Source: Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports has a new interview with WWE Champion AJ Styles, who was promoting tonight's WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Below are a couple of highlights:

How John Cena would really fare on the indies:

"Let's talk about that. The independent scene is really hard. When I say that, it's because you may be the guy coming in from a different state that no one knows. So, how are you going to have people react? A lot of that has to take place through stuff they haven't seen before and stuff they didn't expect in the ring. That takes a lot of athletic ability to get eyes on you and to pay attention sometimes. Every type of wrestling you can think of, you need to adapt to this guy who might only do lucha stuff or this guy might be 6-foot-8, so we know he's not doing that. All that stuff has to happen.

"But I say that [to say] how John Cena would do, nobody is really going to know. But I would venture to say as a nobody coming in, eyes would be on John Cena based on his look alone. He's a tank. He's a jacked-up man. That's the first thing people would see, so he would get a reaction on the way he looks. Now, what happens in the ring won't be as easy because the whole "You Can't See Me" thing, people aren't going to go and do that with him because people haven't seen him before. There's a lot that goes into the independents that a lot of people don't understand. Who's to say whether John would have done well or done terrible in the indies. How will we ever know? We won't."

If he has a response to Al Roker and Tamron Hall following their comments on the "Today" show?

"I would like for her [Tamron] to do some research before she tries to talk about something she has no idea about. The fact of the matter is she didn't know what John Cena did for a living. But guess what? There's this little thing called YouTube and you can do a lot of things and research a lot of stuff on there.

"As for Al goes, he said he didn't say anything. I beg to differ, Al. I would say you are involved, sir. You are just jealous because you have no hair."

Styles also discussed Nikki Bella's impressions of him, the Atlanta Falcons making it to the Super Bowl, how independent wrestlers are faring in WWE and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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