Total Divas On The E Network
Season 6 Episode 8 "Pain In The Neck"

Here is the synopsis for tonight's show:

"Brie becomes torn when Bryan receives a new job offer; Paige finds out the results of her MRI; Nattie pulls out all the stops to get fired from planning Lana's wedding; Renee gets stuck as a third wheel."

The show opens with a video that serves as a prelude to this episode. In the video is Brie and Daniel Bryan's retirements which were featured primarily on Total Bellas. Renee talking about the upcoming brand extension, and her fear of being split up from Dean Ambrose. Paige's recent neck injury, which was revealed to management and led to her being pulled off of television.

The opening scene has Natalya, Renee Young, Paige and Lana backstage having lunch. When Lana starts talking about planning for her upcoming wedding to Rusev. Paige and Renee head for cover and excuse themselves from the table. Natalya is left holding the bag or in this case, Lana's wedding look book. Lana asks Nattie to help her with planning for her wedding. Nattie agrees to do it. She makes a joke about Lana's suggested wedding cake, which is supposed to have an elephant on it. Nattie thinks that the elephant's trunk represents Rusev's "manhood".

The show then goes to it's weekly opening quote. This one by Brie Bella. It reads Are we ever just going to be normal? It's the chaos all over again."

After The Total Divas theme plays, We are in Las Vegas at Dean Ambrose and Renee Young's house. Renee and Dean are having a late night swim in their pool. Renee off screen talks about her relationship with Dean. How he is the current WWE champion, and how he is so busy. So much so that she barely gets time to spend with him at home.

We are now at Raw in Colorado Springs. Maryse and Eva Marie are backstage. They compliment each other's look and Eva puts on Maryse's shades. Maryse then gets a freebie on Eva Marie. She touches her breasts..... Paige is shown arriving backstage. She talks about how she is trying to stay positive. She hopes that being young will help her recover quickly from her neck injury. She bumps into Xavier Woods backstage and they share a complicated handshake. It ends with Paige leaping into Xavier's arms.

We are taken to Raw that evening. WWE producer John Laurinaitis is on the show making his pitch to be named GM of Smackdown Live. Backstage is Naomi and Maryse watching. They start talking about the brand extension. How it will enable them to be at home for an extra day of the week. R Truth walks by and they ask him if he is happy about it. Truth gives a fake smile and says yes. Trinity (Naomi) talks about Smackdown now being live and competing with Raw. Naomi and Maryse say that they will be fine with the split, as long as they end up with their "bae's" in Jon and Miz.....

Here is a bonus video where Mark Carrano discusses the brand extension with "The Divas". Eva Marie wonders if she is going to be drafted at all.

In another part of the arena, Summer Rae is with Natalya. Summer teases Nattie about having to help Lana plan her wedding. Natalya reads the long messages that Lana has been sending her. Summer suggests that Natalya block Lana's number just like she did to her. Summer also says that Rusev is more "chill" than Lana, who is always very frantic. Nattie suggests that Rusev puts up with Lana because she is in great in bed. Before Summer leaves, She instructs the makeup woman to fix Nattie's face because it isn't looking good.

While Dean Ambrose's entrance on Raw is shown. Natalya runs into R Truth and asks him for some advice. She tells him that she doesn't want to be Lana's wedding planner and doesn't know how to get out of the obligation. R Truth suggests that Natalya do a bad job on purpose. So that Lana will fire her and relinquish her from being the wedding planner...... Later on... Natty is with Renee Young, Lana and Sami Zayn seated around a table. The world championship main event between Ambrose and Rollins is playing on a tv in front of them. The ladies discuss Instagram, Zayn says that he considers it vain. While Dean is wrestling, Renee talks about Dean disappointing her. That they were scheduled to spend time with Daniel and Brie at Orcas Island. Dean bailed out on Renee at the last minute. He told Renee that he wants to stay home instead. So Renee is going by herself. Renee says that she is used to Dean disappointing her. She also talks about having to be the third wheel with Brie and Bryan, and how she knows that Brie is trying to get pregnant. Renee doesn't want to get in the way of that.

We are now in Arizona with Bryan and Brie. They get out of their car and a man approaches Daniel. His name is Mike and he says that he is a big fan. Bryan shakes his hand. The fan wants to thank Daniel for what he's done in the ring. He brings up being at WrestleMania 28, and how he wanted Daniel to put Michael Cole in The Yes Lock. Bryan was defeated by Sheamus on that show in record fashion, but I guess this fan didn't like Michael Cole and his commentary towards Bryan. Daniel says that he wishes he could have put Cole in The Yes Lock too. The fan than thanks Bryan for his work in wrestling and then hugs him.... Brie and Bryan head into a nearby diner. They have lunch and talk about Brie's ovulating. Bryan talks about Brie's cervical mucus. They both talk about how happy they are at home together, and how Brie wishes to be pregnant.

Paige is now backstage at Raw in Colorado. She meets up with WWE VP of Talent Relations, Mark Carrano. They discuss Paige's injury. Which at this point Paige is labeling as a shoulder issue to Mark. Paige tells Mark about a physical therapist she is seeing in San Antonio. Mark lays down all the potential options from therapy to potential surgery. Paige off screen says that surgery is out of the question. She feels that the therapy will do the job.

We are now at Orcas Island in Washington with Renee, Brie and Bryan. Brie gets upset when she hears about her cousin getting pregnant. Off screen, She talks about her and Bryan needing to get down to business, and make her pregnancy happen. Brie expresses her concern that she can't get pregnant. Renee tells her that stress may be playing a factor in it.

