During yesterday's episode of the Wrestling Inc. podcast, former WWE Superstar Matt Morgan, Glenn Rubenstein and myself discussed the John Cena - AJ Styles segment on SmackDown. Morgan was not a fan of Cena's promo, stating that Cena came off like "a complete prick" and was upset with Styles standing there and taking it.

I mentioned that Cena burned Styles on the promo and wasn't sure if you could reply to it. Morgan proved me wrong, and proceeded to cut a scathing promo on Cena for Styles.

"Listen to your arrogance John!" Morgan said. "Listen to your freakin' arrogance! You're too good to work the indies?! You? The guy who can't tie his wrestling boots together, wait a minute... you don't even wear wrestling boots because you don't respect the business because no one taught you that coming up on the indies!"

Morgan continued cutting his promo and burning Cena something fierce for another 30 seconds. You can watch the segment in the video above at the 18:00 mark, Morgan's promo starts at the 20:10 mark.

Yesterday's podcast also included:

- Review of Tuesday's SmackDown Live

- NXT: Takeover and Royal Rumble predictions

- The crew compare their ideal WrestleMania matches

- Morgan talks about how much wrestlers know heading into the Rumble and provides more insight into the Rumble match

And more!

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