As noted, Triple H participated in a media call today, which you can listen to in its entirety in the video above (the audio glitch from earlier at the 8:40 mark has been fixed). Wrestling Inc. was on the call, and I asked Triple H if there has been any talk about possibly airing an NXT Takeover special on the USA Network.

"When you have a network, and you're trying to create value for that network, and give people reasons to have it, you have to weigh that heavily," Triple H said. "I think NXT has the potential to be a lot of things. Where it sits is not 100% my decision. I know those conversations have happened."

Triple H noted that part of NXT's uniqueness is that it is just a Network property.

"There are some things and some changes that I'm hopeful will happen sooner than later that will expand it and make the show better," he added.

The Game then stated that the brand split had an effect on NXT with all of the talent that was called up. He noted that they are still affected by it and are rebuilding the brand to this day.

"I'm not happy with where it [NXT] is right now by far," Triple H admitted. "I want it to be much better than it is, but it's a rebuilding process. All these things going on, they all make changes in the ecosystem. Where everything lands at the end of the day is a moving target."

You can listen to his comments about NXT and the effect the brand split had in the video above at the 29:40 mark. He also discussed UK talent being pulled from indy shows, AJ Styles bypassing NXT and why Styles thinks it shouldn't happen again, Shinsuke Nakamura not being on the main roster, the Cruiserweight division, goals for the UK division, Matt Riddle and more.

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