Yesterday we asked, if Kurt Angle had one last WWE match, who should be his opponent? After over 300 comments, we got some answers. Let's get to a couple wrestlers that trended throughout your replies.

1) Rusev - The story basically writes itself in terms of polar opposite gimmicks, and Rusev would do a fine job keeping up with Angle in the ring and on the mic. Many of you felt this could be the match to propel Rusev to that next level.

2) AJ Styles - It's AJ Styles, the match will be amazing, what else is there to say? A large majority of the votes went towards Styles and Rusev, after that is was a bit of a random mix of names.

3) John Cena - They have plenty of history, so getting a story together wouldn't be too difficult. It would be cool to see these two go at it one more time, but Angle could do a huge favor by putting over one of the younger guys.

4) Jack Swagger - Battle of the ankle locks.

5) Roman Reigns - Reigns would get booed out of the arena, but if WWE ever decided to turn the guy, a feud against Angle would certainly do that.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

The Madmage:
"I think he could revitalize Rusev's push with an angle (pun intended) between the two. Both have the comedic chops but also a credible in ring skills to make the feud serious too."

"The Milkman that had his truck stolen..."

Dr.Gonzo: Gonz-illa Monsoon:
"Kenny Omega's broom."

Sarcastic Mr. Fox is kawaii:
"Kurt Angle vs Curt Hawkins vs Curtis Axel. Can you handle all that Kurt?"

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