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Recently, RauteMusik shared an interview with former WWE Tag Team Champion Xavier Woods. During the interview, Woods talked about wanting to see fellow New Day member Kofi Kingston become world champion, Woods' future goals, and whether Woods' sees a single's run of his own in the future.

According to Woods, he would like to make sure that Kofi Kingston becomes world champion because he deserves it more than any other WWE Superstar.

"The last thing that I really want to do is make sure that Kofi becomes heavyweight champion because I think he deserves it more than anybody in the locker room. He's an amazing talent, he's great on the microphone, and he has shown that he can be successful over the past decade that he [has] been there. And so, I want to make sure that he becomes champion because I think he deserves it more than anybody."

As for his future goals, Woods suggested that his focus remains on The New Day.

"Honestly, I've always loved having tag teams since I was little, so I've always kind of been focused on wanting to be a tag team champion. That was the goal and we hit that goal being the longest reigning [WWE] Tag Team Champions. I just have a lot more fun when there's success that I am able to share with my friends and people that I love. It's literally my dream come true."

Woods professed, "I think that we don't understand a lot of the time that tag team champions, they are world champions. To me, it's just as important as the single's world championship except that you're on a team, so it [has] got just as much importance and just as much clout. So I don't see it as a lesser title or anything of that nature and that's the top of our bracket, so we want to be champions again and we want to beat our own record for longest reigning [WWE] Tag [Team] Champions. That's what we want to do."

When asked whether Woods would consider a single's run one day, he said he will be ready if that opportunity arises, but his focus is on The New Day.

"Yeah, I think if the opportunity presented itself, then, I'm definitely prepared to step up to the task, but, again, I'm more focused on the group, as New Day, being successful. We all definitely want to be champions on our own right, but right now, we're gunning to become the [WWE RAW] Tag Team Champions again."

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