Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Antonio Norman for sending in these results from last night's NXT live event in Nashville:

The show begins with a Martin Luther King Tribute video package and a Black History Tribute video, followed by the National Anthem.

Gran Metalik vs. Oney Lorcan

Both wrestlers were in the ring for a short face off while the crowd chanted "this is awesome" before there is any action in the ring. The match was a back and forth battle of high flying spots by Metalik and hard hitting Cesaro like spots by Oney Lorcan. The key spots saw Oney Lorcan catch Metalik with a European uppercut to set up a near fall that the crowd couldn't believe he kicked out of to Metalik coming back with a King of the Ropes Tornado DDT to win the match. 4 out of 5 star match.

Sanity vs. Heavy Machinery

The match wasn't all that good. Nikki Cross interfered the majority of the match. This was the typical giant guys beat up on the smaller guys and the little guys who are playing the faces in the fight cheat to win. 2 out 5 stars. I give it 2 stars because of the effort that Eric Young put in.

Backstage segment: DIY Cuts a great promo on the big screen. They wanted to give tonight's match a little story behind their title defense and what it means to defend them for the first time in Nashville. Nashville crowd loves to hear "Nashville" being said so it had a huge pop for the promo.

There was a segment with the female announcer and a little girl. The announcer goes to little girl and asks her name and tells the crowd that the little girl will be doing the intro for the next fight. It was entertaining, the little girls said, "the next match is scheduled for one fall." She paused and let the crowd respond "ONE FALL". It's nice to see that sometimes from an entertainment point.

Ember Moon vs. Mandy Rose

Ember Moon comes out to a huge pop! Mandy arrives looking like the gold version of all red everything Eva Marie. The difference is the crowd likes her for her in-ring ability and looks, which showed very well in this contest. This was an old fashioned wrestling match... punches, head locks, suplexes and drop kicks. Ember had a couple of high spots from the top rope that hit and miss. It's obvious these two work a lot together on the road. They have that special chemistry and it shows. The ending was predictable, Ember hits her Flipping Stunner from the top rope to win the Match. 3.5 out 5 Stars

15 minute intermission.

NXT Tag Team Championship: DIY vs. The Authors of Pain

This was another big guy dominates little guys match as well. The Authors of Pain dominated DIY with headlocks, clubbing blows and bearhugs the entire match. Frequent tags to isolate Johnny Wrestling from Ciampa. Gargano finally creates some separation to get the hot tag and get Ciampa into the match. Ciampa gives one of the Authors a fury of chops while he is on his knees. That did not work as one of the Authors lets out a huge roar. The crowd chants "Psycho Killer" for about 1 minute. Ciampa goes back on the attack as the other Author tries to come in the ring to assist, but Gargano kicks him out of the ring and returns to the corner waiting for the tag. One Author is thrown into the DIY corner. Ciampa hits him with a running knee to the chin. He tags in Gargano and they both perform the springboard spear from the apron which causes the Author to roll over and crawl to the center of the ring to get hit with DIYs boot and knee finisher. 1-2-3 AND STILL YOUR TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS DIY. 4 out 5 stars.

"The Drifter" Elias Samson vs. Patrick Clark

Samson makes his way to the ring playing his guitar. He goes to the middle of the ring to have the ring announcer hold the microphone while he sings and BURIES Nashville with his "hicktown" lyrics. Patrick Clark music hits to interrupt and dances his way. He has this Prince-like character and the crowd couldn't resist to chant loudly and sing over his entrance Purple Rain ... Purple Rain. The chants went on throughout the match. Elias Samson controlled the match but couldn't put away Clark. Many near falls in this match to say the least. After a missed attempt off the top rope from Clark, The Drifter picks up his guitar and starts playing a song while sitting on the apron. The crowd tries to cheer Clark on with let's go Patrick "Purple Rain" 50 / 50 chants. Clark rolled out of the ring and delivers a few Ric Flair like knife edge chops to send Samson right into the ring in pain. The guitar is on the ring floor and Patrick signals to use the guitar like the old Jeff Jarrett. The crowd starts with YES chants, he attempts to hit Samson with the guitar but Samson reverses and hits his swinging neck breaker finisher. 3.5 out 5 stars.

NXT Women's Championship Match: Asuka vs. Peyton Royce vs. Nikki Cross

"Asuka's gonna kill you" chants filled the War Memorial Auditorium as we were set for a hard hitting Triple Threat Match. The bell rings and Asuka goes on a vicious attack on Peyton Royce and Nikki Cross. Kicks and punches showed her anger for the two as she dominated the first 3 minutes of the match. Cross is thrown out of the ring and Asuka just continues to hammer away on Royce. Cross returns to the ring and attacks Asuka. Royce joins and Nikki turns her attention to Peyton after they take out Asuka. Nikki Cross performs a drop kick to Peyton from the middle rope. Asuka gets back into the match and dives on to Nikki from the top rope. All are down in the ring and they move towards to the center. Each wrestler is on their knees and start punching each other. The crowd shows appreciation as all 3 women exchange blows until they are tired out. They all then make it to their feet. Asuka tosses Nikki out of the ring. Nikki tries to get back in but Billie Kay pulls Nikki off the apron and attacks her. Asuka sees this and goes for Billie Kay. Peyton comes from behind on Asuka and locks in the Asuka lock. The crowd pops really loud for this for some odd reason. Asuka reverses Peyton's attempt of the Asuka lock and applies the real Asuka lock to Peyton. Crowd chants PLEASE TAP OUT. After 40 seconds into the hold, Peyton Taps out. And still... Asuka retains. 4.5 out 5 Stars.

Main Event: NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura & Roderick Strong vs. Samoa Joe & Bobby Roode

So we have Samoa Joe entering the ring to a loud pop. Joe chants are loud as usual. Then we we have his tag team partner with a glorious entrance to enter the impact zone.... oh wait, that's the wrong show! Yes, Joe and Roode are tagging together! Roderick strong enters and then the champion enters with the loudest pop of the night. All four men are in the ring and "This is awesome" chants are ringing loud. Roderick and Joe kick things off with a fast paced back and forth battle. Joe gets the upper hand using those educated hands and feet and gets Roderick into his team's corner to give some of those heavy quick right punches assisted by Joe chants. Joe tags in Roode and he takes over. Roderick creates distance with a stiff punch to Roode. Roderick points at Nakamura and crowd chants to tag him in. So we have Nakamura and Roode in the center of the ring. Before they start to fight they do this taunting competition to see who can get the biggest reaction from the crowd. Roode does his glorious taunt and the crowd gets loud. Nakamura does his "come on" taunt and the crowds gets louder. This went on for about 90 seconds. After the battle to one up each other's taunt, Nakamura stops the game and lays those knees into Roode's gut. Roode fights back into a suplex attempt and is on the offense with Nakamura for short period of time. Things start to break down after basic wrestling moves are performed by all four men. All four men are in the ring. Joe has Roderick in the corner and hits Strong with a devastating CCS Enziguri to send Strong out the ring. Joe goes back to his corner. Roode lays Nakamura out. Roode makes the tag to Joe they both are double teaming Nakamura. Roderick Strong comes back into the ring and does an Angle Slam on Roode to send him packing. Everyone is standing heir feet. Nakamura hits Joe with everything he has. Joe is in the middle of the ring groggy. The crowd is up on their feet they can feel it coming. Kinshasa! Nakamura pins Joe 1-2-3! 5 out of 5 Stars.

Great show overall!

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