Source: Sports Illustrated

Impact Grand Champion Drew Galloway was interviewed for this week's Extra Mustard at Sports Illustrated. Below are a couple of highlights:

John Cena:

"I used to be around John Cena all the time in WWE, and I watched him and the way he worked. John is a guy who has been at the top longer than anyone else in history, and I'm lucky to have the opportunity to train at Cena's gym and go to him for advice. The questions I ask him deal with how to conduct myself as a businessman and how to truly get over in wrestling. My goal is to actually top him, and be bigger and busier than John Cena."

Roman Reigns:

"Roman looks great, has incredible stage presence, and he is solid in the ring. The issue is he's been positioned as the 'chosen guy,' and when you spoon feed that to the fans, generally they don't respond favorably. But he gets a huge response either way, which means they care and speaks to his overall talent much like Cena."

Galloway also discussed leaving WWE, possibly returning to WWE someday, AJ Styles and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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