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There are betting odds on who will eliminate the most opponents and currently the best odds are on Braun Strowman with odds of 1/2. This means a successful $2 bet would yield only $1. That's how strong this forecast is at the moment. The actual probability would be a 66% chance of Braun throwing the most men out. Strowman also has the best odds and is tied with The Undertaker to win the entire rumble at 3/1, but that's only a 33% probability as opposed to the 66% to get the most eliminations. The machine is clearly behind Strowman.

The easiest way to read these fractional odds would be knowing the a bet on the number to the right would yield a payout of the number on the left upon success.

Samoa Joe has the second most favorable odds at 5/2, which would be a $2 bet to win $5. Rumors of Joe being fast tracked to a key Wrestlemania match are abound. He isn't even on the main roster at this point nor has he even been announced as an entrant in the rumble. These odds beg the question of if someone has true, ironclad insider information or the hysteria over the gossip has forced the sportsbook to move the odds to maintain a "balanced book".

Goldberg is currently at 4/1 and this is a recent sway of the odds as he was at 10/1 as of Sunday. This is the only line that moved as far as most eliminations go.

Baron Corbin is the next most favored at 11/1 and not far behind ties at 10/1 odds are Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and Finn Balor. Like Samoa Joe, Balor is has not been announced for the rumble. Finn is actually still healing from an injury sustained after a barrier bomb by Seth Rollins.

Here is the full list of odds from Paddy Power. You'll notice some names that have not been announced for the rumble and a bet and these odds do not guarantee an appearance in the match. This is "All in, Compete or Not" grading. The sportsbook keeps the wager in the event of the wrestler not competing. This is fair because in cases like Samoa Joe, Finn Balor and even Triple H, the speculation is factored into the odds and in some cases driving them.

Most Royal Rumble Eliminations 2017:

Braun Strowman 1/2

Samoa Joe 5/2

Goldberg 4/1

Baron Corbin 11/2

Brock Lesnar 10/1

Finn Balor 10/1

Roman Reigns 14/1

Seth Rollins 14/1

Chris Jericho 14/1

Randy Orton 14/1

Undertaker 14/1

John Cena 16/1

Cesaro 16/1

Big Cass 16/1

Kevin Owens 20/1

Bray Wyatt 20/1

Sheamus 22/1

Sami Zayn 25/1

Dean Ambrose 25/1

The Miz 25/1

Dolph Ziggler 33/1

Big Show 33/1

Kane 33/1

Triple H 33/1

Kofi Kingston 33/1

Rusev 33/1

Big E 40/1

Neville 50/1

Kalisto 66/1

Goldust 66/1

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