President Donald J Trump actually has odds from The European market for this Sunday's WWE Royal Rumble. BetWrestling sent us the following:

Trump has odds of 1000 / 1 to win the match and he's not even scheduled to be in attendance. To put this in perspective, a $1 bet could win $1000. Former President Barack Obama has the same odds. The same sports book is offering odds on Donald Trump being given honorary knighthood by the United Kingdom. These can be found under the novelties section of the sports book. This is an Irish sports book and does not take wagers from the United States and Canada, but does from many other countries.

The European Market is also offering "Special Bets" on the Royal Rumble match with odds on events that could occur during the match. These are from Paddy Power, an Irish sports book known for bizarre and sometimes controversial odds for exotic and novelty betting.

A brief and simple explanation on how to understand these fractional odds. The number on the right if risked would return winnings of the number on the left. So a $6 bet on Sami Zayn lasting the longest in the rumble would yield $5 if the bet is won. Based on these odds, it's more likely to happen than not. The other extreme would be James Ellsworth's 33/ 1 odds on eliminating Goldberg. In this case a $1 bet would win $33, because it's not very likely to happen.

Sami Zayn to stay in the match for the longest time 5/6
Cesaro to eliminate Sheamus 6/4
Enzo Amore to eliminate Rusev 6/4
Dean Ambrose to eliminate Baron Corbin 15/8
Seth Rollins to stay in the match for the longest time 9/4
Randy Orton to eliminate Brock Lesnar 3/1
John Cena to eliminate The Undertaker 7/2
Shaquille O'Neal to eliminate Big Show 4/1
The Undertaker to eliminate John Cena 7/2
Braun Strowman to eliminate both Goldberg and Brock Lesnar 6/1
Undertaker to win the Rumble and win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 7/1
Titus O'Neil to eliminate all 3 members of The New Day 7/1
Final 4 to be Undertaker, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho 8/1
Finn Balor to enter number 1 and win 10/1
The Undertaker to enter number 1 and win 10/1
Final 6 to be: Undertaker, Strowman, Jericho, Rollins, Orton and Wyatt 14/1
Chris Jericho to win and Sami Zayn to stay in the match longest 16/1
James Ellsworth to eliminate Goldberg 33/1

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