As noted, WWE Champion AJ Styles appeared on Talking Smack this week with co-hosts Shane McMahon and Renee Young. During the segment, Styles vented about being so far back on the Royal Rumble poster (which is below). When asked why he was so far back on the poster, Shane blamed his sister, Stephanie.

"Stephanie McMahon actually did the creative for the poster," Shane stated.

Styles replied, "Well I think that's obvious, every RAW guy was up front except for John Cena, you made sure he was up there!"

Styles criticized Shane for not doing anything about the snub. Shane stated that he wasn't concerned about the poster, but rather he was thinking more about the event.

"But you don't understand, it's what you're saying without saying it," Styles noted. "John Cena is important, AJ Styles is not! That's basically what you said with that poster."

What are your thoughts on the Royal Rumble poster? Was WWE right with the stars they chose to be in the front, or does AJ have a legitimate gripe? Who would you put in the front row? Sound off in the "Comments" section below.

Updated WWE Royal Rumble poster, now featuring The Undertaker

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