Recently we asked if Roman Reigns or Kevin Owens should win at the Royal Rumble and after 1,000 votes, it was a fairly tight race with Roman Reigns winning 57% of the vote. Let's get to a couple thoughts that trended throughout your replies.

1) "No DQ" helps Owens - It seems Kevin Owens would benefit more from this added stipulation as Jericho could drop something to Owens during the match, or maybe get out and actually help his best friend. It's also a way to have Reigns lose, but still look strong (very strong!).

2) Vince McMahon - It's no mystery Vince is a fan of Reigns, and that alone could be the reason Reigns ends up winning the title back. Another theory from many of you was Reigns dropped the U.S. title (without seeming to care very much afterwards) so he'll probably be picking up the Universal title this Sunday.

3) Meh. - Who cares! I came across that comment a few times, with the Royal Rumble being totally stacked and Cena/Styles, this match falls down the list in terms of interesting matches. For various reasons (boring story, not a fan of Reigns, Owens is weak), wrestling fans just don't feel as invested in this one.

Thanks to everyone who responded, we'll see who gets the win this Sunday! For now, here are some of the top comments:

"The weirdest thing about Owens being booked so weak is you would think the WWE would want to build Owens up as a legit champ to make Reigns' win over him more impressive."

Cheeseburger or Die:
"What is the point of having Jericho in the cage if they are making it a "No DQ" match? Jericho can just toss something down to Owens through the cage which makes Jericho being in the cage completely pointless."

"Kevin Owens, but they need to go back to the NXT KO where he didn't give a [darn] about best friends, that KO was awesome."

David E:
"Here is the thing. If you watched RAW carefully (Yeah, yeah, yeah, stop laughing) Jericho had the key to the cage. He may still have they key to cage."

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