Source: Busted Open

ESPN's Jonathan Coachman recently appeared on Busted Open with Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca and he shared his opinion that WWE Monday Night RAW should go back to being only two hours each week.

In Coachman's view, the three-hour RAW broadcast overexposes talents and he compared WWE's current product to The Attitude Era to highlight that top stars only appeared on one or two RAW segments each week during The Attitude Era.

"When they decided to go to three hours, now you're stretching out a bunch of really good talent, maybe using them twice in a show instead of… back when I started, there was The Rock, and Stone Cold, and The Undertaker, and Triple H, and all these big time stars. Guess how many times you saw them in a show, guys. Once and maybe twice if you had an interview and then a main event match, but that's it, so you were in wait. You were anticipating, 'man, when I see The Rock, I'd better be tuned in. I'd better be ready.' And if you could see a guy two or three times, then you're like, 'well, I'll catch him in an hour or two hours later.'

Although Coachman claimed that three hours is too long for an episode of RAW, he acknowledged that going back to a two-hour RAW broadcast would cost the company money.

"I think it's a mistake to do three hours. I think if you go back to two hours, and again, it's easier said than done because there is a lot of money involved, there [are] TV contracts involved, and I get it. And I know why USA [Network] wants to do it. But for me, for the ability to do the best show possible, I would do two hours on Monday night, then SmackDown Live on Tuesday night."

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