The official website for the Orange County Choppers, who designed the current WWE Championship belt, posted the photo below and noted that they are finishing "up another WWE championship belt."

The words "Universal Championship" are engraved under the WWE logo, so it appears as if a new design for that belt is coming. However, it should be noted that what's in the photo already looks like the current design, although it doesn't make sense to hire the Orange County Choppers just to make a copy of the current belt. The current design was met with boos when it was unveiled at SummerSlam this past August, causing RAW General Manager Mick Foley to rant on the crowd response on his Facebook.

"Maybe the look of the Universal Championship isn't the one that I personally wouldn't have wanted," Foley wrote the day after SummerSlam. "But remember the Hardcore Title? It was supposed to be a joke when it was presented to me broken pieces of metal held together by duct tape. But we made that title mean something by busting our asses to show it's worth. As Seth Rollins writes in his tweet, a title is about more than appearance; it's about what it represents for the men fighting for it. Remember the WWE title I won from The Rock that moment that has gone down as among the greatest in Monday Night Raw history? Did you know that title belt reeked of beer and mildew, and stunk up my bag every day for the 37 days (or whatever the exact number was) that I held it? Did you know that I didn't give an F about the beer and mildew... or what it looked like, what color it was, if it spun or had my name on it? I only cared about the hard work that had gone into winning it, and that those responsible for running the company felt that I was worthy of holding it.

"There are so many times when WWE fans act in a way that makes me proud. Last night was not one of them. Last night, that vocal minority in attendance - who thought their clever chants about their displeasure toward the aesthetic design of a FREAKING belt were more important than the two guys busting their asses to have the best match possible, made me feel ashamed."

Below is a photo of the belt from Orange County Choppers:

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