Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of WWE NXT. Tonight's episode will feature all the fallout from WWE NXT TakeOver: San Antonio and some matches that were taped before the special event.

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- We open up with a highlight package from NXT TakeOver: San Antonio. Brand new opening video package as well.

- The announce team welcomes us to the show and runs down tonight's card, then we hed straight to the ring for women's division action.

Ember Moon vs. Aliyah

Graves takes some fun shots at Aliyah and the crowd welcomes Ember warmly. Aliyah can't get her feet under her. Ember with under-hooks and catches Aliya's kick and applies a unique stretch submission. Aliyah fights her way out and blasts a couple upper cuts to one of the top contenders in the division. Kick to the corner that doesn't quite connect, but enough to get a short cover. Moon with a springboard moonsault. She pops up Aliyah in a power bomb position, but Aliya reverses with a head scissors take down. They trade reversals and Moon hits a stiff shot to the jaw of Aliyah. That sets up the top rope twisting stunner for the win. Fun short match that highlighted both ladies.

Winner via Pinfall: Ember Moon

- We'll see new NXT Champion Bobby Roode later on tonight along with exclusive footage of Shinsuke Nakamura's injury during the title match.

- Video of SAnitY. Eric Young says life is about choices and Tye Dillinger made the wrong one. They continue to say they will "take."

- Video highlighting Tye Dillinger's weekend including his appearance at the Royal Rumble, at number 10. In an interview after the Rumble, he said that was the kind of night people dream about. Although he is disappointed with his loss at TakeOver, the whole process is a bit surreal and means the most that his name is now in the history books.

- We take a look back at the Fatal Four-Way for the NXT Women's Title. Interview with Asuka after the match with Cathy Kelly. Asuka says the match was tough, but she is still champ. When asked about Ember Moon, she asks "Ember Who?" and asks if she works there. Kelly confirms she does and Asuka walks off.

- Backstage with Ember Moon and interviewer cites Asuka's earlier interview. Ember says Asuka is tough, but she's never been in the ring with Ember Moon. She says after the war is settled, Asuka will know who Ember Moon is.

Tyler Bate vs. Oney Lorcan

Nice reception for the newly crowned UK Champ as he waves his way down the ring. What a simple yet effective gimmick. Lorcan becoming quite the fan favorite as well. They feel each other out early as they grapple old-school style with a test of strength. Bop and Bang make an appearance as Bate trips up the heelish Lorcan. Oney misses a blockbuster and Bate hits a drop kick with a kip-up. Lorcan slows the pace with some ground and pound and thunderous chops and uppercuts. Bate sends Oney a taste of his own medicine with a flying uppercut and now we go spinning. Round and round we go, where Bate stops, nobody knows. He gathers himself and reverses the spin much to the delight of the crowd. Near fall. Crowd with a slightly premature "this is awesome" but these guys are trading stiff shots. Bate hits the Tyler Driver 97 for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Tyler Bate

- Later on, we'll take a look at the "final chapter" of the book of the Authors of Pain as they won the NXT Tag Team Championships at TakeOver. Up next, we'll see Bobby Roode and his gloriousness.

- Backstage with Roderick Strong after his match at TakeOver. He said it's always been Roddy vs. The World and this is just a taste of what he can bring to NXT.

- Video package looking at the tag title match where AOP garnered their first gold. Backstage after the event with AOP and Paul Ellering. The mastermind behind the team says the prophecy has been fulfilled and they will take victory at all costs.

- A look back at the NXT Championship match between then champ Shinsuke Nakamura and new champ Bobby Roode. They review the injury angle to Nakamura's knee. In "exclusive footage," we're shown Nakamura being helped to the back with a trainer and NXT's Matt Bloom. Triple H is shown checking on Nakamura as Kassius Ohno makes an appearance. Ohno appears to be supportive in the situation. Roode is interviewed after the match. He says the outcome wouldn't have been any different in any other situation. He says it's now a new NXT and Bobby Roode's NXT era begins now, and that it will be, you guessed it, glorious.

- It is announced that Roode's glorious celebration will take place on next week's NXT.

- Highlight package of departing NXT commentator, Corey Graves. They encapsulate the entire timeline from his time in FCW, to the "new" NXT, to his transition into commentary. Graves was always a good heel promo and has made a natural progression in his new role. Fantastic video package.

Elias Samson vs. No Way Jose

Before the match, Samson is feeling a tune coming on and wants to sing a song. Thankfully that song is No Way Jose's theme. Graves adds a few lines to the "greatest hits" before we ring the bell. Samson doesn't let Jose dance with the crowd but hits a drop kick soon as the bell rings. Shots from Jose (not Cuervo) gets him the upper hand momentarily but Samson with some shots to regain control. Jose fights out of a fireman's carry and hits a senton. Baseball slide from Jose and a flying axe handle to the outside gets the crowd grooving once again as we head to break.

Back from break and Samson in firm control. The Drifting Savage lays in a knee to the outside as Jose is draped on the apron. Ye olden boo/yay spot leads to a whip and big clothesline from the drifter. Headlock applied by Samson but the crowd gets Jose back in it. Samson blocks a reversal by hanging on the hair of Jose. The dance machine fights his way out with a side slam and both men are down. South paw jabs set up the righty hay maker. Whip and hip toss from Jose. He winds up the for the pitch, is intercepted by Samson, but Jose sends him away for a rebound, pops him up, and the big right connects. One, two, three. We can now dance the night away.

Winner via Pinfall: No Way Jose

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