Welcome to WrestlingINC's coverage of WWE NXT. We're back at Full Sail Live for a new episode featuring the contract signing between Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship match at NXT Takeover: San Antonio.

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- SAnitY makes their entrance as we take at Nikki Cross partaking in the melee last week as she took down the NXT Women's Champion, Asuka. Poor Kennedy Lewis just happens to be in the ring as a sacrifice.

Nikki Cross vs. Kennedy Lewis

Lewis, a sizable opponent as compared to Cross' smaller stature, unable to take advantage. The terrier of SAnitY uses her unorthodox offense. Lewis gets one punch to the gut before Cross sets up a spinning neck breaker for the quick win.

Winner via Pinfall: Nikki Cross

- Backstage with No Way Jose. He's asked about the momentum he gathered in 2016 and how it will roll into this year. He says he'll be the same guy this year and fiesta. Kona Reeves comes in and says he's no friend of Jose's as he got jumped by SAnitY. We look to have a match set up for the future.

- Backstage with The Revival. They say 2017 will be no different as they are the best tag team in the world. They think they should be in the tag title match in San Antonio. TM61 interrupts and they say Revival should have to fight just like everyone else. Revival says they're not like everyone else. They'll have a match later tonight.

Roderick Strong vs. Steve Cutler

Strong debuts a new power ballad theme to a solid reaction. Cutler gets a solid reaction from the crowd as he's a regular on the Florida house show loop. They lock up as a big "Roddy" chant breaks out. Early control to Strong but Cutler backs him in the corner and hits a cheap shot on the break. Reversal fest on whips ends in a drop kick from Strong. Thunderous chop from Strong in the corner, but Cutler able to counter another whip and drop Strong on the ropes neck first. Cutler using some ground and pound with several stomps and shots. Cool running stomp from Cutler lends to a cover and kick out. Rear chin lock with knee in the back, but the crowd finally wakes up to help Roddy out of the predicament. Able to create some space by sending Cutler into the ropes. Strong now on fire delivering forearm after forearm. Strong now just throwing Cutler around like a rag doll. Running knee to the corner sets up the Sick Kick for the victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Roderick Strong

- Strong interviewed after the match and is asked about Andrade "Cien" Almas' comments from last week. He says it doesn't matter what Almas says and he is going after the NXT Title.

- Backstage with Ember Moon. She says she'll get her shot at the NXT Women's Title after the battlefield clears from the 4-way at San Antonio. Liv Morgan joins the conversation and proposes a match for later to put whoever is champion on notice that there is indeed lots of competition in the NXT Women's Division.

- Tye Dillinger comes out to a huge ovation to address his future. After he asks himself what is next, the crowd erupts in "Royal Rumble, Number Ten!" He plays it off well and goes on to question his talent and if he belongs in NXT. He goes so far to ask himself if he's still a "perfect 10." He gives props to those around him for believing in him. SAnitY interrupts. Eric Young says Dillinger doesn't have "it" anymore. EY says that Dillinger could have "it" back if he has some guidance. Wolfe brings Fulton's old jacket to the ring and seemingly offers it to Tye. The crowd urges him not to, but he takes the jacket. He throws the jacket on the floor in refusal. Young goes on to further entice him by saying he's been in a similar position. Young says he tried it everyone's way, but now he's doing it his way and SAnitY's way. Dillinger takes the jacket again. Young says he's not ASKING Dillinger to be in the group, but rather telling. Dillinger holds up the jacket, drops it, and throws a TEN right in EY's face. They brawl, Dillinger gets EY up for the Tye Breaker, and Damo comes out of nowhere with a spear. Big slam on Dillinger leads to a formal invitation to Damo to join SAnitY. He takes the jacket and keeps it and we're back at a 4-person stable.

- As we return, it's announced that Tye Dillinger will face Eric Young at NXT Takeover: San Antonio.

TM61 vs. The Revival

Good reaction for both teams and all four competitors go at it at right at the jump. Thorne and Dawson finally make their way in the ring and the match is officially underway. Thorne's knee gets chop blocked by Wilder on his way back to the corner. Dawson with a slam and classic revival begins with quick tags and work over Thorne. Dawson with thumping chops and strikes as the ring gets cut into not a half, but a quarter. Dawson with trash talk that's clearly heard through an unusually quiet Full Sail crowd. Blind tags made by both teams. Shatter Machine to Thorne, but rolls out of the ring to make room for Miller to clean house. Big spine buster by Wilder regains the advantage. Revival sets up for a double team. Thorne grabs Wilder to prevent the move. At the same time, Miller rolls up Dawson for the surprise win.

Winners via Pinfall: TM61

- After the match, Revival immediately goes on the attack and decimate TM61. They do an injury angle with Thorne on the knee as Miller comes out to check on his partner as Revival slowly but surely departs the ring. Medical personnel come out to check on Thorne.

- Match announcement for Takeover San Antonio. Roderick Strong will take on Andrade "Cien" Almas.

- Ember Moon vs. Liv Morgan will take place next week.

- Time for the NXT Championship contract signing. Roode comes out dressed to the nines. Graves is fantastic during Roode's entrance. Nakamura out to a huge pop in his traditional leather attire. Before Mr. Regal can govern the proceedings, Roode says there will be no physicality during this signing. He visualizes his name on the marquee and says it will be the biggest money match in NXT history. Roode says he's familiar with Nakamura's work, but feels he's not really worth his time. Roode talks about the ticket he gave Nakamura from Takeover: Dallas. He puts Nakamura over to the moon. He says Nakamura calls himself the King of Strong Style, but he has no style at all. He digs on Nakamura's haircut and clothes. Nakamura grabs the mic and calls Roode a Japanese dog and rips his style. Roode says Nakamura is no longer in the land of zero talent, Japan. Roode rips into the talent and crowd but say they're slowly turning to his style and he's the "it factor of sports entertainment." Roode signs the contract. He says when he finally wins the NXT Championship, it will be GLOR---Nakamura stops him mid-glorious. Nakamura says Roode looks good and is one of the best in the world, but he won't win the NXT Title. Nakamura says he will kick off Roode's head in San Antonio, and it will be...wait for it...Nakmura leads the chant to GLORIOUS! They face off to end the episode.

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