NJPW star Kenny Omega appeared on The Taz Show this week, as seen in the video above. During the interview, Omega noted that he is accepting feelers and has not signed any contracts. He also said that while no negotiations have ended, money is not his primary motive for where he ends up signing.

"I have come so far to almost having a complete career [in NJPW], do I end that now to pursue something else somewhere else?" Omega asked. "Now people are talking about me and now WWE is more receiving of using me in a way that I can contribute.

"I don't want to just take a payday and collect a check. While I'm still healthy, while I still have ideas in this crazy head of mine, I want to contribute and I want to do things that are going to make wrestling fans happy and are going to make new people into wrestling fans that were wrestling fans before, I want to contribute in that manner. If a company like WWE were willing to use me in that manner, if they had good ideas for me and I had good ideas that jived with that, I would heavily consider that."

Omega added that not being able to win the IWGP Championship while being so close to doing so also weighs heavily on his decision, but if there was a better opportunity and felt more needed elsewhere, then he would consider that option.

As noted, Omega's contract with NJPW expires on January 31st, while Dave Meltzer recently reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that some people with NJPW believe that he may have already re-signed with the company.

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