As noted, WWE held their latest tryouts this week at the WWE Performance Center. has photos of the new recruits at this link.

We mentioned before that former TNA star Lei'D Tapa was at the tryouts. Former TNA Knockout Barbi Hayden was also at the tryouts. Casey Michael of Squared Circle Sirens tweeted us the names of 40 of the 42 recruits at the tryouts, which you can check out below:

As noted, one of the recruits is Terron Beckham, who is the cousin of New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. CBS Sports has an article about Beckham at the tryouts, calling him "ridiculously jacked," while The Gridiron Crew posted a video of Beckham benching 44 reps at the BSN Combine, as seen below:

Below are some more photos of Beckham:

What is getting a chance without preparation ?? A lot of people complain about opportunities when they don't even work hard enough for it. My goal to everyone is to motivate you and let you know that you must prepare yourself to even get close to a chance. Let's take a look back at my life, I have been training on my own consistently since 2010 when I graduated high school, just this year I was able to train and even get a shot at training for the Nfl with the New York Jets, now things didn't go all fine and dandy but hey I know that I got there over the years off my dedication, and guess what it's transferring over into another professional Leauge the #WWE. Now tryouts is in a little over a month but hey I know I can say that my years of training and preparation are finally paying off due to these opportunities I am receiving. It only gets better from there make or fail you understand what you are capable of. I don't care what your career is, you bust your ass and make yourself known and understand how to connect with the right people and things will start to unfold.. #dontgiveup make yourself a brand and grow. - Follow my YouTube channel (link in bio)( for more motivation and entertainment. See my process going into #wwe tryouts . . @alphaclothing "fba1" @innerarmour @justsaiyan_gear

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