Off to Tampa now with Natalya and Lana. They are going dress shopping for the wedding. Nattie's plan is to offer the worst possible advice to Lana, in the hopes that she will no longer have to help her with wedding planning. During the shopping, Natalya makes awful suggestions that don't go over well with Lana or any of the employees at the store.

Back to Orcas Island. Renee is having lunch with Bryan and Brie. She talks about the upcoming brand extension with them. She brings up how she spoke with Mark Carrano about keeping couples together. Carrano didn't make Renee any promises. Brie and Bryan say that they are so happy that they don't have to deal with that anymore.

Paige is now in Orlando at The WWE Performance Center. She meets up with WWE Producer Nick Sampogna. Paige is there for her physical. They discuss her recent pains. She has been told to go see Dr. Robinson for an MRI.

Renee, Bryan and Brie are together taking a tour of Orcas Island. They end up in a cornfield. Renee talks about her feelings being hurt that Dean didn't want to stay with her on his day off..... While all 3 are together, Bryan ends up revealing that he received a phone call from The WWE. That they want to meet up, and that they have a job offer for him. Daniel doesn't know what the offer is. Brie asks Bryan if he wants to go back. Bryan isn't sure if he does. Brie jokingly brings up that the draft is right around the corner. Bryan says that he was told to keep his offer "super secret". Brie wonders if the job offer is tv or producer related. Bryan says that he has no interest in working behind the scenes. He then brings up the possibility of the WWE asking him to wrestle again. Which Brie shoots down and tells Bryan to not have high hopes. Off camera, Brie talks about how much Bryan misses wrestling. How she is happy for him if he finds a role he likes but she selfishly wants him at home with her.

We are now at a Live Event in Tampa, Florida. Paige is backstage on the phone with Dr.Robinson. She talks about how the pain in her shoulder is shooting up into her neck. She's feeling pains in her arms as well. Paige is worried that she may have a serious neck injury. That it can be potentially career ending.

In another part of Tampa, Lana meets up with Maryse at The Alessi Bakery. They are there for cake tasting. Lana tells Maryse about Natty's poor ideas and hopes that Maryse can help her. Natalya arrives and joins them. Natalya continues her crusade of making poor suggestions and purposely clashing with Lana. When Lana leaves the room for a minute. Maryse is on to Nattie's game and tries to see what her motivation is. Natalya reveals that she is trying to get out of being Lana's wedding planner. Natty tries to get Maryse to replace her and Maryse says absolutely not.

Back to Brie and Renee. Brie expresses her concern with Bryan going back to work for The WWE. She talks about how they have tried to transition away from wrestling, only to now have Bryan potentially go back. How she doesn't want to go back to that lifestyle and be apart from her husband. Renee suggests to Brie that she have this discussion with Bryan.

Now at Thursday Night Smackdown in Tampa. Nattie and Lana see one another in the parking lot. Natalya ends up telling Lana that she is too busy and doesn't have time to help her with the wedding. Natty admits that she has been trying to get fired from being her wedding planner. Lana is a good sport about it, She asks Natalya why she didn't just tell her, that she didn't want to do it.

This deleted scene below shows Nattie giving Lana a gift as a way of apologizing for being deceptive.

Meanwhile at Orcas Island, Renee Young facetimes Dean Ambrose. She tells him how disappointed she is that Dean didn't come with her. Dean says that he has planned a big trip to Big Sur. Renee is happy with this news, and promises to take Dean into the woods at Big Sur and show him a thing or two.....

Paige now has her MRI done. She is very nervous about her career potentially being over.

We are now in Tampa at The Amalie Arena. Paige is backstage talking to Natalya and Naomi about her recent MRI. How she has been feeling numbness in her arm. Naomi talks about how hard Paige has been running inside the ring for years. Both Natty and Naomi advise Paige to do the right thing and recover. Paige is very depressed. She talks about how she has been wrestling for 11 years and no injury has ever held her back.

Bryan and Brie are together now. They discuss Bryan's job offer from The WWE. Brie talks about their retirements happening at almost the same time, and how she expected them to start a new lifestyle together. Bryan asks Brie if she doesn't want him to take the WWE's offer. He tells Brie that if she doesn't want him to take the offer, He won't. Brie says that she doesn't want him to turn it down. Bryan promises that whatever comes his way, that they can make it work. Brie asks Bryan if he still wants to have kids and he says of course. Bryan says that he is 35 and she is 32 and that they can't put off having kids any longer.

We are now at Monday Night Raw in Atlanta. Paige meets up with Mark Carrano backstage. He says that the WWE doesn't screw around when it comes to medicals. Mark gives Paige her MRI results. He tells her that her shoulder blade is jetting out of her back. That she needs to be taken off of TV, and that she can't do anything physical for 4 to 6 weeks. If she is unable to recover in that time frame, Then they will have to discuss surgery. Mark also tells her that this could affect her draft status. That she may be shelved or drafted later. That someone else is going to take her spot for now. After her meeting with Carrano, Paige heads to her truck in the parking lot to regroup after getting the bad news. Off camera, Paige talks about how bad the timing is, and she doesn't know if she will ever be able to wrestle again.

Meanwhile, Brie and Bryan are meeting in Orlando. Brie reveals that Bryan has been offered a commentary job for The Cruiserweight Classic on The WWE Network. Daniel Bryan is then show entering Full Sail for The CWC tapings. He is introduced, makes his entrance and gets a huge pop from the crowd. Daniel gets on the mic and thanks the fans, and tells him how excited he is. This week's show ends here.

A video airs previewing next week's episode. In it, John Cena is hosting The ESPY's and Nikki gets into an argument with her brother JJ. A wild bachelorette party for Lana takes place in Vegas. Lana meets up with an old boyfriend, and starts having second thoughts about getting married to Rusev. Lana is shown crying while she is talking to Rusev about her struggles.

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