rousey hangs her head in shame and disbelief. As Amanda Nunes struts around the octagon. Gesturing to the crowd for them to keep silent. After Amanda's hand is raised as the victor. Ronda Rousey walks out of The Octagon with her head held low.

Joe Rogan interviews Amanda Nunes after the fight. Nunes credits her team, and is amazed at how many people doubted her. Nunes says that Rousey had her time. That the time is hers now. Amanda gives a shoutout to her girlfriend in The Octagon. Rogan asks Nunes how she feels about being overlooked. Amanda says that she knows that Rousey is very popular, but that she is the better fighter. Nunes says that she prepared to fight Rousey for years now. She knew that she would beat her. Nunes tells the crowd in Vegas to not feel bad for Rousey. That she had her time, that she has a lot of money and will retire and go do movies now. Amanda tells the fans to forget about Ronda Rousey.

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